Credit to Portrait of a Wrestler for the photograph

Name: Jinny

Nickname(s): Jinny Couture, The Fashionista

Height: 5’6”

Weight: Jinny does not believe this is any of our or our reader’s business

Age: We were reminded by Jinny that a gentleman should never ask this of a lady, especially not one as important as her

From: London, England

Started training: 2014

Trained by:
Jimmy Havoc

Companies worked for:
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Empress Pro Wrestling
Fierce Females
Full House Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Lucha Forever
Over The Top Wrestling
Plymouth Wrestling Association
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling EVE
PROGRESS Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Riptide Wrestling
SHIMMER Wrestling
South Coast Wrestling
The Wrestling League
Unprofessional Wrestling
VII Pro Wrestling
Westside Xtreme Wrestling

Titles held:
PROGRESS Women’s Championship
South Coast Queen Of The Ring Championship

Signature moves:
Middle Rope X Factor

Many say the art of being a true bad guy, is lost to a bygone era. However, being a bad girl is something Jinny has doubled down, remortgaged the house and gone ‘all-in’ on.

For someone so new to the squared circle (Jinny has been wrestling for just over 18 months), she’s taken to her character like a duck to the finest Evian water. It’s her believability and commitment to this character that makes her so unique and puts her in a position of so much potential. Happy to be hated, not shy to get in the fans faces, Jinny represents everything beautiful about the art of being a heel. In promotions where adult audiences are keen to sit back in their chairs, arms folded scoffing at the good guys while cheering the bad, Jinny makes them dance during her entrance, like a puppet master playfully pulling on their strings. Grown men and women spit vitriol in her direction with the intensity of children screaming towards the wicked witch at a Christmas Panto, portraying a scene reminiscent of a wrestling age that many thought was dead.

Feuds with Pollyanna and more recently her former P.A. Laura DiMatteo have led to huge pay off matches for PROGRESS Wrestling. These matches, held at the Camden shows, served to showcase not only how incredibly talented Jinny is as a performer but also how committed she is to her persona. It is also noteworthy that while she was producing sensational promos and matches she was also working behind the scenes as she continues to strive to improve herself inside the ring with the help of her trainers (Jimmy Havoc among them). Hate is a strong word, but at times during both feuds it’s fair to say that the PROGRESS faithful truly hated Jinny and the mere sight of her was enough to garner a huge reaction.

Jinny oozes charisma and can cut a magnificent promo. Within seconds she is capable of making you understand not only who she is but also what she’s about. In an industry starved of female talent who truly commit to the dark side, the sky is the limit for Knightsbridge’s finest.

Social Media:
Facebook – Jinny (@Fashionista.JinnyCouture)
Twitter – JinnyCouture

Dream opponent:
Manami Toyota or Trish Stratus, whom Jinny believes would be lucky to have the opportunity to share a ring with her.

Random fact(s):
Once gave a homeless person 50 seconds of her time to advise him on personal hygiene maintenance.

Written by James Musselwhite

All information is accurate as of 04/08/16