Jack Gallagher

Photo courtesy of  Portrait of a Wrestler
Photo courtesy of Portrait of a Wrestler

Name: Jack Gallagher

Nickname(s): ‘The Grappler’, ‘The Extraordinary Gentleman’

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 189lbs

Age*: 26

From: Manchester, England

Started training: November 2006

Trained by:
Damon Lee
Dom Travis
Roy Wood

Companies worked for:
Adriatic Special Combat Academy
All Star Wrestling
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate UK
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
Fight Club: PRO
Futureshock Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Grand Pro Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
House Of Pain: Evolution
House Of Pain Wrestling
HXC Wrestling
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling UK
Ironfist Wrestling
Just Do Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Norton British Wrestling
One Pro Wrestling
Power Trip Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pride Wrestling
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Pro Wrestling ZERO1
PROGRESS Wrestling
Real Deal Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
TETSUJIN Hybrid Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
X Wrestling Alliance

Titles/accomplishments won:
FSW Championship
FSW Tag Team Championship
GPW British Championship

2010 – FSW Trophy Tournament

2014 – SWA Battlezone Rumble

2015 – TETSUJIN Hybrid Shoot Style Tournament (Stage One) winner

2016 – #273 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2017 – #145 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

Signature moves:
Flying heel hook
Single leg Boston crab
Stalling suplex
(Dropkick into the corner)
The Windsor knot
(Submission hold where an oppent is literally tied in a knot)

Jack Gallagher brings three things to the squared circle. Firstly, he brings the look of a vintage circus strongman, complete with genuine moustache. His physique is flawless and when he steps into the ring he’s a remarkably easy figure to identify with.

Secondly he brings a style that harks back to bygone era. A time where World of Sport was compulsive viewing for a British audience, with grannies spitting vitriol in the front row, five minute rounds, people to cheer and people to boo. It’s refreshing in 2016 that something so vintage is so refreshing to watch and admire, with seamless transitions and holds, an escape artist in the ring, blending comedy and style beautifully.

Thirdly and probably most importantly, Gallagher brings with him legitimacy. He’s experienced in MMA fighting, with an unbeaten record. In the modern era, and particularly within WWE this is crucial towards success. To make it at the highest level, you either need to be the absolute best in the world at what you do, or you need a unique hook, something for fans to identify with, something that makes you stand out. Gallagher has this in both looks and in talent.

For the last few months at PROGRESS Wrestling in London, with very little build up and promotion he has become an immediate fan favourite. Behind the curtain, he’s polite, intelligent, well spoken and genuinely arrives and leaves the venue in the most marvellous of three piece tweed suits. A match between ‘The Gentleman’ and Zack Sabre Jr is a legitimately mouth watering prospect and with a look and style that no doubt appeals to higher-ups at NXT, specifically William Regal, Jack Gallagher should be your dark horse in this WCW tournament.

Social Media
Facebook – The Extraordinary Gentleman Jack Gallagher
Instagram – mrgentlemanjack
Twitter – GentlemanJackG

Dream Opponent
Without hesitation Gallagher stated that he would loved to have wrestled Daniel Bryan. He had met Bryan a few times over the years (most recently at the Cruiserweight Classic). When asked about match stipulations he said a two out of three falls match between the two would have been very enjoyable.

Random Fact(s)
As you’d perhaps expect of a man dubbed the gentleman of British Wrestling, Jack Gallagher loves drinking tea and estimates that he has approximately 16 different types in his house.

Gallagher also informed our writer that he enjoys baking and and is “quite good” at making cakes, with his sweet potato mipuffins always being extremely popular. When our writer informed Gallagher that he also bakes and thay recently had to substitute vanilla extract with vanilla vodka Gentleman Jack shook his head and judged him accordingly.

*as of June 2016

Written by James Musselwhite