Name: Grado

Nickname/Alias: Odarg The Great

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 0.188 metric tons (roughly 235lbs)

Age*: 30

From: The Tap End of Stevenston (or Glasgow, Scotland)

Started training: 2003

Trained by:
Kid Fite
Drew Galloway
Red Lightning
Adam Shame

Companies worked for:
Absolute Intense Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Alpha-1 Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
Climax Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Freelance Wrestling
Future Pro Wrestling
Herts And Essex Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
Impact Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Main Event Wrestling
New Breed Wrestling Association
New Generation Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Elite
PROGRESS Wrestling
Remix Pro Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Swiss Wrestling Entertainment
Target Wrestling
Tidal Chamoionship Wrestling
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Triple X Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliances
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
WOS Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling League

All England Championship
ICW Tag Team Titles
ICW Heavyweight Championship
IPW:UK All-England Championship
PBW Tag Team Championship
PWE World Heavyweight Chanpionship
RIW Championship
SWA Tag Team Championship
SWE Tag Team Championship
Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
WOS Tag Team Championship
WOS World Championship

2005 – SWA Tag Team Title Tournament Winner

2012 – ICW Bammy Award “Moment of the Year” (winning the title but the decision being reversed)

2013 – ICW Bammy Award “Match of the Year” (vs Mikey Whiplash)

2014 – #500 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2014 – FPW Title #1 Contendership Tournament Winner

2015 – #392 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2015 – ICW Bammy Award for “Insane Moment of the Year” (Winning the title)

2016 – #293 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2016 – ICW Bammy Award for Match of The Year (vs Chris Renfrew from Square Go)

2017 – #314 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

Signature moves:
Get Tae Yer Bed
(Go To Sleep)
Roll ‘N Slice
(Cannonball into the corner)
Stevenston Roundabout
The Wee Boot
(Brogue Kick)
The R-Grad-O
Rock Bottom (of Stevenston)
Stone Cold Stunner

Has there ever been a more unlikely superstar in any kind of entertainment than Grado? I don’t think there has been. A self described “chunk monkey” whose accent sometimes borders on unintelligible is as far from what a successful wrestler is supposed to be that for a long time he was looked down upon as somewhat of a joke and unfortunately there were those who still believed “funny isn’t money” when it comes to professional wrestling.

Thankfully that all started to change in 2012 when Grado made his first appearance for Insane Championship Wrestling. Chris Renfrew had championed him to ICW management and Grado seized this opportunity. He became such a cult star that when the BBC were creating a documentary on ICW, called Insane Fight Club in 2014 (which every UK wrestling fan should watch!), Grado was chosen, alongside fellow wrestler Jack Jester and I-C-dub owner Mark Dallas, to be the main focus of the show. Due to Grado’s charisma, genuineness and infectious personality hitting a chord with wrestling fans and non-fans alike and Gradomania hit the mainsteam.

From there Grado has gone onto become one of the biggest names in British wrestling, star in his own TV series (Scot Squad) and headline the biggest wrestling show put on by a British company in the last 35 years. He did this when he took on former WWE star Drew Galloway (previously Drew IncIntyre) for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in November 2015 at Fear and Loathing VIII. As someone who was there that night and felt the energy in the crowd when Grado made his entrance (which I still get chill when I watch back) I have to say I have never had the same sense of elation as when Grado’s arm was raised and he then held the title aloft after winning the match. That the legendary Mick Foley (who was guest general manager that night) later described Grado winning the title and the atmosphere in the SECC as “just one of those great moments in wrestling” speaks volumes.

On top of establishing himself at the top of British wrestling Grado has also made his debut for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and performed for wrestling promotions around the world. What’s next for the man from the tap end of Stevenson? As his iconic theme music says “life is a mystery”…

Social Media:
Facebook – Grado (@gradowrestler)
Instagram – gradowrestling
Twitter – gradowrestling

Dream opponent:
When I caught up with Grado at Main Event Wrestling in Newcastle I was surprised to hear that his dream opponent would have been Chris Benoit because if his intensity and wrestling ability. Who wouldn’t have paid to see that!?

Random fact(s):
Grado was approached to be on the first season of Gogglebox.

Grado chose his, now iconic, entrance music, Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’, as it was different to the “generic rock track number three” type music that others were using at the time and he wanted something to set him apart. I think we can all agree that it worked.

Although most people know Grado is a fan of Irn Bru he actually prefers the diet version as it is “less sticky”. I suppose if you’re constantly pouring it over youself that’s a factor you have to consider…

*as of June 2018

Written by Neil Rogers