Gabriel Kidd

Credit to Ringside Perspective for the photograph

Name: Gabriel Kidd

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 215lbs

Age*: 22

From: Nottingham, England

Started training: 2009

Trained by:
House Of Pain Academy
Joseph Conners

Companies worked for:
All Star Wrestling
Aspire Wrestling Alliance
Berkshire Superstar Wrestling
BWF Brand
DEFIANT Wrestling
Empire Wrestling
Entertainment Wrestling Association
Fight Club Pro
Future Championship Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
House Of Pain Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Ironfist Pro Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling Elevation
New Generation Wrestling
New Japan Pro Wrestling
Paradox Pro Wrestling
PROGRESS Wrestling
Smash Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Target Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Underground Wrestling Revolution
United Wrestling
Welsh Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
WOS Wrestling

Titles held:
Empire Wrestling Tag Team Championship
KPW Reckless Division Championship
UWR Empire Championship
WCPW Internet Championship

Signature moves:
Sick Kick
(super kick)
Reverse Bloody Sunday
(lifting reverse DDT)

Gabriel Kidd is 19yrs old. Let that sink in for a moment. I am asking you to let it sink in as although he has the youthful appearance of what we in the Northeast would call “a bairn” he also has the broad shoulders and barrel chested appearance of a far older man. Kidd is someone that is difficult to pigeon hole.

He fell in love with wrestling when he was flicking through channels and saw The Undertaker’s entrance on an episode of Smackdown when he was around six years old. Then in 2008 he was on holiday with his family and he picked up an issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine (FSM) to read, it was there that he came across an advert for a wrestling school that was within walking distance of his home and in 2009 he decided to attend the House Of Pain Academy and by the time he turned 14 (the minimum age to be able to wrestle) he was deemed ready to have his first match. In the few short years since his debut Kidd has improved dramatically to the point that when his friend and mentor Joseph Conners was asked to recommend wrestlers to appear in a fledgling company called WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (perhaps you have heard of it) Kidd was one of the first names that came to mind.

Kidd was part of the first ever broadcast WCPW match where he put up a valiant yet ultimately losing effort against Conners and Alex Gracie (another man that Kidd has a lot of positive things to say). I don’t believe that it is unfair to say that WCPW has been the biggest thing to happen to Kidd in his young career (as it has been for most of it’s roster) as it has enabled him to not only perform in front of large crowds but also have his matches shows around the world to WCPW’s rabid fanbase. Unsurprisingly since he debuted in WCPW he even admits that he has started go be recognised as “that Gabriel Kidd from WhatCulture Pro Wrestling” which he admitted was a somewhat surreal experience.

In my opinion Kidd is one of the major success stories of WCPW which is made particularly impressive when you consider that *SPOILERS* he is yet to win a match despite having wrestled as many matches as anyone else in the company’s short history. Despite his shocking record I have been in the crowd for many of Kidd’s matches and can say that he has not only been inside the squared circle with some of the very best in the world (Doug Williams, Johnny Mundo, Marty Scurll, Zack Sabre Jr and Prince Ameen) but has never looked out of place. Kidd’s ability to constantly look equal to his opponents regardless of the outcome of their match may be his biggest strength and is something that, in my opinion, makes him different to the majority of wrestlers as he does not need to win to “get over” all he needs is an opponent and an opportunity.

Along with crediting his his trainer and mentor Stixx and Conners (who Kidd also describes as being like a brother to him) Kidd also stated that he has based his in-ring work on his favourite tag team, The Brain Busters, and in particular Arn Anderson. Given Anderson’s reputation as being one of the best of all time there are definitely worse people to base his style on.

As you can undoubtedly tell I am a massive fan of Gabriel Kidd and have high hopes that he will continue to improve and one day achieve his goal of wrestling for the WWE. On behalf of the entire Calling Spots staff I would like to thank Kidd for taking the time to sit down and talk to me and also wish him all the best for the future. Cheers brother!

Social Media:
Facebook – Gabriel Kidd (@WrestlingGabe)
Instagram – wrestlinggabe
Twitter – WrestlingGabe

Dream opponent:
Arn Anderson “hands down”. Kidd told me that when he thinks of professional wrestler Arn Anderson is the number one name that comes to mind.

Among active wrestlers, Rampage Brown is his favourite wrestler in Europe and AJ Styles/Finn Balor are his favourite performers in the WWE.

Random fact(s):
Gabriel has been receiving tweets such as “You’re a buff Jack The Jobber” since debuting for WCPW.

Kidd is half Irish.

Kidd always puts his left boot on first and he has no idea why.

*as of April 2019

Written by Neil Rogers