Flash Morgan Webster

Picture courtesy of Portrait of a Wrestler

Picture courtesy of Portrait of a Wrestler

Name: Flash Morgan Webster

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 170lbs

Age*: 27

From: Town called Malice (or Abertillery, Wales)

Started training: 2009

Trained by:
Mike Bird
Jason Cross

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
Adriatic Special Combat Academy
Alternative Wrestling World
AMP Wrestling
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Celtic Wrestling
Combat Sports Federation
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Exposure Wrestling Entertainment
Fight Club: Finland
Fight Club: PRO
Five Star Wrestling
Four Front Wrestling
Four Front Wrestling South East
Frontline Wrestling
Future Pro Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
HOPE Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom
Ironfist Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Mega Championship Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
New Wrestling Entertainment
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Nu-Wrestling Evolution
Over The Top Wrestling
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Premier Promotions
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling Pride
PROGRESS Wrestling
Riot Wrestling
Riptide Wrestling
Rising Sun Wrestling Promotions
Shropshire Wrestling Alliance
South Coast Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Strike Wrestling
Tapout Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Triple X Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliance
VII Pro Wrestling
VII Underground
Welsh Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
Wrestle Midlands

Titles/accomplishments won:
ATTACK! 24:7 Championship
ATTACK! Championship
HOPE Wrestling Kings of Flight Championship
PWC King of Chaos Championship
RevPro Cruiserweight Championship

2016 – #390 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

2018 – PROGRESS Thunderbastard tournament winner

Signature moves:
450 Splash

The ultimate MODern Professional Wrestler (see what he did there) Flash Morgan is one of the most talented wrestlers currently plying his trade in the UK at the moment. I’m ashamed to admit I wasn’t aware of quite how talented I was until fairly recently when, knowing I was going to meet the man, I checked out some of his stuff on YouTube. Despite the obviously ability shown in this clips they did not prepare me for the quality the man showed in person. It also didn’t prepare me for him to jump from a 15 foot high stairway which he did and holy shit was it awesome!

Sadly shortly after I met Webster he suffered severe injuries when he met Zack Sabre Jr in a Global Cruiserweight Series (now called the Cruiserweight Classic) qualification matchup at PROGRESS Chapter 29. The match itself (which is available here) was one of the best I have seen in a very long time. The match is even more spectacular when you realise Webster was able to finish the match with torn ligaments in his left ankle, two fractures to the same ankle and a dislocated right shoulder along with two ligament tears (one full, one partial) in the same shoulder. As one Redditor stated Webster is “tough as old boots” for being physically continue given the potentially debilitating pain he must have been going through Thankfully Flash is on the mend and should return as fast and as strong as ever.

Webster is fast, agile, able to fly as well as anyone in the country and has also shown himself to have enough heart and determination that he can continue a match with the best pure grappler in the world while injured. AND he declined the gas and air when being treated by the medical staff who first met up with him. Flash Morgan Webster is now one of my favourite wrestlers in the world and there are few people I have more respect and admiration for. Get well soon mate and everyone at Calling Spots is rooting for you in the future!

Social Media:
Facebook – Flash Morgan Webster (@FlashMorganWrestling)
Instagram – flashmorganwebster
Twitter – Flash_Morgan

Dream opponent:
Shawn Michaels with Eddie Guerrero as a close second and Chris Jericho not far off in third.

Random fact(s):
Webster is fully a qualified teacher and has a first class honours degree in fine art and visual concept.

Webster has appeared as a contestant on Deal or No Deal and got to put Noel Edmonds in a submission hold. Unfortunately he let him go…

*as of April 2017

Written by Neil Rogers

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