El Ligero

Credit to Portrait of a Wrestler for the photograph

Name: El Ligero

Nickname(s): The Mexican Sensation

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 161lbs

Age*: 33

From: Los Sanchos, Mexico
(or Leeds, England)

Started training: 2000

Trained by:
Johnny Moss
Alan Johnson

Companies worked for:
All Star Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
Anglian Championship Wrestling
Anti-Watershed Wrestling
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Awesome Wrestling
BASE Wrestling
BASIX Wrestling
Belgium Catch Wrestling
BEST Wrestling International
Boulware Wrestling Alliance
British Elite Wrestling Association
British Hybrid Wrestling
British Real Attitude Wrestling League
British Wrestling Alliance
British Wrestling Entertainment
British Wrestling Revolution
Climax Wrestling
Combat Zone Wrestling
Conwy County Wrestling
Cornish Pro Wrestling
DEFIANT Wrestling
Devon Wrestling Association
Discovery Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Dutch Championship Wrestling
Dutch Pro Wrestling
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
East Anglian Wrestling
Elite British Wrestling
Elite Pro Wrestling
Empire Professional Wrestling
Entertainment Pro Wrestling American Wrestling
European Wrestling Federation
Eventos de Wrestling Europeo
Exciting Wrestling Evolution
Extreme World Warfare
Extreme World Wrestling
Falling Star Wrestling
Federation Francophone de Catch
Fight Factory Pro Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Force Francophone de Catch
Four Front Wrestling
Frontier Championship Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Frontier Wrestling Alliance Academy
Full House Wrestling
Future Championship Wrestling
Future Pro Wrestling
Future Wrestling Federatiom
FutureShock Wrestling
G Ring Promotions
Garage Pro Wrestling
Gerry Norton Promotions
Grand Pro Wrestling
Grapple Wrestling
Grimsby Wrestling Alliance
Hardcore Extreme Combat
High Impact Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
House Of Pain Wrestling
Hungary Championship Wrestling
Independent Wrestling Federation
Infinite Promotions
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Irish Whip Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
Kingston Pro Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Lucha Forever
Main Event Wrestling
Mansfield Championship Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Monkey Madness Wrestling
National Community Wrestling Alliance
National Wrestling Association Wildside
New Breed Wrestling Association
New Generation Wrestling
New Revolution Wrestling
New Wave Wrestling Alliance
Northern Championship Wrestling Alliance
Northern Wrestling League
North East Wrestling Society
Norton British Wrestling
Norton British Wrestling: Southside
Nu-English Wrestling
One Pro Wrestling
One Pro Wrestling: Academy
Orig Williams Promotions
Original Pro Wrestling Organisation
Over The Top Wrestling
Paradox Pro Wrestling
Phantasia Sports Entertainment
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Pitbull Pro Wrestling
Plex Wrestling
Plymouth Wrestling Association
Potenza Wrestling Entertainment
Power Crazy Wrestling
Power Slam Wrestling
Power Trip Wrestling
Power Wrestling Entertainment
Premier British Wrestling
Prince Ameen Promotions
Pro Evolution Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 101
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling Heroes
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Professional Catch
PROGRESS Wrestling
Proper Pro Wrestling
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Raw Edge Wrestling
Real Deal Wrestling
Real Quality Wrestling
Revolution British Wrestling
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Ring Of Honor
Rising Sun Wrestling Promotion
SAS Wrestling
Shooting Star Wrestling
Showtime Championship Wrestling
SLAM Wrestling
SMASH Wrestling
SOLO Wrestling
South East Wrestling
South Wales Championship Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Spirit Catch
Superstar Wrestling
Swiss Wrestling Entertainment
The Wrestling Academy
This Is Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Tigers Pro Wrestling
Total Action Wrestling
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Total Pro Wrestling
Tri-County Association of Pro Wrestling
Triple Team Promotions
Triple X Wrestling
True Grit Wrestling
Twenty First Century Wrestling
UK Wrestling
Ulster Championship Wrestling
Union Of European Wrestling Alliances
Unprofessional Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
Urban Wrestling Alliance
Urban Wrestling League
Warrington Original Wrestling
What Culture Pro Wrestling
Wild Wrestling Promotions
World Of Sport
World Association Of Wrestling
Wrestle Midlands
Wrestle Zone Wrestling
Wrestling Association of Rugby
Wrestling Kult
Wrestling Stars
Wrestling Store
Wu Tech Wrestling
X Wrestling Alliance

Titles/accomplishments won:
1PW Tag Team Championship
3CW Triple Crown Championship
FCW Championship
GPW British Championship
HOPE Wrestling Kings of Flight Championship
Infinite Promotions Tag Team Championship
NEWS British Championship
NGW Tag Team Championship
NGW Undisputed Championship
NWL Elite Tag Team Championship
PBW Heavyweight Championship
PCW Cruiserweight Championship
PPW Championship
PROGRESS Tag Team Championship
PROGRESS World Championship
PTW Heavyweight Championship
PWC Knights of Chaos Championship
RDW European Championship
RDW Tag Team Championship
SAS Tag Team Championship
SWE Heavyweight Championship
SWE Speed King Championship
SWE Tag Team Championship
TCW Championship
TXW Ax Championship
TXW Crush Championship
WCPW Internet Championship
XWA Flyweight Championship

2008 – RDW Blitz League winner

2010 – PBW King of Cruisers

2010 – NEWS British Title Tournament winner

2011 – NGW Tag Team Title Tournament winner

2011 – PPW Title Tournament winner

2013 – GPW Crazy Cruiser 8 winner

2014 – Infinite Promotions Tag Team Title Tournament winner

2015 – SWE Speed King winner

2016 – Attack! Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational

2017 – Wrestling Kult International Cup Winner

2017 – #264 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500

Signature moves:
(Springboard tornado DDT)
El Booto
(Running single leg dropkick)
Mexican Splash
(Diving splash)
Mexican Wave
Operation Weardown
(Fireman’s carry facebuster)
Air Carumba
(Somersault plancha)
El Booto Dos
(Running low-angle drop to an opponent trapped in the tree of woe)

El Ligero is the hardest working person in professional. I’m not stating an opinion that is a fact. In 2015 he wrestled more matches than anyone else in the world (Roman Reigns was second) with 236. This year he has already surpassed 220 matches and we aren’t even midway through September yet (at the time of writing). I have often joked with El Ligero that he deserves Darren Young’s nickname of ‘Mr No Days Off”. Do you think that Young worked every single day from July 6th to September 4th? I don’t but I know Ligero did. Do you think during that eight week spell anyone else in the world wrestled 82 matches? I’d be surprised but again I know that Ligero did. The man is a machine.

Not only does Ligero wrestle an unbelievable amount of matches but he NEVER phones it in. We’re not talking about him wrestling a slow, plodding style match the man flies around the ring (inside and out) and is constantly looking to be innovative as his recent match for Preston City Wrestling shows where El Ligero and his partner Ricardo Rodriguez were able to believably integrate an inflatable giant penis into their match with Joey Hayes and Martin Kirby.

Speaking of Martin Kirby, he and El Ligero have wrestled against each other well over a hundred times in their careers (Ligero estimates this to be around 125). On top of their matches against each other they have have also wrestled dozens of matches as the tag team ‘Project Lucha’. Despite their familiarity and the potential for their rivalry to grow stale every time they step inside the ring with each other they put on a fantastic show. This is demonstrated by their three single matches in WCPW along with their triple threat match with Prince Ameen and their other brief encounters in multi-man matches. To me Kirby/Ligero is a more modern version of Jonny Storm and Jody Fleish’s iconic feud that started in the mid-90s and continues to this day.

Although Martin Kirby has faced off against ‘The Mexican Sensation’ this number is dwarfed by the number of times he has fought recent Calling Spots Profile section addition Nathan Cruz which El Ligero estimates to be around 205 times. ‘The Showstealer’ and El Ligero are also part of the ‘Origin’ stable along with Damon Moser, Zack Gibson and Dave Mastiff and have partnered each other on numerous occasions. When I interviewed Cruz for his profile he spoke fondly of Ligero and how he has instilled in him a strong work ethic along with stressing the importance of wrestling etiquette.

Cruz is not the only person who credits Ligero as an important part of their career, Liam Slater also spoke of his fondness and respect for the man he refers to as “Ligs”. El Ligero was also the person Jack Gallagher had his first match with was someone he faced recently before he signed with WWE. Their match together at North Wrestling NCL from 30th July this year is a great example of how talented El Ligero is along with demonstrating how he can wrestle any style.

Ligero started watching wrestling at the age of eight. One day his dad brought home a VHS (for our younger readers that is a bigger, plastic version of a DVD but you have to rewind it before you can re-watch it there was no way to skip to another chapter) of WresteMania VIII because he thought his son would enjoy it (probably because his son was born wearing a lucha mask). A young Ligero watched the show, which was had a double main event of Hulk Hogan vs Sid Justice and Ric Flair vs Randy Savage, and instantly became a fan because of the bright, colourful figures of Hogan and Justice. Luckily his cousin was a huge fan of professional wrestling and was able to share his tape collection and talk with Ligero about their mutual passion. Growing up in a house without Sky he would ask friends and neighbours to record Raw and then switch over and get the last hour of Nitro after Raw finished and then he would watch and re-watch each tape multiple times.

From there Ligero’s love of wrestling continued to grow, he started training at 15, he made his debut at 17 and he has now gone on to become one of the very best there is. His match with Noam Dar and Will Ospreay from WCPW Loaded is as good a match as you are likely to see anywhere in the world. There is simply not time to say all the positive things that ‘The Mexican Sensation’ deserves to have said about him but what I would like to say is if you see him booked on a show near you then you should definitely check it out as you will almost certainly get your money’s worth from his match alone!

On behalf of myself and the whole Calling Spots team I would like to thank El Ligero for spending the time helping me create this profile as well as wish him luck for everything in the future. Arriba!

Social Media:
Facebook – ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero
Instagram – ligero1
Twitter – Ligero1

Dream opponent:
El Ligero’s dream opponent would be ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels after he returned from his temporary retirement in 2002.

Random fact(s):
Ligero’s first five matches were actually fought without a mask and originally he was only going to wear it for a few months while he gained in ring experience. However he enjoyed the mask so much and it became popular so 14 years later he has become synonymous with it.

*as of Jan 2018

Written by Neil Rogers