Dom Black

Credit to Jamie Spaul for the photograph

Name: Dom Black

Nickname(s): Hot Blooded, The Pork of York

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 165lbs

Age*: 25

From: York, England

Started training: 2011

Trained by:
Kris Travis
Jonny Midnight
El Ligero
Rampage Brown
Marty Jones
Andy Hogg
NGW Academy

Companies worked for:
21st Century Wrestling
Anarchy Wrestling
Elite British Wrestling
Grapple Wrestling
Great British Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
New European Championship Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Phoenix Events Yorkshire
Phoenix Wrestling
Pro South Wrestling
United Kingdom Wrestling

Titles/Accomplishments won:
TGW Championship
2016 – Grapple Wrestling’s Marty Jones Invitational Tournament winner

Signature moves:
The Nightcall
(Single knee facebuster with opponent’s arm trapped)

I’m 30 years old and my memory is starting to go so to help me counter this I record every interview I do with a wrestler even if the interview is more of an informal chat where I am trying to find out enough about someone to create a profile on them. Luckily this habit comes in particularly handy when I get sidetracked and other Calling Spots related work gets assigned to me which can unfortunately mean that a profile I was looking forward to writing can be delayed. Massively delayed. Not only does this make me feel like a bad person cos I haven’t gotten back to talented performers like Dom Black (mate I am genuinely sorry this took so long) but it also means that I have forgotten a lot of what we discussed during our conversation.

Now this profile is going to be a little different to usual as I would like to share with you the anecdote of my meeting (which took place at North Wrestling NCL – Brace Yourself with Dom Black so that you can really get a feel for him the man himself and see why he is probably the loveliest most patient man in British wrestling. Let me set the scene for you, the show has already started and Black has just finished his match (which was second on the card), we have never met and although I haven’t drank any alcohol I am about to start my through my fifth can of Monster energy drink in the space of three hours so I am a little hyper/buzzed. The venue of the show is a nightclub so an unused bar in the first floor of the club is the changing room and the room is filled with wrestling talent such as ‘The Extraordinary Gentleman’ Jack Gallagher (more on him later), ‘The Primate’ Jason Prime, ‘The Class Apart’ Alexander Henry, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate but thankfully NOT Dom’s opponent Sons of Ulaid who luckilly he had just forced back to their swamp with the help of Liam Slater. I say thankfully not them. as they seem to have developed a bit of a “thing” for the Hot Blooded One and I don’t think he would have been overly comfortable getting changed infront of those psychopaths.

Anyway I have done a little bit of research on Black but I hadn’t seen him live before so I had watched his match through the curtain and was very impressed with what I has saw (not least because of his awesome glasses).

We shake hands and Black asks me to wait a moment while he gets changed. Perhaps it is because I am not used to being in a room while monsters/people like Alexander Henry and Jason Prime are grunting while they get that last minute pump on before their match but to me Black takes more than a moment, probably even more than two moments in fact if I were to guess I was waiting at least four whole moments while Henry is pulling on one of those elastic cable thingys and checking out himself in the mirror and rubbing oil on himself (I considered offering to rub it on his back but that seem massively inappropriate and I quickly dismissed it as a bad idea). By the time Black comes back I am sipping an empty can of Monster just so I appear to be doing something other than staring at Alex Henry and his rippling pectorals (for the record I am 100% straight but good God Alex looked cut that day). We again shake hands and I tell Dom (we’ve shaken hands twice, he is still semi naked, if this doesn’t means we’re on a first name basis I don’t know what does) what my plans are regarding the profile section and he instantly grasps what I am trying to do and describes it as a “IMDb for wrestling”. Thanks Dom, I’ll no doubt be borrowing that in then future. We chat about why he got into wrestling and basically it boiled down to him seeing Rey Mysterio “kicking the shit out of everyone” and wanting to do the same and also the opportunity to start training presenting itself when he was around 17 years old and him being “too young to drink and too old to stay in the house doing nothing”. Given that the topic of Rey Mysterio has come up I have to tell my go to story about my wife and I bumping into him after his match for 5 Star on their Regenesis Tour in January 2016. this story isn’t so much about us bumping into him but my wife (who has been a fan for 20 odd years, went to WrestleMania XIX and claims to be a HUGE Rey Mysterio fan) not recognising him without his mask on. Dom and I chuckle over my fantastically well told story and he tells ms of the time he Googled “Rey Mysterio No Mask” when he had heard a rumour that in WCW he had wrestled maskless for a while. Hot Blooded Dom remembers checking Google and being shocked to find out that the rumour was true. Now to add context here. Dom is so young that he described himself as 22 and half which instantly told me two things; firstly, he didn’t watch the Attitude Era live at the time and secondly, he must be young if he still measures ages by halves. By now Dom and I have shaken hands twice, we have laughed at each others stories and he hasn’t knocked me out for joking about him being us Geordies call a “bairn” (note bairn = young child). We are definitely best friends. Now because of this train of thought and the fact I have drank way too much Monster in a very short space of time and we are now talking about Rey’s habit of dressing up like superheroes I show Dom my tattoos (don’t worry they are only on up upper arms, I didn’t have to unbutton my jeans) and ended up telling him my only stripper story which involved me chatting to a lovely lady for about 10 minutes, boring the life out of her while talking about the difference in Marvel and DC comics, being sweetly asked “do you want to see my pussy” and then handing her £20 to take her up on her offer since she had clearly done enough to earn my money. And what’s the best part of that story? That Jack Gallagher was standing there listening away while his gentleman’s genitalia was on full show. Wrestling is weird. Very weird.

Thank you for bearing with me while I tell the rambling story which culminates in my telling a rambling story like some sort of shit Inception. The point of that anecdote is that on at least three occasions Dom count have politely told me my time was up and he had to go somewhere or he could have just told me to fuck off. In hindsight either would have been perfectly reasonable and I couldn’t have complained, even thinking about it now I have no idea why he didn’t. All in all I think this proves just how likeable a person Dom Black is and why I think everyone in British wrestling should be aware of who this guy and know that he is an absolute pleasure to be around.

Of course in wrestling being a nice guy doesn’t necessarily mean you are cut out for success in fact there are probably people who think this could be a hinderance in a business that can sometimes be cutthroat and by definition for one person to succeed means at least one other must fail. Hopefully with a little bit of luck I reckon Dom will be fine when it comes to the political minefield that a wrestling locker room can be. I say this because he has been trained by some of the very best wrestlers and wrestling trainers that this country (and Mexico in the case of El Ligero) has ever produced. If he has learned even a tiny fraction of his trainer’s knowledge I’m sure he’ll be fine. Finally, throw in the fact that at the tender age if only 22 and a half Dom has already earned the opportunity to showcase his talents on a short tour of the United States and I’m sure we can all agree that Hot Blooded Dom Black is most definitely one to look out for in the future.

On behalf of myself and the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank Dom Black For being patient with me when I was clearly too caffeinated to deal with real human being and I would also like to wish my new best buddy Dom all the best for the future.

Social Media:
Instagram – hotbloodeddom
Twitter – HotBloodedDom

Dream opponent:
Not only did Dom have an answer for this question but between the two of us we also came up with his dream finish to his dream match.

Mr Hot Blooded would like to face off with his idol Rey Mysterio at a WrestleMania. As Mysterio always dresses as a character from pop culture (usually a comic book character) when at ‘Mania he would be wearing a Godzilla costume complete with a spiky tail. The match would end as Mysterio hits a 619 on Black but the referee disqualifies him because he deems the spikes on his tail as a foreign object and Black is announced the winner and has an undefeated 1-0 record on the “Grandest Stage Of Them All”

Random fact(s):
Dom struggled to come up with a random fact other than kidding (I hope!) that he once killed a boy. In the end I found out Black used to work in a fish and chip shop and despite this his favourite meal is still fish and chips. His favourite drink is Umbongo and he described any day where he can have a carton of the Congo’s favourite soft drink as “a good day”

*as of December 2018

Written by Neil Rogers