Debbie Sharp

Credit to David J Wilson for the photo

Name: Debbie Sharp

Height: 5’5”

Weight: Debbie refused to answer this and I didn’t want to push it.

Age*: 24

From: Perth, Scotland

Started training: 2013

Trained by:
Mikey Whiplash
Big Damo
Source Wrestling School

Companies worked for:
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Empress Pro Wrestling
Fierce Females
House Of Pain: Evolution
Insane Championship Wrestling
Lucha Forever
Main Event Wrestling
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Pride Wrestling
Revolutionary Championship Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
World Wide Wrestling League

Titles held:
None… Yet

Signature moves:
Sit Out Neckbreaker

Since I became a wrestling fan I have been lucky enough to interview or speak to some of the biggest names in wrestling history. Without meaning to sound too much like Jay from The Inbetweeners I have been fortunate enough to meet absolute legends such as Kurt Angle, Ric Flair. Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Kevin Nash and Roddy Piper yet I can genuinely say I was never as excited to speak to any of them as I was when I finally got to speak to Debbie Sharp. No, really I mean it. I promise you that it’s true.

To be fair, part of the reason I was so excited was that Sharp is a difficult person to get hold of and I had pretty much been pie’d off on the first two occasions we had agreed to chat. Another reason I was so excited was that mutual friends of ours, Viper and Sammii Jayne , had described Sharp as “mental” and even she had told me that sometimes she is “unable to control her craziness” on the telephone. All in all, I was not only looking forward to speaking to one of Scottish wrestling’s best kept secrets but I was also wondering what sort of crazy jibber jabber one half of the Bae Club was going to come out with.

Alas our conversation was actually disappointingly normal. Perhaps this was down to my incredibly professional interview style or maybe Debbie isn’t actually as crazy as people make her out to be, either way we kept out fucks, shits and c***s to a minimum and had an incredibly normal conversation. Despite the lack of craziness I found Debbie an absolute joy to talk to and enjoyed discussing our mutual love for the attitude era. You see like most people of our age (scratch that – I just realised Debbie is nearly eight years younger than me so we probably aren’t in the same age bracket. God I feel old.) Debbie grew up watching ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, The Rock and other Attitude era legends but her favourite was BROTHER NERO, sorry Jeff Hardy.

Unfortunately because her friends at the time were very critical and dismissive of wrestling it was a while before Sharp the confidence to attend her first class but once she did she decided there was no turning back and since then has made it her goal to constantly improve and not only be the best in ring performer she can be but also be as entertaining as possible outside of it. Given that Sharp’s training was originally delayed by one of her former friends it is somewhat ironic that it was at training that she met someone who would go on to become her bestfriend, Sammii Jayne. Actually, scratch that bestfriends doesn’t quite cover their relationship, the only word that almost does their closeness justice (and I regret using this word) is baes. Sure they probably started as ‘just’ friends and then became bestfriends but at some point between moving in together and deciding to label their home “The Bae House” the two realised that they thought of the other before anyone else (which Google tells me is where the work “bae” comes from) and ‘Bae Club’ was born.

Together ‘Bae Club’ have created some of the most entertaining skits and segments that can be found anywhere in British wrestling and I urge anyone reading this to check out as many if them as possible. Most of these videos can be found for searching YouTube for Sammii Jayne’s channel but my favourite is entitled ‘Nothings gonna change my love for BAE (Debbie Sharp & Sammii Jayne)’ [sic] followed closely by ‘The Great Bae Race’ which features a cameo from Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey). It would be wrong to not mention the impressive in ring work that Bae Club are responsible for. Whether they are teaming up as a tag team or competing against each other in singles or multi-person matches both** members of Bae Club are capable of putting on a match of the night contender on any show they appear on. Again YouTube dozens if Debbie Sharp and Bae Club matches but my favourite from what I have seen is a triple threat ladder match featuring Sharp, Hunter and Viper from Discovering Wrestling (check it out here).

Back to talking about Debbie by herself (sorry Sammii but you’ve got yor own profile). When I asked Sharp if she preferred portraying a heel or a face she told me she has no preference although she does tend to play the role of a heel most often. Given my knowledge of Debbie and my perception of her as the hyper active, giggly human being that she is, I believe she is probably best suited to being a Bayley-esque goodie than a dastardly baddie. Throw in the fact that Debbie is obviously stunningly beautiful and I think she has all the pieces required to be a popular fan favourite. Regardless of my opinion on what role Sharp is better suited to portraying I watched around 20 of her matches while writing this piece (and I had already seen around a dozen of her matches before contacted her) and I can honestly say that I am yet to see her break character or not look suited to portray what she is being asked to portray. Although I must say that I have seen photos of her obviously holding in laugher while she appears to be “bumming” (her words not mine) Viper.

On behalf of myself and everyone at Calling Spots I would like to wish Sharp the best of luck in the future as well as recommend everyone to check out a show if you see her on it.

Social Media:
Facebook – Debbie Sharpe (@debbiesharpofficial)
Instagram – debbiesharp1
Twitter – DebbieSharp19

Dream opponent:
Although Sharp grew up a fan of Lita and Trish Stratus she believes that the overall standard of women’s wrestling is now far higher than it was ten years ago and her dream opponent is Becky Lynch who she believes is currently amongst the best in the world.

Random fact(s):
Sharp takes board games very seriously, in particular Cluedo is a game that she plays very competitively. This became obvious to her when she recently lost her temper while playing a game of Cluedo when one of the other players did not declare their cards correctly. This led to her confronting this Cluedo playing novice and having to be restrained by Sammii Hunter and Viper.

Sharp claims to have been drinking coffee since the age of three.

Sharp claims she is Scottish but is unable to handle her drink so I’m not convinced…

* as of November 2017

** I actually believe that Bae Club has three members with Viper being the third but all all three women remain tight lipped when asked about this.

Written by Neil Rogers

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