Dave Carbon

Credit to Lee Graham from Target Wrestling for the photograph

Name: Dave Carbon

Nickname(s): The Element of British Wrestling

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 210″

Age*: 35

From: Newcastle, England

Started training: 2002

Trained by:
Carl Turner

Companies worked for:
British Championship Wrestling
Exciting Wrestling Evolution
Full Tilt Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
Independent Wrestling Federation
Main Event Wrestling
New Breed Wrestling Association
New Pro Wrestling
North East Wrestling Society
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Target Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Triple Team Promotions
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Wrestle Zone Wrestling

Titles held:
IWF Northeast Championship
MEW Heavyweight Championship
MEW Tag Team Championship
RAD:PRO Embryonix Championship
Target Wrestling High Octane Division Championship
wZw Interpromotional Championship

2006 – TTP King of the Castle winner

2015 – Target Wrestling High Octane Division Championship Tournament winner

Signature moves:
Cold Fusion

You know how good wrestling is awesome and bad wrestling can be terrible? Sometimes the difference in a show being good or bad can be one match. Sometimes it can fall on one person in one match the take a show from being God awful to “you know what, that was actually a good show”. I know I am explaining this quite cack handedly but basically it only takes one performer or one match (usually a main event) to completely change the audience’s opinion on a particular event. Now although the UK scene is currently thriving and there are more and more great companies for a fan to take in it hasn’t always been that way. At least not in the Northeast where I live. I have been to shows where particularly terrible nights were saved by one man. Yes the majority of my three hours may have been wasted but the 20-25 minutes this guy was in the ring was legitimately worth the price of admission alone. And by now you should have guessed that the guy I am talking about was Dave Carbon (this profile is about him afterall!).

Now for the sake of not dragging people’s name’s through the mud I have deliberately left the worst of these companies from the list of companies Dave has worked for, but rest assured they were bad. Yet despite their best efforts I can hand on heart say that I have never been disappointed by any match I have ever seen that involved Carbon. I genuinely think he could have a good match with a broom. Infact given some of the “wrestlers” I have seen him have good matches with I know a broom wouldn’t have appeared to be actively trying to sabotage the match.

Sadly Dave Carbon came through before wrestling in as healthy a place as it is now and he has spent over a decade bumping in and around substandard rings infront of audiences smaller than his talent warranted and before the money that is currently in wrestling came about. Because of this a lot of Carbon’s best work has not been seen and a lot of his matches aren’t available by doing a YouTube search. In fact if you search “Dave Carbon” on YouTube it brings you a selection of videos by man who appears to enjoy making Vines.

Thankfully if you add the word wrestler to your search you will find some fantastic bouts involving the ‘The Element of British Wrestling’. My favourite is this match including Carbon and Iain Robinson from Main Event Wrestling. Another one to check out is Carbon versus Rampage Brown from RAD:PRO Embryonix (here).

As you can tell I am a massive Carbon fan and was over the moon when he came out of retirement and am thankful that he is once again able to showcase his talents on the Northeast scene (and hopefully further afield) with his new tag team partner Alex Kavero as the Tyne and Wear Wolves. On behalf of the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank Carbon for taking the time to answer my questions to help me put together this profile and wish him all the best for the future. Cheers Dave!

Social Media:
Facebook – Dave Carbon (@RealDaveCarbon)
Instagram – dave_carbon
Twitter – dave_carbon

Dream opponent:
Alex Shelley would be Carbon’s Dream opponent as he has admired his style for years. Carbon did wrestle Shelley’s Motor City Machine Guns tag partner Chris Sabin back in April 2015 (they both lost a triple threat match to Shady Nattrass).

Random fact(s):
When Carbon announced his retirement (due to injury) the fans of Target Wrestling (where he had been a mainstay for several years) created this video for him.

*as of September 2018

Written by Neil Rogers