Dan James

Credit to Darren Potts for the photograph

Name: Dan James

Nickname(s): The Armbar Superstar

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 205 ¼ Lbs

Age*: 25

From: Winnipeg, Canada (now residing in Yorkshire, England)

Started training: 2013

Trained by:
El Ligero
Rampage Brown
NGW Academy

Companies worked for:
Combat Zone Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Grapple Wrestling
House Of Pain Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
Monkey Madness Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Heroes
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
UK Wrestling Entertainment

Titles/Accomplishments won:
TCW Open Championship

2015 – TCW Open Championship tournament winner

Signature moves:
Arm-trap Lungblower
Wheelbarrow Assisted Curbstomp
(tag team move w/ Sean Only)

Dan James is a scary an intimidating man. Even taking into account that I have never been in the same room and the man himself I still got the feeling after seeing his work that he was not a person I wanted to get on the wrong side of so when I messaged him about this profile I made sure to be extra vigilant with my please and thank yous. I also left it a few days after HT Drake eliminated him from the Calling Spots Championship Tournament at Tidal Championship Wrestling on the 2nd October.

Thankfully by the time my message reached ‘The Armbar Superstar’ he must have calmed down from his DQ loss to ‘The Gimmick Killer’ and he was incredibly polite and accommodating about answering my questions. I still decided to tread carefully as since aligning himself with Sean Only and forming “The Service”, James’ already sizeable mean-streak has only grown wider. Infact the man who was once heralded for his grounded mat-based offensive style and technical proficiency is, nowadays, more likely to knock his opponent out with a chain-wrapped fist than put them in a wrestling hold.

I asked James how long he has been a fan of wrestling and what matches standout from his early days as a fan. James told me he had been a fan of wrestling since childhood and started watching around the turn of the Millennium when WCW was winding down, meaning most of what he watched was WWE content. His parents wouldn’t let him stay up late to watch Raw or pay-per-views live, so he’d watch Smackdown on Saturday mornings instead and watch the PPVs back on tape after recording them live. One of the earliest matches that stands out to him is the classic Hell in a Cell match between Cactus Jack vs Triple H from No Way Out 2000. Nowadays James is still a fan of WWE and informed me that he and his wife are currently alternating between 2004 era episodes of Smackdown and WCW PPVs.

As he was a fan from such a young age wrestling was something that James always considered as a career option and he told me “When I was a teenager, I found out there was a wrestling school in a gym five minutes from my house but 14 year old me never had the courage to actually go. Then later in life, after I finished university a got a “real job”, I learnt about a new training school had opened in Leeds (Grapple Wrestling) and decided I wasn’t going to let the chance pass me by again. The rest is history.”

At Grapple Wrestling he is lucky enough to be trained by ‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero who James credits as the biggest influence on his career so far. Along with instilling James with a strong work ethic and desire to constantly improve Ligero’s training has also filled ‘The Armbar Superstar’ with the confidence to set himself big targets for the future. Because of this James shared with me that his long term goals are to one day be “be signed to one of the major companies, able to make a good living and provide for my family whilst doing something that I’m passionate about.”

Given how disarmingly affable the Canadian born wrestler is I genuinely hope that he goes on to achieve his goal. From myself and everyone on the Calling Spots team I would like to thank Dan James for taking the time out of his schedule to help me complete this piece and we would all like to wish Dan all the best in the future as he strives to make his goals a reality. Good luck mate!

Social Media:
Facebook – Dan James (@RealDanJames)
Instagram – armbarsuperstar
Twitter – ArmbarSuperstar

Dream opponent:
James wasn’t able to give a definite answer and said it’d probably be a coin toss between Kurt Angle or Dean Malenko. Also he was a big Jeff Jarrett fan when he was younger so ‘Double J’ would also be high on the list.

Random fact(s):
James doesn’t drink but to avoid being labelled “boring” on a night out he orders diet coke in a short glass with ice.

*as of October 2016

Written by Neil Rogers