Connie Steele

Credit to Nash Photography for the photograph

Name: Connie Steele

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 112lbs

Age*: 23

From: Stoke-on-Trent, England

Started training: 2008

Trained by:
Justin Starr
Klondyke Kate
Erin Angel
Phil Powers
Dean Allmark
Marty Jones

Companies worked for:
All Action Wrestling
All Star Wrestling UK
Bellatrox Female Warriors
Fightstar Sports Entertainment
Full Force Wrestling
High Impact Wrestling UK
Infinite Wrestling
Professional Wrestling Live
Solent Wrestling Federation
Superstar Promotions
Ultimate Pro Wrestling
Varsity Pro Wrestling
Welsh Wrestling
What’s On Wrestling

Titles held:
None yet

Signature moves:
Flying head scissors

Connie Steele is British pro wrestling royalty. Her mother Klondyke Kate was one of the first female wrestlers in the UK and in her near 40yr career she wrestled all over the world becoming one of the true pioneers of women’s wrestling. With this in mind it is fair to say that Steele has big shoes to fill but she isn’t scares about filling them.

As she was always a fan of performing Steele decided she wanted to give wrestling a try (despite her mother’s best judgement) and started her training at the age of 14 and had debuted by 16 while she was still in school. Before long she was wrestling regularly on All Star shows around the country.

If you have ever seen or heard of Klondyke Kate and expected her daughter to be a similar wrestler you may be disappointed as Steele is a completely different performer. Unlike her mother Steele has (so far) been a career babyface and also wrestles a far different wrestling style. She is known for her ability to believably combine mat based chain wrestling and flashier high flying manoeuvres. Her style and moveset is one of the things that make Steele her own unique performer.

During her first stint in wrestling (Steele took three years off from 2013 when she was pregnant so that she could raise her son) she wrestled primarily for All Star Wrestling and took part in several matches against her mum, including beating her mum in her final ever match. She was impressive enoigh during that first stint that she earned a tryout with the WWE although she was deemed not quite ready at the time. Since her return she has continued to wrestle for All Star but has also started to perform for other promotions and is constantly looking to branch out and showcase her talent in front of new audiences.

Steele is also constantly looking to improve and despite living in Weymouth she travels every weekend to Liverpool to train. When asked why she travels that vast distance when there are other training schools nearer to her home she told me that in her opinion the school she attends is the best and because she wants to be the best she believes it is worth travelling for. As well as this weekly training she also intends to attend training with Marty Jones (when he opens his school in Manchester) as she rates him as one of the best trainers around. She also noted that he is a close family friend who helps puts her name out there to promoters as well as offerring her advice whenever she asks.

On top of her several hours of training Steele also regularly watches various wrestling promotion as she enjoys studying women’s wrestling and trying to pick up tips from her peers. Her current favorites are Nixon Newell, Toni Storm, Kay Lee Ray and Viper. All of whom she rates very highly, she also informed me she would love to follow in their footsteps by wrestling in Japan and all over the world.

After speaking to Steele and taking in several of her matches I would not be surprised if she was able to achieve all of her wrestling goals. On behalf of the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank her for taking the time to speak to me and wish her all the best for the future. Cheers Connie!

Social Media:
Facebook – Connie Steele (@ConnieSteeleUK)
Instagram – conniesteeleuk
Twitter – conniesteeleUK

Dream opponent:
Nixon Newell would be Steele’s dream opponent from anyone in history as she describes everything she does as “crisp” and “amazing”.

Random fact(s):
Steel was a “red coat” at Haven for four years. She said she would still be doing it now if her circumstances were difference as she loves dancing and being on stage.

Steele studies biological sciences at university.

*as of February 2017

Written by Neil Rogers