Chuck Mambo

Credit to Rob Brazier for the photograph

Name: Chuck Mambo

Nickname(s)/aliases: ‘The Surfing And Wrestling Sensation’, ‘The Gnarliest Wrestler in the World’, Love Making Demon

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 13 stone 4 pounds (196 lbs)

Age*: 27

From: Newquay, England

Started training: 2013

Trained by:
Jimmy Havoc
James Davis
Eddie Dennis
Darrell Allen
The PROGRESS Dojo (aka The ProJo)

Companies worked for:
4TB Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
ATTACK! Pro Wrestling
Battle Pro Wrestling
British Wrestling Entertainment
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Centro de Treinos de Wrestling
Combat Zone Wrestling
Dragon Pro Wrestling
Empire Wrestling
Fight Club Pro
Future Pro Wrestling
FutureShock Wrestling
HOPE Wrestling
Impact Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
KAPOW Wrestling
Legacy Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Phoenix Wrestling
Plymouth Wrestling Association
Pro Evolution Wrestling
PROGRESS Wrestling
Riot House Promotions
Riptide Wrestling
Royal Imperial Wrestling
Shropshire Wrestling Alliance
Southeast Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Unprofessional Wrestling
VII Pro Wrestling
Wrestling League

Titles/accomplishments held:
ATTACK! 24/7 Championship
Riptide Wrestling Brighton Championship
2018 – PROGRESS World Cup winner

Signature moves:
Falling With Style/Mambo Number Dive
(Springboard back flip to the outside)
Reef Break
(Springboard Meteora)
Surfboard stretch

This may be unprofessional of me but usually if I saw someone describe themselves as “GNARLY ASS PRO FESSIONAL RASSLER vegan surfer feminist sMiLE FAN [sic]” I wouldn’t want to communicate with them. I class myself as a feminist so I have no problem with that part and I can just about cope with surfers in small doses. The problematic pieces are:
“GNARLY ASS” – I mean who speak like that!?
“PRO FESSIONAL” – There’s no space!
“RASSLER” – I would accept this in lower case
“sMiLE FAN” – Other than the facial expression I don’t know what a smile is.

Basically I’m a judgemental prick and people who deliberately mix their casing and use speak like they belong as an extra in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure generally piss me off. So when Chuck Mambo (a wrestler I had never seen) is suggested to me by one of my peers at Calling Spots I took a little convincing given the “state” of his Twitter bio. Luckily, for me, I always give the benefit if the doubt in this.sort of situation to the person who has see the wrestler perform, after all how much of a dick would I be if I decided to not rate a wrestler without seeing them do what they are paid to do, ie wrestle. So with a couple of recommendations from my Calling Spots colleague I decided to check out some of Mambo’s work and well, Chuck, Mr Mambo I am sorry I ever doubted you. You are a fantastic wrestler. Yes you are slightly odd (aren’t we all) but fuck me can you wrestle. For any of you that have any doubts in what I am saying check out Mambo versus Jimmy Havoc from Legacy Wrestling, it’s available on YouTube here. Although the match not a showcase for high flying or overly technical manueveurs it is a fantatic demonstation of psychology in wrestling which is something all too many young wrestlers lack. Thankfully his training under Havoc (who is one of the very best in the world at that aspect of wrestling) has gave Mambo a good understanding in what I believe is the most important aspect of professional wrestling.

With my new found respect for Mambo I approached him about the possibility of being in the Calling Spots Championship Tournament and his response was that it sounded “Super Bueno”. Oh Chuck, you know how to test my patience to the limits. So a short chat with BWE management and everything was set for the man described as ‘The Surfing And Wrestling Sensation’ to become part of the Calling Spots family. I messaged Mambo the good news and confirmed that he was happy for me to out together this piece. I have to admit that I did this with at least a small amount of dread as I wasn’t sure if I could cope with a long conversation with a guy who seems to model himself on ine of the Ex-Presidents from Point Break (wow, two Keanu Reeves reference in one profile). Thakfully the more I spoke to Mambo the less obvious his verbage became and it wasn’t long before his “gnarly” was as acceptable to me as my overuse of the word “awesome”.

Mambo shared with me that he had been a fan of wrestling since childhood and that his favorite wrestler was Mick Foley followed closely by Shawn Michaels. He also told me that by the age of 9 years old he decided wrestling was the career path. Then at the age of 20 Mambo decided to find a school and happened across PROGRESS Wrestling’s Dojo and it was at the ProJo where he started to build the character that is just himself cranked up to 11 and from there he is.

I have know Chuck for a few months now and although I am yet to meet him I can genuinely say he is quickly becoming one of my favourite people and his quirky statuses have gone from grating on me to being things I look out for. On behalf of myself and the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank Chuck for his time and wish him all the best in the future (especially the Calling Spots Championship Tournament). Hey Ho Mambo!

Social Media:
Facebook – Chuck Mambo
Instagram – chuck_mambo
Twitter – ChuckMambo

YouTube – Chuck Mambo

Dream opponent:
Mambo’s Dream opponent would be Steve Blackman. When I asked why Mambo gave me a look that suggested I should know why. I don’t but I decided not to ask again.

Random fact(s):
Chuck Mambo has a borderline unhealthy obsession with watermelons.

Chuck Mambo and Pastor Will Eaver are close friends and regularly wrestle together as “Sweet Jesus”. This isn’t really a random fact but I felt it had to be included it is the best name for a tag team that I have ever heard.

Mambo has shirts in a wider variety of gawdy colours that John Cena.

*as of October 2019

Written by Neil Rogers