Chris Ridgeway

Credit to David J Wilson for the photograph

Name: Chris Ridgeway

Nickname(s): ‘Smashmouth’, ‘The Priority’

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 13 stone

Age*: 24

From: Liverpool, England

Started training: 2012

Trained by:
Johnny Moss
Kris Travis

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
BODYSLAM! Pro Wrestling
Breed Pro Wrestling
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
DEFIANT Wrestling
Defy Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Fight! Nation Wrestling
Frontline Wrestling
Global Force Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
Great Bear Promotions
House of Pain: Evolution
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Just Do Wrestling
Knockout Wrestling
Lucha Forever
Over The Top Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Pro Evolution Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Chaos
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling Legion
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Pro Wrestling Soul
PROGRESS Wrestling
Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance
Revolution Pro Wrestling
Rising Sun Wrestling
Shropshire Wrestling Alliance
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Strike Wrestling
Svensk Wrestling Syd
Target Wrestling
TETSUJIN Hybrid Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Underground Wrestling Revolution
United European Wrestling Alliance
VII Underground
VII Pro Wrestling
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Wrestle Gate
Wrestling League

Titles/Accomplishments won:
Fight Nation British Championship
KOW World Heavyweight Championship
PWL King of the North Championship
SWA Championship
TNT Extreme Division Championship
TNT Junior Heavyweight Championship
WLGP Championship

2016 – PBW King of Cruisers winner

2018 – TETSUJIN Hybrid Shoot Style Tournament (Stage Two) winner

2018 – IPW International Super 8 Trophy Winner

Signature moves:
Kneesy does it
(Ripcord Knee-strike)
Niykee Heaton Driver
(Tiger driver)
Achilles Lock

A fan of wrestling from the age of three onwards (he was WWF over WCW during the Monday Night Wars), it does not take long into my conversation with Chris Ridgeway for it to become apparent that the guy knows wrestling. During our chat he demonstrated an encyclopaedic knowledge of Royal Rumbles and also showed he knows far more about Japanese wrestling than I do, although as he his dream is to one day wrestle in Japan I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by this. What I was surprised by was how candid and honest he seemed to be when answering my questions. I was genuinely taken aback by how modest and self-deprecating he was as we discussed his in-ring style and what he has achieved in a relatively short period of time. As someone who has been in attendance for a handful of Ridgeway matches and has watched several of his matches online I had wrongly assumed that Ridgeway had far more experience than he actually has. Whenever I have watched one of his bouts I have always noticed how comfortable he appears to be in the ring and how much an imposing figure he cuts, this level of comfort is not normally something you would associate with a performer with ‘The Priority’s’ level of experience but it is undoubtedly a positive. Given Ridgeway’s inherent confidence along with his chiselled physique and hard hitting style (hence his ‘Smashmouth’ nickname), I had mistakenly expected him to be incredibly brash and confident (dare I say perhaps even arrogant) but instead he was affable and an absolute pleasure to speak to. We talked at length about a variety of topics and laughed as he joked that he doesn’t like the Finn Bálor comparisons (which I wasn’t aware of but can definitely see) as he now cannot incorporate his love of horror movies into his entrances as he would undoubtedly be labelled a copy cat of the former Prince Devitt.

Anyway, getting back to describing Ridgeway as a wrestler rather than expressing my man crush for the man. Before getting into wrestling ‘Smashmouth’ trained in a variety of other combat sports, such as muay thai, karate, kick boxing and MMA, which is definitely apparent when watching him perform. All this means that not only is Ridgeway one of the most promising performers in the country he is also without a doubt one of the stiffest performers in the UK and in my opinion is probably not far off BT Gunn (who I think is the stiffest).

I cannot think of many wrestlers who are as polished as ‘Riddy’ is at such a young age and I strongly recommend you check him out if he is ever at a show near you as I would not be surprised if he has moved onto bigger things in the near future.

Social Media:
Facebook – Chris Ridgeway – The Professional Wrestler (@Chris.1Riddy)
Instagram – chrisridgeway1
Twitter – chrisXriddy

Dream opponent:
Ridgeway struggled to answer this question as he is a fan of so many different styles and performers. His list included:
Eddie Guerrero
Shawn Michaels
Chris Benoit
Shinsuke Nakamura
Kenny Omega
Antonio Cesaro
The common theme being that Ridgeway wants to be in the ring with the best.

Random fact(s):
There are dog lovers and then there is Chris Ridgeway. I don’t think I have ever spoken to man, woman or child who cares about dogs as much as he does. I found this quote on his Facebook account from February this year which I feel perfectly summarises his feelings: “There’s an hour wait until my train but there’s a dog here so it’s ok. Bought a sandwich to share with him cos dogs > people.”

Blue Monster is Ridgeway’s energy drink of choice and favourite food is chicken

Ridgeway once hunted ghosts alongside Chuck Cyrus and Liam Lazarus after a night out in Whitley Bay. Footage is available here, here and here.

*as of October 2017

Written by Neil Rogers