Chris Renfrew

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Name: Chris Renfrew

Nicknames/aliases: The C*** Of Personality, The Mayor of Silent Hill, The Ladies Choice, Sweet Daddy P

Height: 6’2”

Weight: Whatever The Fuck It Says On The Scales (usually around 235lbs)

Age*: 33

From: Glasgow, Scotland

Started training: 2004

Trained by:
Adam Shame
Eric Canyon

Companies worked for:
Adriatic Special Combat Academy
British Championship Wrestling
Celtic Championship Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Main Event Wrestling
Pride Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Elite
Pro Wrestling Ulster
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Reckless Intent Wrestling
Respect Pro Wrestling
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Target Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Triple Team Promotions
Triple X Wrestling
Vertigo Pro Wrestling

ICW Tag Team Championship
ICW World Heavyweight Championship
MEW Heavyweight Championship
MEW Tag Team Championship
Pride N7 Championship
PWE Tag Team Championship
Reckless Intent Hardcore Championship
Reckless Intent UK Championship
SWA Laird of the Ring Championship
SWA T-Division Championship
SWA Tag Team Championship
Target Wrestling Tag Team Champion

2008 – SWA Breakout Star Winner

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Wrestler Of The Year”

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Match of the Year” (Gold Label vs Team ICW)

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Feud of the Year” (Gold Label vs Team ICW)

2013 – ICW Bammy Award “Tag Team Of The Year” (The NAK)

2013 – ICW Bammy Award “Moment Of The Year” (Turning on Mark Dallas)

2014 – ICW Square Go Contract Winner

2014 – ICW Bammy Award for “Talker of the Year”

2015 – ICW Square Go Contract Winner

2015 – ICW Award for “Talker of the Year”

2015 – ICW Bammy Award for “Match of the Year” (NAK vs Legion from Fear & Loathing VIII)

2016 – MEW Fan’s Award for Tag Team of the Year (The NAK)

2016 – ICW Bammy Award for Match of The Year (vs Grado from Square Go)

2016 – ICW Bammy Award for Most Insane Wrestler of the Year

2016 – Pro Wrestling Ulster Celtic Cup winner

2017 – Pro Wrestling Ulster Celtic Cup winner

2018 – MEW Feud of the Year

Signature moves:
The T Virus
(double underhook piledriver)
Stone Cold Stoner

Probably best known for his longtime association with ICW, Chris Renfrew is a man who’s career path has changed dramatically over recent years. Although always entertaining in the past Renfrew was dismissed as “just a brawler” by some wrestling purists. He would put on a good match and entertain the fans but he was also out of shape and mainly specialised in hardcore matches. Imagine Necro Butcher but with a Scots accent. He was good but not great.

Then all that changed. Renfrew was able to showcase his best attribute, his charisma. Chris Renfrew is one of those special individuals that can talk to a crowd and have everyone feel like he is talking directly to them. If you were to measure the guys charisma on a scale of one to ten he is an 11. It’s not cliché it’s fact. Over the last few years Renfrew has established himself as one of the best promo men in the UK (if not the world), winning ICW Talker of the Year in 2014 and 2015 as well as cutting THAT promo on Grado in January this year in the build up to him winning his first (and to date only) ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

Along with cutting one of the greatest promos in wrestling history and showing off his unrivalled charisma Renfrew also got himself in a better shape and improved his in ring work to the point where he can no longer be criticised. As a tag team competitor, Renfrew was involved in ICW’s match of 2015 when The NAK (Renfrew, longtime partner BT Gunn and Wolfgang) faced The Legion (Mikey Whiplash, Tommy End and Michael Dante) inside a cage in a six man elimination tag match. Along with his tag exploits Renfrew is also able to shine as a singles competitor and his match against Big Damo from February this year stands as testament to this. For those who haven’t seen the match it ended with Renfrew passing out while being held in a submission by the ‘Beast of Belfast’ with his face covered in his own blood in an image reminiscent of Austin/Hart at WrestleMania 13. His were disappointed that he had lost the title that he had strived his entire career for but at least he had given them a match of the ages.

It is not just the world of wrestling that is able to enjoy Chris Renfrew of late, over the last 18 months or so he has started to showcase his personality and sense of humour in ICW On Demand exclusives like ‘Have I Got Chairshots For You’ alongside ICW colour commentator (and professional comedian) Billy Kirkwood and other ICW stars. He has also launched a successful podcast called ‘1001 Things To Do Before You Die’ alongside Kirkwood and ICW Announcer Simon Cassidy. Renfrew has also made his stand-up comedy debut and has performed live infront of paying crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Magners Comedy Fest. He has also appeared on stage with Mick Foley during his comedy tour of the UK.

Whether his long-term future is inside or outside the ring I for one am excited to see what is next for the self-appointed ‘Mayor of Silent Hill’.

Social Media:
Facebook – Chris Renfrew (@chrisrenfrewnak)
Instagram – chrisrenfrewnak4life
Twitter – ChrisRenfrew1

Dream opponent:
Partially because he is a natural showman but mainly because he is the man that he most admires and looks up to in wrestling Renfrew’s dream opponent would be ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Random fact(s):
Renfrew is a big fan of gaming and counts Fallout 3 among his all time favourites.

Despite being known as one of the best Scottish wrestler around Renfrew was actually born in Newcastle England.

*as of October 2018

Written by Neil Rogers