Chelsea Green

Credit to Blonde Bombshell Photography for the photo

Name: Chelsea Green

Nickname(s)/aliases: Jaida, Laurel Van Ness, Megan Miller

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 125lbs

Age*: 26

From: Vancouver, Canada

Started training: 2014

Trained by:
Lance Storm
Billy Gunn

Companies worked for:
All-Star Wrestling (Canada)
Allied Independent Wrestling Federations Mid Atlantic Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling Show
Bar Wrestling
Big West Wrestling
British Empire Wrestling
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
Continental Wrestling Entertainment
Create A Pro Wrestling
Dynamic Championship Wrestling
East Coast Wrestling Association
Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling
Future Wrestling Australia
Global Force Wrestling
Gold Rush Pro Wrestling
High Impact Wrestling
Impact Wrestling
Imperial Wrestling Revolution
International Wrestling Cartel
Kelowna Invasion Wrestling
Lady Luck Wrestling
Major League Wrestling
Monster Factory Pro Wrestling
National Wrestling Alliance (USA)
New England Female Wrestling
Northeast Wrestling
Prairie Wrestling Alliance
Pro Wrestling 2.0
Queens Of Combat
Revolution Championship Wrestling
RISE Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes
Shimmer Women’s Athletes
SHINE Wrestling
SmashMouth Pro Wrestling
Storm Wrestling Academy
Team Vision Dojo of Professional Wrestling
The Crash Lucha Libre
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling
Tried-N-True Pro Wrestling
Vancouver Island Professional Wrestling
Vendetta Pro Wrestling
Wise Pro Wrestling
Women’s Wrestling Revolution
World Wonder Ring Stardom
World Wrestling Network
Wrestle Circus

Titles/Accolades won:
ASW Women’s Championship
Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship
PW2.0 Tag Team Championship
QoC Women’s Tag Team championship
SHINE Tag Team Championships
WPW Girls Gone Wrestling Championship

2017 – No.26 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 female wrestlers

2015 – ASW Women’s Championship tournament winner

Signature moves:
Top Rope Missile Dropkick

Sometimes in life you see someone so beautiful that all the breath in your lungs disappear and the whole world seems to stop while you catch your breath and try to realise what has happened. When moments like these occur you have a couple of options. You can run and tell your friends (my usual choice) or you can go over and talk to the person in question (like I did when I first saw my wife or more recently when I met met John Morrison). In this instance I was a little stuck as the person whose beauty had literally stole my breathe was literally thousands of miles away and I had only seen her in a photo alongside a friend.

Luckilly for me that friend was Viper and I felt I knew her well enough to ask who this exquisite angel was. Now Viper’s first reply was that it was Toni Storm but as I know who Toni Storm is I knew that was not the correct answer (although Viper wasn’t wrong about the angel part). Now before I give Viper’s quote on Chelsea Green I feel it is important to preface it with the fact that Viper is not one to mix her words. She is known for always giving her honest opinions on people or things about people even when that opinion may rub someone the wrong way. With that in mind I am never sure what to expect when I ask her something but this truly shocked me “That’s Chelsea Green, she is the best person I have ever met… And she is a great wrestler too.” Well given Viper’s love of Bae Club members Debbie Sharp and Sammii Jayne and her fondness of women like Kay Lee Ray, Nikki Storm (now Nikki Glencross in NXT) and the aforementioned Toni Storm I knew I simply had to try to speak to Green and create a piece about her to share with our readers.

So I sent a hopeful message to Green and asked Viper if she could vouch for me not being a random creep (although I appreciate so far I may well have painted myself in that light). After a few days of not hearing from Green I assumed that no answer was the same as the answer being no and I started to give up on the idea. However as you are currently reading this and you can see there is quite a bit left to read I’m guessing you have realised I did hear back from Green. In fact not only did I hear back from Green but she seemed to sincerely apologise for the delay in getting back to me (constant travelling through different time zones make checking Facebook message requests an understandably low priority) and seemed genuinely interested in chatting to me to help me create this piece. Now it may have taken a relatively long time to get the information but given the thousands of miles between us and that we were never less than five hours removed from one another, I was (and remain) incredibly grateful that Miss Green took the time out of her ridiculously hectic schedule to message back and forth with me.

One unexpected benefit of conducting an interview this way was that there was no rush to say something to fill potentially awkward silences so (I’d like to think) my questions were better thought out and Green’s answers seemed more informative since she was not being out on the spot for an instant response.

Of course as usual started from the beginning and asked Green what got her into wrestling and how long she had been a fan. From this I found that she wasn’t never what she would class as a “die hard” fan as her parents didn’t allow her or her sister to watch it on TV. Despite this Green remembers that when she was in the second grade (around six years old for us Brits) she and her sister would try to sneak upstairs to watch wrestling while their parents were cooking dinner. It was during this time that she fell in love with Trish Stratus. She remained a fan throughout the rest of her childhood and into adolescence and then in December 2013, at the age of 22, Green made the decision that she wanted to be a professional wrestler and started to look into available schools and academies. She told me “I started doing research on the best wrestling schools in the world, and the success rates of the schools. I knew if I was going to attempt to become a wrestler, I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than the best.”

Her research turned up Storm Wrestling Academy ran by former ECW, WCW and WWF(E) wrestler/superstar Lance Storm. Green informed me “I contacted Lance to let him know that I had been thinking about wrestling, so we met up to chat. When I walked into SWA, I instantly fell in love with atmosphere of the school.”

This was January 2014 so within less than a month of setting her mind on becoming a pro wrestler Green had made the first step into making her dream a reality and had enrolled herself in one of the world’s finest wrestling academies. I asked if there was anyone else that she creditted with her training and was told “Lance basically
taught me everything I know, from rolls to psychology. I credit Billy Gunn for supporting me and kicking my ass when I need it. I also credit all of the female wrestlers who have taught me along the way. I constantly learn from the girls, whether it is a new move or how to put a match together… [Viper] also has an amazing mind for this business. She knows big girl moves, small girl moves, pinning combos, high flying moves, she basically knows everything haha. She taught me more than she probably knows, while we lived together in Japan.”

To me this showed that Green, like many of the best in the world, believes that wrestling is not something you master and stop learning. The best performers constantly have their eyes and ears open about new ways to adapt or improve something to make themselves and their matches better. When I asked about Green’s thoughts on this she agreed that her willingness to learn and desire to be the best is probably her best attribute. Given this mindset it didn’t taken long for Green to quickly branch out from the SWA and wrestle for different promotions and different companies around North America (her match with Nicole Matthews, for Wise Pro Wrestling, is definitely one you should check out) as well as Japan.

In less than three short years Green has shown enough of her talent to warrant her to be invited on multiple tours of Japan (it was in Japan for Stardom that she wrestled Kairi Hojo in one of the best women’s wrestling matches I have ever seen), appear on WWE Tough Enough in 2015 (where unfortunately a broken ankle halted her progression) and become a regular member of TV programming for arguably the world’s second largest wrestling company, TNA. Simply put it would be impossible for anyone to criticise Chelsea Green’s journey so far as she achieved more in less than three years than many will ever achieve. That she has seemingly done it through hard work (check out this recent workout video) and perseverance rather than politicking or under-handed means is a credit to Green and her training.

Due to the almost unbelievable strides Green has made in her young career I had to ask her about her plans and wishes for the future and she candidly stated “My goal, as always, is to improve and show everyone at home that I am more than capable of holding the Knockouts title… In five years time I would have liked to make my mark in professional wrestling and more specifically womens wrestling. I want people to know my name.”

Given how rapidly she has risen to the position she is in and how determined she is to succeed I wouldn’t bet against Green being at the top of the wrestling world in the near few years. She is certainly one to keep an eye out for.

As always, I would like to wish Chelsea Green all the success in the world on behalf of myself and everyone at Calling Spots. Also, on a personal note I would like to thank Chelsea for taking the time out of her insanely hectic schedule to correspond with me. Thanks Chelsea!

Social Media:
Facebook – Chelsea Green (@Impactchelseag)
Instagram – chelseaagreen
Twitter – ImChelseaGreen

Dream opponent:
Chelsea Green’s dream opponent would be Trish Stratus as she was the performer that inspired her tocget into wrestling

Random fact(s):
As well as being a world class professional wrestler Green has also started to showcase her acting ability. She plays Angel in the movie ‘ Chokeslam’ alongside actors Chris Marquette, Amanda Crews and Michael Eklund and wrestler legends Mick Foley and Lance Storm.

Green has been described by Viper as a popcorn addict.

Green is a big fan of country music.

In 2014 Green portrayed Megan Miller on WWE Raw. The character was Daniel Bryan’s the physical therapist who allegedly had an affair with Bryan leading to her being confronted by his wife Brie Bella (video here)

*as of January 2018

Written by Neil Rogers