Credit to Chris Evers for the photograph

Name: Bubblegum

Nickname/aliases: Phil Blitz

Height: 5’8

Weight: 187lbs

Age*: 33

From: Manchester, England

Started training: 2002

Trained by:
Chris Curtis
Derek Feelgood
Keith Myatt
‘Charming’ Don Charles
Jack Storm

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
All Promotions
All Star Wrestling
Alpha Omega Wrestling
Alternative Wrestling World
Britannia Wrestling Promotions
British Championship Wrestling
British Hybrid Wrestling
British Wrestling Entertainment
British Wrestling Revolution
Combat Zone Wrestling
Cornish Pro Wrestling
Dutch Pro Wrestling
Dynamic Pro Wrestling
Four Front Wrestling
Frontier Wrestling Alliance
Frontier Wrestling Alliance: Academy
FutureShock Wrestling
Gerry Norton Promotions
Global Force Wrestling
Grand Pro Wrestling
House Of Pain: Evolution
HXC Wrestling
Infinite Promotions
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Irish Whip Wrestling
Just Do Wrestling
Kamikaze Pro
LDN Wrestling
Legend Wrestling League
Lucha Forever
Megaslam Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
New Revolution Wrestling
Northern Wrestling League
Norton British Wrestling
One Pro Wrestling
Original Pro Wrestling Organisation
Over The Top Wrestling
Phoenix Pro Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Premier Promotions
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Championship Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Kingdom
Pro Wrestling NOAH
PROGRESS Wrestling
Real Deal Wrestling
Real Quality Wrestling
Revolution British Wrestling
Ring Of Honor
SAS Wrestling
Scottish School Of Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Shooting Star Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Strike Wrestling
Target Wrestling
This Is Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
True Grit Wrestling
United European Wrestling Alliances
VII Pro Wrestling
VII Pro Wrestling: Underground
Westside Xtreme Wrestling
Wrestle Midlands
World Association Of Wrestling
X Wrestling Alliance

Titles/Accomplishments won:
1PW Tag Team Championship
Absolute Wrestling Championship
GNP Tag Team Championship
GPW British Championship
GPW Heavyweight Championship
Infinite Promotions Tag Team Championship
IPW:UK British Cruiserweight Championship
JDW Championship
NBW Tag Team Championship
NGW GenX Championship
PBW Tag Team Championship
PCW Cruiserweight Championship
SAS Tag Team Championship
SAS UK Championship
SWE Speedking Championship

2006 – NBW Tag Team Championship Tournament winner

2006 – GPW Crazy Cruiser 8 winner

2009 – GNP Tag Team Championship Tournament winner

2014 – Infinite Promotions Tag Team Championship Tournament winner

2015 – PCW Road To Glory Tournament winner

2015 – JDW Championship Tournament winner

2016 – Absolute Wrestling Championship Tournament winner

Signature moves:
Handspring back elbow
Shooting Star Press
(in memory of Kris Travis)
The Ice Cream Headache
(The Pedigree)

Entrance music in wrestling is one of the quickest ways for any wrestler to establish themselves and their character. Bubblegum is acutely aware of this as his walk to the ring is accompanied by “Jus a Rascal” by Dizzee Rascal which let’s you know straight away what sort of guy he is. Willing to ignore, bend and break the rules he is one of the rascallyest of rascals you could ever imagine.

This wasn’t always the case though as earlier in his career Bubbkegum’s now shaved head was actually covered in dyed blonde hair and he more often than not wrestled as a good guy (wrestling such similar style to El Ligero that he sometimes thought promoters would directly choose one over the other) and was a far different character than he is today.

When I spoke to Bubblegum after Absolute Wrestling: Absolution he told me that after the birth of his first son in 2010 he decided to take some time off from wrestling to help his partner raise his child rather than continue to spend so much time away from home. By 2011 when he made his return to the ring he had decided to change his character to closer match his real life persona which he described as “a bit of a dickhead”. Sice then he had gone from strength to strength and he is one of the best cowardly heels anywhere in the British Isles.

As he 15th year in wrestling approaches Bubblegum is pragmatic about the future. He spoke about his body having “three to four” good years in him before he starts to reduce his schedule. He has already started to prepare for life away from the ring as in 2014 he was approached by Preston City Wrestling to be part if their training school where he work alongside T-Bone, Ashton Smith and Dave Rayne to prepare the next generation of grapplers (like Rocky Future). He works with the more advanced trainees but also specialises in conditioning (which should be obvious given the shape he is in). Bubblegum also expressed a desire to possibly run his own school in the future so he can further mould the wrestlers of tomorrow.

I also spoke to Bubblegum about why he chose to become a wrestler and he told me that even as a child he enjoyed being centre of attention and when breaking his tibia and fibia drailed a a promising football career (he was a right back on the books of Manchester United until the age of 19) wrestling seemed the obvious choice for him. He had always enjoyed watching wrestling and had watched both WWF and WCW watched as a child with Koko B. Ware being his “ultimate favourite” wrestler. Once he got a little older he started to trade VHS tapes (remember them) and became a fan of ECW and in particular Taz (he didn’t get the second z until he debutted for WWF in 2000). He remembers being impressed by how a smaller man, of similar stature to himself, was capable of holding his own with far bigger guys. As his in-ring style is very different to that of Tazz I asked if he ever contemplated basing his repertoire of moves on those of ‘The Human Suplex Machine’. His answer was that given his build he didn’t want to potentially ruin the believability of his matches by throwing around his opponents who tend to be significantly large than him. Maybe I am overthinking it but I believe this level of ring psychology which he clearly had from the beginning of his career is the main reason why Bubblegum has gone on to be as successful as he has and why it is important that he is able to pass this knowledge on to younger wrestlers who are looking to establish themselves.

On behalf of myself and Calling Spots I would like to wish Bubblegum all the best for the future and and I would like to personally thank him for taking the time to speak to me.

Social Media:
Instagram – pipbubblegum
Twitter – Pipbubblegum

Dream opponent:
“This question was kinda answered with Kendrick when I wrestled him” was the response I got from Bubblegum meaning that he is one of the few wrestlers that get to meet and face off against their heroes.

Luckilly for me he followed this up by telling me that Koko B. Ware was his favourite wrestler when he got into wrestling and he would love to have wrestled Koko and Frankie.

He also mentioned that he would to wrestle Finn Balor but he is unsure if their styles would mesh.

Random fact(s):
Bubblegum was such a talented footballer as a youngster that he was playing for his 6th form team at the age of 14. That team also included England international Phil Jagielka (who played in central midfield) and current Bristol City striker Aaron Wilbrahan (himself a former Premiership footballer). Unsurprisingly he can’t remember them losing many games.

Despite being known for wearing the sky blue of Manchester City and having played youth football for Manchester United Bubblegum’s favourite team is actually Everton.

Bubblegum told me that he would like to one day wrestle as a pirate with an inflatable parrot named Frankie in homage of his boyhood hero Koko B. Ware

*as of June 2017

Written by Neil Rogers

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