BT Gunn

Credit to David J Wilson for the photograph

Name: B.T. Gunn

Nickname(s): The Oddity, Booty

Height: 5’11″

Weight: 194lbs

Age*: 33

From: Coatbridge, Scotland

Started training: 2006

Trained by:

Companies worked for:
All Star Wrestling
British Wrestling Championship
British Empire Wrestling
Catch Wrestling Norddeutschland
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
Dansk Pro Wrestling
DEFIANT Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Five Star Wrestling
Glasgow Pro Wrestling Extinction
Great Bear Promotions
House Of Pain: Evolution
HXC Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
North East Wrestling Society
New Scene Wrestling
NXT Pro Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston Championship Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
Pro Wrestling Elite
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Reckless Intent Wrestling
Revolution Championship Wrestling
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish School Of Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Showcase Pro Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Target Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
Triple Team Promotions
Union Of European Wrestling Alliances
WA1 Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling League
WOS Wrestling

BCW Heavyweight Championship
BCW Openweight Championship
BCW Tag Team Championship
ICW World Heavyweight Championship
ICW Tag Team Championship
ICW Zero G Championship
MEW Northeast Championship
MEW Tag Team Championship
PBW Heavyweight Championship
PBW Tag Team Championship
PWE Tag Team Championship
RCW Heavyweight Championship
RNW Tag Team Championship
Scottish Heavyweight Championship
SWE Heavyweight Championship
Target Wrestling Championship
Target Wrestling Tag Team Championship
WCPW Hardcore Championship

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Match of the Year” (Gold Label vs Team ICW)

2011 – ICW Bammy Award “Feud of the Year” (Gold Label vs Team ICW)

2013 – ICW Bammy Award “Tag Team Of The Year” (The NAK)

2015 – Target Wrestling Match of the Year winner (vs Stevie Xavier)

2014 – ICW Bammy Award “Match of the Year” (vs Wolfgang at the Barrowlands)

2014 – ICW Bammy Award “Feud of the Year” (vs Wolfgang)

2015 – Target Wrestling Match of the Year winner (NAK vs New Nation)

2015 – ICW Bammy Award for “Feud of the Year” (vs Mikey Whiplash)

2015 – ICW Bammy Award for “Most Insane Wrestler of the Year” (NAK vs Legion from Fear & Loathing VIII)

2015 – ICW Bammy Award “Match of the Year”

2016 – MEW Tag Team of Year (The NAK)

2016 – MEW Match of the Year (vs Jason Prime)

2019 – ICW King of the Hawners Tournament winner

Signature moves:
(Springboard RKO)

BT Gunn is a former ICW World Heavyweight Champion and has also been trusted by many other promotions to hold their main championships and be the standard bearer of their company with that in mind my opinion that he is the most under-rated wrestler in the UK is possibly somewhat controversial. Bear with me though and let me explain.

For me is no doubt that Gunn is one of the best in ring performers anywhere in Europe. None. Nada. Whether he is wrestling as a solo competitor or in a tag team the guy is almost without equal. There is nothing he can’t do. I’ve witnessed him kick someone so hard I’ve winced, I’ve been in venues where the entire crowd have taken a sharp intake of breath when he has chopped their chest and he’s also made me cry with laughter by screaming “Shit!” in a high pitched tone when he was surprisingly grabbed by Johnny Moss and then thrown backwards in a German Suplex. Regardless of what the man is asked to do or what reaction he wants to get from his audience I have no doubt that he is capable of making it happen (don’t just take my word for it check out fellow Calling Spots writer, Martin Smith’s fantastic piece here).

When writing about Gunn in a recent show preview for Main Event Wrestling I stated that “despite being a fan of Gunn for the last four or five years I am yet to see him have a bad match” on hindsight I would probably amend this and say I’ve never seen him in anything less than a GREAT match. As demonstrated by his ICW’s 2015 Match of the Year between The NAK and The Legion (which I urge you to what on ICW On Demand), his tag team match alongside Chris Renfrew against Paul London and Brian Kendrick (which is available here) or his recent match against Jason Prime it is almost an unwritten law of wrestling that if BT Gunn is on a card he is going to have the best match of the night. So there it is I’ve never seen Gunn have less than a great match and would be surprised if I ever do.

It is for those reason and many more that I believe he is one of the very best and simply cannot be rated highly enough!

Social Media:
Facebook – B.T. Gunn
Instagram – booty33gpwa
Twitter – TheOdDiTy_33

Dream opponent:
Gunn was unable to narrow it down from three.
Stone Cold Stevie Austin as he is his all-time favourite.
Jeff Hardy as he is a huge fan of the ‘enigmatic enigma’ and his style and he thinks it would be a great match that people would want to see.
Adam Cole as he has watched the progression of his career from his start on the indies watched to becoming PWG Champion, wrestling in ROH and now being of the Bullet Club.

Random fact(s):
Gunn never wear trousers, regardless of the weather if you see him out of the ring he will be wearing basketball shorts.

Gunn is a massive fan of football and his favourite teams are Manchester United and Celtic.

*as of May 2019

Written by Neil Rogers

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