Name: Assassin

Nickname/Alias(es): Love Albatross, Lover of Christophers, The Brother of Seduction, The UndieTaker

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 18.5 stone (259lbs)

Age*: 38

From: Blyth, England

Started training: March, 1999

Trained by:
Peter Wilson

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
BWF Brand
Complete Revolutionary Wrestling
Contract Pro Wrestling
Exciting Wrestling Evolution
Full Tilt Wrestling
Independent Wrestling Federation
International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom
Irish Whip Wrestling
Maximum Pro Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Northumbria University Wrestling Society
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Scottish Wrestling Alliance
Shield Pro Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling League

City of RAD:PRO Championship
CRW Heavyweight Championship
EPW Heavyweight Championship
FTW Tag Team Championship
FTW Heavyweight Championship
MEW British Heavyweight Championship
MEW Northeast Championship
IWF UK Heavyweight Championship
IWF Tag Team Championship
SPW Tag Team Championship

2018 – MEW Tag Team of the Year (with Nicky Starr)

Signature moves:
Slingshot splash into the ring
The Contract
(The End of Days)
(Seated Last Ride)

Around a year ago I decided that I was sick of struggling to find somewhere I could get information on UK wrestlers and I decided that I wanted to create a place where people could find out where a performer had worked or who they were trained by. Perhaps he thought it was a good or idea or perhaps he just wanted me to stop whining at him but either way our then editor, Richard, told me to come back to him with a list of names and then we’d look into it. Somehow despite being at the top of my initial list it has taken nine months (our first profile was uploaded in the 25th June) and over 50 other profiles before this has finally found his place on our site.

There are many reasons why it has taken this long to create and upload (most of them involve me being crap, lazy or crazy AND lazy) but I am glad that I am now able to share with you the brilliance of Brian (his real name, he’s cool but not cool enough for his real name to be Assassin!). Assassin’s name was at the top of my list of profiles to create because in the three or four years since I started regularly attending wrestling in my local area I am yet to meet anyone who has a bad word to say about the man and I believe he is probably the most respected person on the Northeast scene, especially by his peers. He is also happy to help his fellow wrestlers as I have seen him, on numerous occasions, offer advice to younger wrestlers and it always appears to be well received. Always cheerful and seemingly happy to talk to anyone about anything (even when I was incredibly drunk and probably obnoxious) Assassin is not only respected but well liked by those around him and I have found him to be one of the friendliest and most easy going people within wrestling (despite his occasion Facebook rants). At any show I have ever seen Assassin perform at he always appears unflappable and takes everything in his stride and on top of this he can always be relied upon to put on a solid match, regardless of his opponent or what he is being asked to portray.

I spoke to Brian about what made him want to get into wrestling and talked about his earliest wrestling memories. He told me the first match he remembers watching was Hart Foundation on and episode of Superstars that he was watching before school. He quickly became a fan and at the age of 12 he decided he wanted to be a professional wrestler. He attended a local training school, where he was trained by Peter Wilson, a kickboxers, who he described as “not really a wrestling fan just a genuinely hard bloke who ran training like kickboxing training but with bits of what he thought wrestling was like thrown in”. Despite the less than stellar training Assassin spoke highly of Wilson and credits him with helping him become the performer he is today.

Within six months of training Assassin was given his debut. He told me “I wouldn’t say I was ready but I was the most ready of the people there” and now he is approaching the 18th anniversary of his debut. Since that debut Assassin has worked for every serious company in the Northeast (and probably some not so serious ones) and has earned his status as a man capable of working with anyone. Whether it was an import or whether it a big name UK performers he was the person that companies chose to put against the man the casual fans were there to see. Because of this reputation Assassin has worked with an array of international talent such as D’Lo Brown, Raven and Christian along with stars of the UK scene such as Johnny Moss, Johnny Storm, Alex Shane, Big Damo (now known as Killian Dain in NXT) and WWE’s Sheamus and Neville.

Nowadays Assassin doesn’t get the chance to watch as much wrestling as he used to but when he does choose to watch something it is likely something like Lucha Underground which he thoroughly enjoyed when he watched it recently.

On behalf of myself and the entire Calling Spots team I would like to wish Assassin all the best in his wrestling future and in a personal note I would like to thank him for his friendship and for tolerating my random wrestling related questions that arrive at random times, day and night. Cheers Bri!

Social Media:
Facebook – Assassin – UK Sports Entertainer
Instagram – gruffalo_brian
Twitter – Assassiniod

Dream opponent:
Assassin’s favourite wrestler of all time is The Undertaker, specifically the American Bad Ass version of ‘The Deadman’ and Assassin’s dream match would be against ‘Taker at Wrestlemania.

Random Fact(s):
Current King of the Cruiserweights Neville (formerly Pac) had his first ever match against Assassin AND LOST, there was never a rematch between them so the score remains 1-0 to Assassin (#NevilleFearsAssassin). In all seriousness I have spoken to Assassin about Neville a couple of times and he has told me that he was always convinced he would make it to the WWE and he is incredibly proud and “chuffed” for him in achieving his dream.

Assassin was once retweeted By Sophie Aldred who played Ace the companion of 7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) in Doctor Who.

Somewhat controversially Assassin is not a fan of Broken Matt Hardy.

*as of March 2017

Written by Neil Rogers

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