Amir Jordan

Credit to Jamie Spaul for the photograph

Name: Amir Jordan

Nickname(s): The Bhangra Badboy, Your Naan’s Favorite Wrestler

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 190lbs

Age*: 27

From Dewsbury, England

Started training: 2015

Trained by:
Storm Wrestling Academy
PROGRESS Wrestling School
Grapple Wrestling Academy

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
Battle Pro Wrestling
Big West Wrestling
British Wrestling Entertainment
DEFIANT Wrestling
Grapple Wrestling
High Impact Wrestling
International Pro Wrestling: UK
Leicester Championship Wrestling: Elevation
Main Event Wrestling
Megaslam Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Paradox Pro Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Preston City Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Legion
PROGRESS Wrestling
Prairie Wrestling Association
Real Canadian Wrestling
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment (RISE) England
Shield Pro Wrestling
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
TNT Extreme Wrestling
True Grit Wrestling
Underground Wrestling Revolution
Wrestle Island
Wrestletime Presents

Titles held:
3CW North East Championship
IPW:UK Z-Force Championship
MEW North East Championship

Signature moves:
Samosa Swanton
(Diamond Cutter)

Being a professional wrestler involves many aspects, to become a great wrestler you need to have nigh on every aspect nailed on. Ever since breaking onto the North-East scene, I have had the pleasure of watching Amir showcase every feature that makes both a great wrestler and a great entertainer. In the past few months I have had different experiences of watching Jordan showcase himself in front of several different crowd types. Whether it be at the adult orientated rowdy fan base that makes up the crowd of North Wrestling NCL or the family atmosphere that MEW brings to the table, Amir comes through the curtain full of energy and has a clear passion for the business.

To use a cliché, Amir has “IT.” That is of course, if “IT” means undying crowd support. If charisma was currency, Jordan would be a millionaire and it really shows in the reactions he garners. We at Calling Spots are fortunate enough to witness several shows each month, and when browsing upcoming events to go to, the smiling face of Amir on a poster is always a welcome sight.

So how do we know that Amir is passionate about wrestling? Well apart from the fact that it is blatantly obvious just by watching him make his entrance, during a sit-down conversation with Calling Spots writer Neil Rogers, Amir spoke about his “Biting the bullet” and perusing what was a life long dream, leaving a well paying job and moving all around the world to train with the very best as a way of getting his foot in the door of the world of wrestling.

Something that I once asked Amir was: “What do you personally believe makes you stand out from the crowd?” Amir’s response mirrored what I already personally believed:

“I think it’s work ethic, pretty simple concept, once I’m in on something it’s got to be all in.

I like to think that when you find something you love, it’s not work, anything I do related to wrestling whether its travelling for training/shows, putting up the ring etc. It doesn’t feel like work to me.”

Something I always like to ask about when speaking to performers, is what their goals are, seeing what drives a person to partake in such a high intensity sport is truly something interesting. The following is how Amir responded to my question: “My aim is to take my wrestling career as far as it can go wherever that may be.

It’s gone further than I could have ever imagine it going, for me, stepping into a ring for the first time was achievement enough.”

So what gravitates fans towards Jordan? Well as I started the profile with, it’s the fact that he ticks off tons of crucial factors and a drive that has potential to push him to the moon. Charisma and passion truly personify this truly talented individual who is already very talented in between the ropes so young into his career, I for one am anticipating big things for Jordan and have a genuine investment in him as both a character and as a person.

Whilst chatting with Amir, as mentioned previously, it truly shows how passionate and grateful he is for the wrestling industry, Amir is a lovely guy and is genuinely one of the hardest workers around both in and out of the ring, the atmosphere of any show would truly improve with his presence.

“Most people don’t find what they love ever, I’m forever thankful that I did and had the guts to pursue it”

Social Media:
Facebook – Amir Jordan (iamamirjordan)
Twitter – iamamirjordan

Dream opponent:
I asked Jordan who his dream opponent would be and he listed CM Punk, Shawn Michaels, Godfather, X-Pac, Tommy Dreamer, Val Venis, Marty Jones and El Ligero. When I asked him to narrow it down to one he hummed and harred before choosing CM Punk in a singles match.

He also said that wrestling against Prince Ameen was a dream come true as he had always wanted to wrestle him

Random Fact
Before becoming a wrestling Jordan worked as a banker.

*as of May 2018

Written by Lewis Kelly

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