Alexander Henry

Credit to Tony Knox for the photograph

Name: Alexander Henry

Nickname(s): ‘The Class Apart’

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 200lbs

Age*: 23

From: Carlisle, England

Started training: 2014

Trained by:
J and Shady Nattrass
Rampage Brown
NGW Academy

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
British Wrestling Entertainment
Exposure Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
NORTH Wrestling NCL
Pro Evo Wrestling
PROGRESS Wrestling
Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment (RISE) England
South Coast Wrestling
Target Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling

BWE Tag Team Championship
MEW British Heavyweight Championship
MEW Northeast Championship
TCW Tag Team Championship

2015 – Target Wrestling Match of the Year winner

Signature moves:
Package Piledriver
(as a singles competitor)
Flapjack into a Codebreaker
(as tag team competitor with Jason Prime)

You might not be currently be familiar with Alexander Henry, if that is the case let me assure you that in the near future you will be.

Primarily a singles wrestler at first ‘The Class Apart’ made his in ring debut less than two years ago but despite starting his career as a fresh faced 20 year old it has only taken a relatively short period of time for Henry to mature into one of the most naturally charismatic bad guys I have witnessed in person. To say he comes across as arrogant is an understatement, the guy exudes contempt, when you see Henry make his way to the ring you believe that he thinks he is better than you and you want to see him get his comeuppance, pair this with the way Henry speaks to a crowd (with or without a microphone) and they are left desperately wanting to witness him get his head kicked in. Annoyingly though even in defeat he always seems to avoid the beating that you wanted him to receive. Which is probably a good thing as no one could have a lengthy career if their body received the amount of punishment that is wished upon Alexander Henry on a nightly basis.

If charisma was the only tool Henry possessed he would still warrant this write up but my job would now be over, however it isn’t and there is definitely more to say to do the man justice. When I first saw him approximately a year ago he was a fairly big guy but he was nowhere near the physical specimen he is today. The guy can now stand shoulder to shoulder between with his New Nation partner Jason Prime and trainer Rampage Brown and not look out of place despite them being two of the most physically intimidating men anywhere in British wrestling. He can do this because over the last 12 months he has spent untold hours at the gym and has moulded himself into the “monster” you can see above. Want to know why monster is in inverted commas? Because that is a direct quote from the eight year old girl that was sat next to my wife after Henry made her burst into tears by saying “boo” in her face. The guy has a passable resemblance to the WWE’s Sheamus but with all the likeability of Floyd Mayweather, basically he is someone that you pay your money to see get their teeth kicked down their throat.

It was a move to Newcastle with his “regular” job that led to him moving to a different wrestling school and meeting his eventual tag team partner, Jason Prime (whom he has been tagging with since mid-to-late 2015). It was with Prime that ‘The Class Apart’ started to really make a name for himself as they formed The New Nation. The pair (along with their trainer and mentor Rampage Brown) had the 2015 Target Match of the Year against The NAK (B.T. Gunn, Wolfgang and Stevie Boy) and from there were able to earn themselves a spot in, arguably the UK’s biggest company, ICW’s Tag Team Championship Tournament where they were unfortunate to lose to The 55 in their opening round match. Since this defeat they have gone on to appear for new companies and are seen by many as one of the most promising young teams in the country.

Whether it be as a singles or tag team competitor I look forward to seeing more of Alexander Henry and I’d recommend you take any opportunity to do the same. Perhaps one of us will someday be lucky enough to see him get the hiding that he deserves.

Social Media:
Twitter – theclassapart

Dream opponent:
One of Henry’s favourite wrestler’s when he was growing up was Kane and if he was to choose any current wrestler to step in the ring with he would choose ‘The Big Red Monster’.

Random fact:
Despite being a fan of wrestling from a very young age initially Henry excelled in a different form of entertainment, the performing arts. He spent a lot of his youth involved in amateur dramatics but stated he lost the “buzz” for it and turned back to his first love. Acting’s loss is definitely wrestling’s gain.

*as of July 2017

Written by Neil Rogers