Alex Kavero

Credit to Chris Egon Searle for the photograph.

Name: Alex Kavero

Nickname(s): The Nightmare

Height: 6’1″

Weight: 220lbs

Age*: 26

From: Ashington, England

Started training: 2013

Trained by:
FTW Training Academy

Companies worked for:
Entertainment Pro Wrestling American Wrestling
Exciting Wrestling Evolution
Full Tilt Wrestling
Insane Championship Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Maximum Pro Wrestling
Target Wrestling
Upbrawl Championship Wrestling

Titles held:
EPW Tag Team Championship
MEW Tag Team Championship

Signature moves:

Alex Kavero is someone I know as a friend so it is difficult to be unbiased around him so I will try my best to be impartial in my opinions here.

I first met Kavero around three years ago when he invited our editor to send someone along to a Main Event Wrestling show and I was asked to attend on our behalf. Along with creating a relationship with MEW that still stands today (they hosted the final of our Calling Spots Championship Tournament afterall) I also had my eyes opened to independent wrestling which is something I am now passionate about. Before the show 90% of my wrestling viewing (which was significantly less than it is now) was made up of WWE Raw/Smackdown and the rest was an occasion bit of TNA and I was a complete novice when it came to indie wrestling, let alone wrestling in my area. That night Kavero faced off against Grado who, having starred in BBC’s Insane Fight Club, was the biggest name on the card that night and although ‘The Nightmare’ came up short on the night he did make a statement by leaving the ICW darling on the deck by attacking Grado when he was having a post match celebratory Irn Bru. Without a doubt this was reaction of the night and between the match and after match shenanigans Kavero was confirmed as someone who was on Grado’s level. It also led to a feud that culminated with Kavero receiving a haircut when he lost the world’s only “Bumbag vs Top Knot” match.

Kavero having his topknot removed by ICW and TNA Star Grado

Along with wrestling Grado, Kavero had also been in the ring with high profile UK performers such as Jack Jester, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn but the biggest name he has faced off against is undoubtedly ECW legend Sabu who he competed against in April 2015.

Kavero took on the ‘Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal Death Defying Maniac’ Sabu in his home town of Ashington in 2015

Unfortunately Kavero’s career was somewhat derailed by a variety of injuries and he has had to take a couple of temporary stepbacks from professional wrestling while he heeled up and dealt with other issues he was facing away from the ring. Thankfully he announced in September last year that he intended to make his return to professional wrestling and as of January he is now back wrestling on a regular basis, this time as a tag team performer alongside Dave Carbon in The Tyne & Wear Wolves. Since his return he has looked as sharp as ever and he and Carbon have already started to work a couple of creative double team moves into their repertoire. Their suplex/superkick finish is an impressive sight to behold.

Before getting into professional wrestling Kavero trained in mixed martial arts but when a friend of his, who was a wrestling promoter asked him to help him by stepping in for someone that cancelled last minute he said yes and hasn’t gone back to MMA since. Having always been a fan of wrestling it was always something that he had considered trying out but he had always been to busy with something else to try. When I first found this out I was surprised as given That Kavero stands at a legitimate 6’1″ and has a naturally broad frame, he cuts an intimidating figure in the ring and almost appears made to be a professional wrestler. With his look and with a moveset that contains a variety of impressive power moves alongside an array of stiff strikes and kicks (which look particularly snug due to his MMA training) I believe Kavero has all the tools necessary to be a success in wrestling and with a little bit of luck with injuries (fuck knows he has already had more than his fair share) I hope one day he will get the success that his hardwork deserves.

On behalf of Calling Spots I would like to thank Alex Kavero for taking the time to help me create this profile and also wish him all the best for the future.

Social Media:
Facebook – Alex Kavero (@Nightmarekavero)
Instagram – nightmarekavero
Twitter – AlexKavero

Dream opponent:
Like many Kavero was unable to narrow this down to one name. Instead he listed:
Mr Perfect who was one of his favourites when he was a young child and who he believes is one of the most underrated performers of all time. Brock Lesnar who was one of his favourites when he watched wrestling in his teens and is someone who he believes is amongst the toughest to ever get into professional wrestling and is someone he believes adds a huge amount of credibility to the sport.
Marty Scurll who is someone he rates amongst the best in the world.

Random fact(s):
Kavero’s favourite number is 1172. He is not sure exactly why but remembers it was something he picked up in a history lesson at school.

*as of January 2017

Written by Neil Rogers