Alex Gracie

Credit to Jez Bradshaw for the photograph

Name: Alex Gracie

Nickname(s)/aliases: The Noisy Boy, The Don, Dabba the Hutt

Age*: 27

From: Nottingham, United Kingdom

Started training: 2011

Trained by:

Companies worked for:
Berkshire Superstar Wrestling
BWF Brand
Combat Sports Federation
House of Pain Wrestling
House of Pain: Evolution
Ironfist Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling
Leicester Championship Wrestling: Elevation
Monkey Madness Wrestling
New Generation Wrestling
Pro Wrestling 4 U
RAD:PRO Wrestling
Paradox Pro Wrestling
Southside Wrestling Entertainment
Three Count Wrestling
Tidal Championship Wrestling
True Grit Wrestling
UK Main Event Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling

Titles/Accolades won:
3CW Championship
LCW Championship
House Of Pain Tag Team Championship

Snapmare Driver

Whoever knows me would know how much of a fan I am of Alex Gracie.

Like, a lot…

Now that’s out of the way, I need to stress out that I have tried to sound objective while writing this profile – God knows how many hours I have deleted paragraphs of my work, thinking how much it sounds fangirl-ish. Although that’s the case, my inner fangirl might still shine through in some parts. Oh well, I tried.

Getting the chance to hear through the interview Alex Gracie had way back with Calling Spot’s contributor Neil Rogers has been really insightful. As a talent that has just been getting steam in the recent months with his inclusion in WhatCulture Pro Wrestling’s mainstay roster, little is known about him. A quick Google search will show a match here and there, an occasional promo, but nothing that tells much about ‘The Don’.

Well… they always said that mysterious guys gets the girls.

Joking aside, Gracie’s charisma is something to be noted – and his interview with Neil is one solid evidence of this. Even with the frat boy attitude he dons in the ring, he still reminds that at the end of the day, he’s still a hell of a wrestler… and he should never be underestimated.

Alex’s pro wrestling journey started when he was 21, coming from a mixed martial arts background in which he had pursued ever since he was 6. A free training session with British Wrestling legend Stixx is what it took for him to take the leap, and 2 years later he gets to work matches against his mentor.

Now, he continues to make waves on his own terms.

Although he more or less answered the questions the magazine’s had for him in kayfabe, he still haven’t failed to show that he is still humble and thankful behind all the bravado. Mentioning the fact that Joseph Conners has “had opened doors” for him, as well as that he has trained and worked with him (including a fantastic match here) for a lot of times in the past, shows that he has respect for everyone that has helped him in becoming the wrestler he is today.

Being included in the inaugural match of the globally-known promotion WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) is a big thing, and Gracie can proudly say that he has made an impact on his first appearance. Although Joseph Conners won that match via DQ, the Don made a statement alongside his tag partner Lucas Archer and manager James R. Kennedy.

Sometimes… a prospect goes on to become a legend.

And Alex Gracie has astronomical chances in becoming one.

Currently, he’s competing alongside other members of Prospect in the WCPW’s Adam Pacitti Tag Team Tournament, focused on becoming the first tag team champions of the promotion. He has also appeared in other promotions with his WCPW gimmick, most notably on the newly-rebooted Three Count Wrestling, in which he was set to team up on December 10th with Drake as Prospect to battle against the team of Chris Whitton and Kid Richie. Unfortunately due to illness Drake was unable to make the show but Gabriel Kidd was offered up by his ‘master’ Prince Ameen.

‘The Noisy Boy’ believes that “if you’re not in it to win it, might as well go home”. With this kind of yearning in becoming the best every single time, mixed in with his vast experience in the business, and his charm that is fear-inducing as well as it is swoon-worthy – he is close to making himself globally known.

Even if his success is more of a “when” than of an “if”, me and the entirety of Calling Spots would like to wish him all the successes in the world. In a personal note, I’d like to thank the magazine and Gracie for giving me a chance to dive further the enigma of the Don. Thank you very much!

Social Media:
Instagram – alexgracie01
Twitter – AlexGracie01

Dream opponent:
Gracie’s dream opponent is Shawn Michaels – preferring him in his last run as he “was on fire” during that time. Gracie also names Kurt Angle as one man he would like to wrestle against. Inevitably ‘The Don’ is mad that he was suspended at the time of the WCPW Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble, which will determine the one who will face Angle in a match in Refuse to Lose.

Random fact(s):
According to some of his old tweets, Alex Gracie had/had a big crush of MMA star Miesha Tate.

He was once tadpole splashed by Hornswoggle during a match that also included with WWE legend Billy Gunn.

Not so much a “random fact” but a fact nonetheless El Hijo Del Gracie and Alex Gracie are different people, as proven during the Prospect vs. Los Prospectiva matchup on WCPW Loaded #13 (available here).

Written by Hannah Angeline Bucsit

*as of May 2017