Aaron Echo

Credit to David J Wilson for the photograph

Name: Aaron Echo

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 217lbs

Age*: 27

From: Clydebank, Scotland

Started training: March 2013

Trained by:
Kid Fite
PBW Academy

Companies worked for:
Absolute Wrestling
All Star Wrestling
British Championship Wrestling
Dansk Pro Wrestling
Discovery Wrestling
Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum
Insane Championship Wrestling
Main Event Wrestling
Premier British Wrestling
Pro Wrestling Heroes
Rock N Wrestle
Scottish Wrestling Alliance: Source
Tidal Championship Wrestling
Vertigo Pro Wrestling
WhatCulture Pro Wrestling

Titles/accomplishments won:
Calling Spots Championship

2017 – GPWA/BCW/PBW Academy Tournament winner

Signature moves:
Discus forearm
Pumphandle powerbomb

If you are a fan of Scottish wrestling you will likely have seen or heard of Aaron Echo. The 6’3” graduate of the renowned PBW academy is only a few years into his young career but has already wrestled for several of Scotland’s largest companies including one of the largest companies the British Isles have to offer, Insane Championship Wrestling. Not only has he established himself as a regular on the ICW roster but he has also participated in high profile matches a the company’s annual Fear and Loathing supershow in each of the last two years. Aaron Echo’s star is on the rise and in the coming years I expect fans outside of Scotland to have become familiar with the talented young performer.

During our recent interview Echo told me that he has been a wrestling fan since he was a toddler. He recalls his older brother receiving a couple of wrestling figures as a present but not being particularity interested, putting them aside and not being bothered when his younger sibling started to play with them. Despite only being two or three years old at the time he still vividly remembers playing with those figures for hours on end.

When asked about the first matches he remembered watching he told me he had owned SummerSlam 92 and WrestleMania 9 on video and would watch them over and again so it was likely one of those events. At the time Hulk Hogan was his favourite and the Immortal Ones return at ‘Mania was the Echo’s favourite part of either show.

As Echo grew a little older and the Monday Night Wars began he would flick between channels as Raw and Nitro went head-to-head on a Friday evening (I have no idea why UK fans had to wait four days or why the programmes were still ran against each other) and he was able to become a fan of the newer Attitude Era stars.

Like a lot of us once he became a teenager Echo’s interests changed and he briefly stopped watching wrestling although even when he was not watching regularly continued to keep up-to-date with big results and check in with what was happening. Echo told me that even though he was not watching WWE at the time he always knew that he wanted to be a wrestler so as he hit his 20s he started to research his options. This research led him to the Premier British Wrestling academy and having seen the names to have come out of the school (Noam Dar, Kay Lee Ray and Kenny Williams to name a few) he decided to email the owner, Kid Fite, who encouraged him to come along.

Echo’s wrestling journey did not get off to the best of starts as he managed to break his arm after his first training session and had to wait two months to recover. Having seen a fair bit of Echo’s drunken antics online I had a feeling that this broken arm would have been alcohol related and I was correct, on a night out he decided to show off to his mates by trying to jump a railing. He tripped, fell, landed on arm but rather than go to hospital to have it checked out he continued with his pals to a house party, continued drinking and then woke up the next day with an arm that he could barely move and in a whole lot of pain.

Once he recovered from that accident he returned to training and within less than a year he had made his debut match and then within 18 months of his debut he was wrestling for one of the biggest promotions in the UK, Insane Championship Wrestling. His ICW debut was built around the storyline of Kid Fite, an ICW original, returning to the company’s former home to take on one of his protégés. Although Echo was defeated by his mentor his performance did enough to show the powers that be at I-C-Dub that they continued to use him more and more frequently.

It is ICW that has given Echo the biggest stage to showcase his talents and as mentioned earlier he was featured on the last two Fear & Loathing supershows. I caught up with Echo around a week before Fear & Loathing X so I was only able ask about his experiences of wrestling at the 2016 event (which was attended by around 6200 fans). He described it as “amazing” and said “words don’t do it justice… realistically I shouldn’t have been part of that match”.

Given how impressive he was during the multi-man elimination ladder match I could have forgiven Echo for talking a bit more matter-of-factly about the show but as you can tell he seems genuinely humble about his role on what remains Europe’s largest wrestling show in more than 30 years.

Unfortunately 2017’s Fear and Loathing event ended without Echo’s hand being held aloft but once again he put in an impressive effort it seems clear that he has now established himself as one of the next generation of talent that ICW are looking to build around as they continue to evolve and grow as a company.

As always I asked Echo if he has any goals in wrestling and if so what are they? He told me that at the moment his short-term goals are to become a mainstay in the companies that he already works for, to win some championships and to build his reputation so that he can continue to debut for new companies and work in different parts of the UK. Given his ability and how hardworking he is those goals seem perfectly attainable and on behalf of myself and the entire Calling Spots team I would like to thank Aaron for taking the time to speak to me and wish him the best of luck with the future. Cheers mate!

Social Media:
Facebook – Aaron Echo (aaronechouk)
Instagram – aaronechouk
Twitter – AaronEchoUK

Dream opponent:
When I caught up with Echo he told me his current dream match is Rampage Brown (who he is currently scheduled to face one-on-one on 25th November at a PBW show) as he believes he is the best wrestler working in Britain scene and is the epitome of what a professional wrestler should be.

Echo also mentioned Nigel McGuinness as someone that he would have loved to have stepped in the ring with.

Random fact(s):
When selecting his ring name Echo almost settled on Echo Rose but shelved that idea due to the similarities between that and then-WWE sat Adam Rose.

Echo recently launched “The Echo Bible” as a way of letting his fans find out more about him and see what he is like “in real life”. His friends know him as someone who is always up for a laugh and will do silly things and he hopes the Echo Bible will help showcase that. His catchphrase “What a time to be alive” started as a private joke between Echo and his friends and is something he now uses regularly irl.

At the age of six Echo remembers deciding to remove a rubber from the end of a pencil and put it up his nose then, in his words “I sneezed and thought ‘That’ll be it out’”. Around ten years later he was being x-rayed as he was going to get braces fitted and the doctor told him they had found a shadow. He started thinking the worst until the doctor asked if he had ever placed anything up his nose, instantly he recalled the rubber incident and was sent to an ear, nose and throat specialist who managed to recover the remains of the partially disintegrated rubber.

*as of November 2017

Written by Neil Rogers

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