WCPW Built to Destroy, O2 Academy Newcastle, 16/06/17

After taking their unique brand of wrestling around the world, next Friday WCPW return to the O2 Academy in Newcastle for the first time since 1st December 2016.

Here is our preview of the announced matches so far…

WCPW started the build to their Pro Wrestling World Cup back in March and so far they have held qualifiers for England, Canada, Mexico and Scotland with USA, Germany, Japan and the rest of the world still to come. Two men qualify from each nation and go forward to the next round in Milton Keynes in August.

Unfortunately the departure of Drew Galloway (who has returned to WWE) means that Joe Coffey is the only Scottish participant currently through to the next round. WCPW have acted quickly and are giving both men who lost in the semi-finals another bite at the cherry as Kenny Williams (who defeated Joe Hendry before losing to Joe Coffey) and BT Gunn (who beat Lewis Girvan before being defeated by Galloway) will compete to see who gets to join Coffey in the next round alongside Michael Elgin, Mike Bailey, Zack Sabre Jr, Will Ospreay, Penta El Zero M and Rey Mysterio.

Prospect have come a long way in WCPW. They were featured in the first match on the very first episode of loaded (Alex Gracie lost to Gabriel Kidd and Joseph Conners) and since then the team of Gracie and Lucas Archer have faced pretty much every team WCPW have to offer. Along the way they have gained a tag partner (Drake), lost a tag partner (Drake) and also lost their manager when James R Kennedy left then (for Drake). During this time they have went from the company’s most hated fuckbois to one of their most loved team and it has been a pleasure to watch them flourish on our screens.

The Swords of Essex history in WCPW could not have been more different, originally in the company as a solo competitor it wasn’t long before Ospreay was joined in the company by his childhood friends Paul Robinson, Scott Wainwright to form The Swords of Essex (sadly Paul Robinson has since retired due to medical reasons). The Swords are only the second team to hold the WCPW tag team titles. They won their titles when they participated in an invitational tag team ladder match and were able to take advantage of a arm injury to Johnny Moss which forced him out of the match and left Liam Slater alone and unable to successfully defend their belts.
Prospect have fought for title matches before but with Archer’s current knee problems this will be their toughest test.

Speaking of the tag team Titles, the first ever WCPW tag team champions, Johnny Moss and Liam Slater will be having their first match since Moss’ injury. They will be facing off against one of the UK’s best teams Polo Promotions whom I recently observed at Target Wrestling, where they are current tag team champions. Polo Promotions, comprising of Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey, are one of the most popular teams around and along with their Target Wrestling belts they have held championship gold in SWA and ICW (three times). Although there has been no mention of this match being for the number one contendership to the WCPW belts whoever wins this match will definitely be near the front of the queue.

Bea Preistley has been part of the WCPW women’s division and her brutal series with Nixon Newell showed that she is an incredibly talented performer. Despite this talent she had to take the low road and only gained her title after Newell had been attacked and forced through a chair by the Babe of Brutality Viper. Given that her opponent, Kay Lee Ray, is one of the most talented female wrestlers in the world this will be a very tough test for Priestley.

It feels like Gabriel Kidd’s luck has finally turned around. Now boasting impressive wins over the likes of: Cody Rhodes, Kenny Williams, Joe Hendry, Zack Sabre JR and Zack Gibson your reigning “King of the internet” is truly turning heads in the wrestling world. Gone are the days of Kidd being the man servant to Prince Ameen, Kidd is now a superstar in his own right and is proving it night in and night out.

Enter Sha Samuels.

Sha Samuels had several negative things to say about WCPW in a recent Twitter series. Sha’s comments attracted the attention of the former master (turned mentor) of Gabe. Prince Ameen defended the company that he has been a part of from the beginning and after being taken out by Sha at FightBack the honour of defending WCPW now falls to your Internet champion Gabriel Kidd.

Although new to WCPW, Sha Samuels is one of the very best in the country and shouldn’t be taken likely, even by somebody boasting as impressive of a win-streak as the young champion is. Kidd has went on record as saying “This isn’t a wrestling match… This is a fight”

Oh what a difference a year makes. One year ago Martin Kirby wore a dress. One year ago El Ligero was a hero to everybody in that small warehouse in Newcastle. One year on and Martin Kirby is now the hero of the tale, at FightBack Ligero disregarded both Martin Kirby and the WCPW fanbase as he turned his alliances towards the Prestige (Joe Hendry, Travis Banks, BT Gunn and Joe Coffey.)
It is only fitting that this match returns to its roots at Built to destroy. In fact, this was indeed the very first matchup on that original card, could we see the same again 1 year on? Since their last big encounter, El Ligero has faced some of wrestling’s biggest names (Rey Mysterio & Cody Rhodes to name but a few) and was also the inaugural Internet champion. Kirby has also had a roller-coaster of a year, winning a 30 man championship rumble match to win the WCPW Heavyweight championship.
One things for certain, the match that started the WCPW special event series, will surely deliver again.

The Primate is a man/beast who just likes hurting people and after numerous brawls in WCPW they have finally created a division where he doesn’t have to worry about silly little things like rules. Along with create a division that he is tailor made for they have also found him the perfect opponent. Jimmy ‘Fucking’ Havoc has long been known as the king of the deathmatch after ridiculously bloody matches up and down the country for companies like PROGRESS and ICW. He may have appeared in WCPW before but this will be his coming out party. Primate versus Havoc will be carnage. Beautiful, chaotic carnage.

Jay Lethal is another of those that was at WCPW when it was first created. Those early shows were stolen by his encounters with El Ligero and Noam Dar and I’m sure the man who is seemingly unable to have a bad match will be able put on something special in his match with the debuting ‘American Wolf’ Davey Richards.

Richards is no slouch either as his resume shows that he is a multiple time former tag team champion in IWGP, PWG. ROH and TNA as well as a former PWG world champion, TNA World Cup winner and he is the current CZW world champion. There are very few wrestlers that can hold a candle to Richards or Lethal and this has all the makings of a match of the night contender.

There are few people in wrestling that carry the air of legitimacy that Rampage does. There are few things in the sport that he hasn’t done but one of the things that has eluded him is the WhatCulture Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. He was in the first ever championship match and would have won if it was not for Plumpy (formerly Adam Blampied) distracting him he would likely have been the first man to hold the title. Since that match he has been arguably the most dominant man in WCPW history and there is no questioning that he deserves this championship match.

Despite Rampage’s dominance I would be surprised if Joe Hendry is overly concerned by his opponent as since ‘The Local Hero’ turned his back on his fans and labelled ‘The Prestigious One’ he has found a new level of confidence that many would call arrogance. After defeating WCPW favourite Martin Kirby three successive times few can argue that his confidence is unfounded and given that he has the rest of Prestige (BT Gunn, Joe Coffey and Travis Banks) to back him up if he needs it I wouldn’t be surprised if Hendry walks out of Built to Destroy as WCPW Heavyweight Champion.

Tickets for Built to Destroy are available here and for more information on the event check out WCPW’s Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channel.