Target Wrestling, The Venue, Carlisle, 17/06/17

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to take in a Target’s last Carlisle show and as their next show approaches I thought it only polite to preview their next FANTASTIC show so any Calling Spots readers within travelling distance know not to miss out.

*note* There are less than 100 tickets left so if you are contemplating going I would recommend you don’t put it off too long as I expect tickets to sell out before the night.

Medallion vs Khifie West

As well as being a talented young wrestler Khifie West is the NABBA (National Amateur Body Building Association) Mr & Miss Scotland 2017 Juniour Champion. He looks like he was chiselled out of marble and the very sight of him makes me feel bad about my life choices (I fucking love cake). His opponent, Medallion, is a large man who is more than happy to cheat to win. I’m interested in seeing how this one plays out.

‘Turbo’ Josh Terry vs Damon Havoc vs Liam Thomson
Target High Octane Championship Match

As I tweeted during the last show people had told me that Terry was good but that didn’t do him justice. The young man went toe-to-toe with Bubblegum (another man who makes me regret my fondness of confectionery) and successfully defended his High Octane Championship against a far more experienced opponent. This time out he is facing TWO veterans and he steps inside the ring with The Guestlist’s head of security Damon Havoc and Liam Thomson. Although Havoc and Thomson are more than capable of causing an upset I will be hoping to see Terry extend his impressive reign as champion.

Tyne & Wear Wolves and Flip Gordon vs
Joseph Conners, Joe Coffey and a mystery partner

These teams had mixed experiences last time out as The Wolves (Dave Carbon & Alex Kavero) picked up a big victory as they knocked off former tag team champions James Scott and Martin Kirby (aka The Guestlist) whereas Coffey and Conners were unsuccessful in their respective attempts to win the Target Heavyweight Championship in a fatal four way. Conners and Coffey are both fantastic performers and are obviously massively talented but given their lack of experience tagging together plus the mystery of who their partner is, this match is a difficult one to call. One thing I am sure about is that Flip Gordon will be looking to show off why he is nicknamed ‘The Flip Master’.

Shady Nattrass vs Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews is one of the best high flying wrestlers in the world and Shady Nattrass is one of the most underrated performers this country has ever produced. This could be one of the best matches Target (or any other promotion) put on this year. This one will likely be worth the price of admission alone.

Moustache Mountain vs Polo Promotions
Target Tag Team Championship Match

This is one of the hardest matches to call on the whole card as both teams are amongst the best plying their trade in the UK and both will be massively popular with the crowd. If I was to pick a winner I would go with the current Target Wrestling tag team champions Polo Promotions as the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I remember back to the electric reaction they received at the last show as they took on Team Single. I to appreciate that “hair standing up” may not be the most scientific way of predicting a winner but that is the one I have chosen.

Rampage Brown vs Karnage
Target Heavyweight Championship Match

Although most of the matches could be the main event I expect this to be the final match of the night. Last time out, local hero Karnage overcame the odds and beat out three other men to win the Target Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. When the crowd erupted and he celebrated it was clear that his road to the title had been a long one. Unfortunately for Karnage he will have to be at 100% if he is to overcome the brute strength and unbridled ferociousness of Rampage Brown who is undoubtedly one of the toughest men anywhere in wrestling. This one will not be one for the faint hearted.

Tickets are currently available here for £10 plus shipping or they will be available on the door for £12 IF the show does not sell out beforehand