PBW Maximum Impact 2016 – Greenock Town Hall, 29th October 2016


It’s Halloween weekend and the good folks at Premier British Wrestling have a scarily good evening of wrestling at Greenock Town Centre (sorry, I promise that shall be my last Halloween related pun). Rather than read my crap jokes let’s get straight into the announced matches and the order I predict they will occur.


One of the best up-and-coming wrestlers in the UK, Aaron Echo, is taking on one of the most well respected veterans in Scotland, Darkside. Both men are highly talented making it difficult to predict a winner but having seen Echo wrestle multiple times in person for Main Event Wrestling in Newcastle my money would be on the youngster in this one.


Similarly to Darkside/Echo this match pits a talented youngster against a more experienced veteran however that is where the similarities end. Lucha DS seems like a lovely, well meaning young man and one that is enjoying his fledgling journey into professional wrestling. His opponent, Jack Jester, however is known as a man who takes things very seriously and is definitely not someone that I would ever choose to step inside a wrestling ring with. I respect DS’s bottle and that he hasn’t backed down to the former ICW World Heavyweight champion but I will be impressed if he survives this match let alone wins.


Grado is an international megastar and Williams is one of the best lightweights anywhere in the world, together they are PBW Tag Team champions. In theory they should go into any match as overwhelming favourites given their respective reputations. However from what I know of Zak and Roy Knight they aren’t the sort of men to pay much attention to theories. In the six years since the brothers started tagging together they have been dishing out beatings and leaving a trail of defeated tag teams in their wake. If the Grado and Williams are able to keep this match on the inside and stop it from descending into a brawl I predict they will retain their titles but if the UK Hooligans turn the contest into a fight they may well walk out as the new PBW Tag Team champions.


This is the match I most wish I was able to see in person. Don’t get me known I am fan if Echo, Jester and Williams, I love Grado and I believe BT Gunn is the best wrestler in Europe but this match has all the components to be a match of the year contender.

In the nine previous King of Cruisers matches a total of 24 men have battled for right to be known as the best Cruiserweight in the country and add their names to the prestigious list of winners that currently includes Liam Thompson, Bubblegum (twice), El Ligero, Stevie Xavier, Noam Dar, Mark Haskins, Kenny Williams (twice). Even the list of men that have failed to win is illustrious with people like Zack Sabre Jr, Mark Andrews, Marty Scurll, Martin Kirby and CJ Banks having tried but come up short.

Given how impressive the list of former competitors is I have decided to rank this year’s participants in order if how likely I believe they are to win:
(Tied) 5 – No disrespect to either Saqib Ali or Dylan Angel as both wrestlers are exceptionally promising talents but given the standard of their opposition and their lack of experience in this type of match I don’t fancy either to win. If I were to give one the slight edge it would be Ali who participated in last years match so is slightly less experienced.

4 – ‘The Lazarus Kid’ Liam Slater may be one of my favourite wrestlers plying his trade on the UK and may have arguably the highest profile of all six men in their years match due to his appearances in WCPW but given that this only his first time in the King of Cruisers match I don’t like his chances.

3 – ‘The Fake Tan Superman’ Lou King Sharp will be trying to win the match at the third time of asking. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t but one thing is for sure, when ‘Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler’ is involved you know it will be entertaining.

2 – Stevie Xavier will be looking to win the match for only the second time in his record fifth appearance. If I had my sensible head on he would probably be my favourite but instead I went with my heart.

1 – ‘The Priority’ Chris Ridgeway is my pick for this match. He participated in this match in 2015, recently won a similar style contest for Pro Wrestling Legion and most importantly when I flipped a coin to pick between he and Xavier it came up heads!


This may not be the main event of the show but given that is is for the PBW Heavyweight Championship I believe it will headline the show.

Not to take away from the amazing ability of Davey Blaze, I was in the audience of Fear and Loathing VIII last year and he showed during his way with Stevie Xavier that he fantastically talented, but as I have already stated B.T. Gunn is my pick for best wrestler in Europe and there is literally no-one I would pick to beat him in any given night. Perhaps Blaze will catch Gunn on an off night or maybe Charles Boddington will make a difference but for me I know where my money would be on.

Despite this being my first preview of PBW I have follow many of their storylines and am big fans of several of the homegrown talent so I am incredibly jealous of those that will be in attendance as I am sure it will be an absolutely fantastic show. Feel free to tweet @CallingSpots (or me @Xtreme_Neil) and let us know what you think of the show.

Tickets can be bought in person from The Beacon Arts Centre, via telephone by calling their box office on 01475723723 or by going online here and cost:
£20.00 for front row
£13.50 for an adult
£11.00 for a child (under 14)