NORTH Wrestling NCL – Brace Yourself. Saturday, 30th July 2016 at The Riverside Nightclub

Every now and again someone contacts Calling Spots to ask us to help them promote their show and given that we are not only avid wrestling fans but polite, well brought up individuals we always reply and ask how we can help and since the shows are usually not happening for a few months we agree with the promoter that it’d be best for us to reconvene nearer the time and see what we can do then. Now unfortunately this is often the last we hear about the matter and the show never materialises. Having never been involved in the organising of a wrestling show I’m not sure what factor or combination of factors end up derailing these promising events but having seen how many shows fail to come to fruition I do have a healthy respect for every promoter that has ever managed to run a show.

With all this in mind imagine my surprise and happiness when a month or so from my initial chat with the guys at NORTH I am browsing Facebook and see that none other than ‘The Aerial Assassin’ Will Ospreay has been announced as a performer on their first show. Is there a bigger statement than booking perhaps the most exciting young English talent on your debut show? I suppose they could have called John Cena but personally I know who I would rather watch. Throwing all professionalism aside I immediately messaged NORTH’s main man and congratulated him on the announcement. I did this not as someone who writes for a wrestling magazine and website but as a fan. As a fan I want to see the best talent available and I want to see live and because of NORTH I will be able to.

Of course even as good as Ospreay is he is going to need an opponent and at the moment who that opponent is going to be has been kept a closely guarded secret but as the list of confirmed performers grows there is not a bad name amongst them and every member of the roster could put a match of the year candidate. Look at the available names from what has been announced so far?
Jack Gallagher
El Ligero
Liam Slater (formerly Liam Lazarus)
HT Drake
And Dom Black

I say available as a few matches have been anounced so far. These matches are:
The New Nation vs Tyler Bate and Chris Brookes
Alexander Henry and Jason Prime are two of the most physically imposing men on the UK wrestling scene and together they are one of the best up and coming tag teams anywhere in the country. The New Nation will definitely be looking to make short work of the team of Tyler Bate and Chris Brookes but given the calibre of their opponents they will have to be at their very best. Not only is Tyler Bate the owner of (he says) “Britain’s favourite mustache” but he is one of the most uniquely talented performers I have seen live and although I am yet to see his partner Chris Brookes in person I have seen and read enough about the wiry 6’7″ grappler that he will be no push over.

Bas Ban vs Dom Black
One half of The Sons of Ulaid will be facing off against the troublemaking sweetheart Dom Black. Ban will be accompanied by his Ulaid cohort Rory Coyle meaning that Black will have to have eyes in the back of his head if he wants to avoid being another victim of one of the creepiest, unnerving team around. If you aren’t familiar with The Sons of Ulaid I’d recommend you check out the warning they sent Dom Black here but be warned it isn’t for the faint of heart.

So two fantastic matches anounced so far along and a host of talented wrestlers confirmed to perform. So why not come along, have a drink with your mates, enjoy some world class wrestling and then maybe have a few more drinks. That’s what I’ll be doing!