NORTH Wrestling / NCL.9/ Let The Cannons Fly – Riverside Newcastle,10/03/18

Less than two months after running their biggest show NORTH Wrestling are returning to the Riverside next Saturday for NCL.9 / Let The Cannons Fly. This show is of course the follow up show from NCL.8 / I’m Tapped which is arguably the best show NORTH have held in their almost two year history, new performers debuted, old stars returned and of course there were some fantastic matches.

So without further ado let’s preview Let The Cannons Fly.

My mother used to tell me if I couldn’t say anything nice I shouldn’t say anything at all so I am going to ignore those pricks on the left of the graphic (sorry mam) and focus on England’s Hardest Men and their mystery opponent. England’s Hardest Men are one of NORTH’s most popular performers and although they haven’t had much of an opportunity to showcase their wrestling chops (other than a short match against Landed Gentry at NCL.7 / Fire. Fire. Fire.) but their super cheesy promos and infectious enthusiasm is difficult not to like, effectively they are the polar opposites of their opponents.

Both Shax and Candyfloss have performed at NORTH Wrestling and both have yet to taste defeat as they have both taken on and defeated Little Miss Roxxy. Shax was able to achieve this at I’m Tapped after managing to beguile Roxxy’s manager Danny O’Doherty who then interfered, got hit by a chair by his client but this was enough for Shax to recover, grab Roxxy and hit her with a swinging neck breaker and get the win. This is a battle of two of the best up and coming women wrestlers in the UK today and I’m looking forward to witnessing it.

Amir Jordan is 0-6 in NORTH Wrestling. Six times he has travelled for hours to perform at the Riverside and six times he has tasted defeat. In his defence Jordan has always looked impressive and on more than one occasion he has been unlucky (for example Jumping John Myers missing Robbie X grabbing his tights at the last show). After his most recent lost one of the NORTH cameras caught a heated discussion between the Bhangra Bad Boy and Andrew Bowers where Jordan angrily stated “If I can’t win what’s the point” he then implied that he is one loss away from leaving the company. He asked for “the best” and that is what Bowers has given him. Nathan Cruz is one of the best wrestlers the UK has ever produced and after defeating Rampage Brown at the last show he should arguably be in the Championship Scramble match and not the undercard. Hopefully he does not take the frustration of being left out of that match out on Jordan.

This will be Aussie Open’s debut for NORTH having already made a name for themselves for promotions like PROGRESS, DEFIANT, Rev Pro, Fight Club Pro and ATTACK. They are without a doubt one of the best tag teams currently performing in the UK scene and having them at the Riverside is a huge reason to grab a ticket. Another huge reason is The Sons of Ulaid who have undeniably been one of the biggest success stories in NORTH’s history. For a lot of people NORTH was the first place they saw the ‘Sick Boys’ and their unique brand of extreme violence mixed with borderline uncomfortable weirdness. NORTH Wrestling gave Mrs Coyle’s baby boys a chance to showcase their wonderfulness and the wrestling world has taken them into their hearts. Since their debut for the company they have went from strength to strength and have started to wrestle further away from their Northeast base (they recently debuted in Ireland for OTT and have been announced for ICW).

I am sure that the Championship Scramble match will be the main event but this may be the best match of the night.

Eight competitors start the match (the six listed and two chosen on the night by guest General Manager Eddie Dennis).

They will then be eliminated one at a time by pinfalls and submissions, there are no count outs.

The last person standing is the first ever NORTH Wrestling NCL Champion.

Fairly straightforward really…

Tickets cost £15 for VIP (£12 for students) or £10 for standard (£8 for students) and are usually more expensive at the door and may sell out so avoid missing out and save some cash by pre-ordering now here.

If you are wondering what VIP customers get for their money the answer is that they get early access to the venue so they can peruse the merchandise table (NORTH 9 should be debut show of the new issue of Calling Spots), meet and chat to various wrestlers and of course visit the bar before picking their spot to watch the show. VIP customers at the event will also be treated to a quiz hosted by Heart radio’s Tom Campbell. Last time at the first ever ‘Quiz of the NORTH’ members of the NORTH faithful were selected and placed alongside team captains Amir Jordan and Danny O’Doherty as they had to answer questions, replicate theme tunes and guess the wrestler while blindfolded. It made for a wholly unique experience that people definitely enjoyed.

The venue usually has special offers on drinks for NORTH shows so if you needed another reason to go there is that!

We hope to see you there.