NORTH Wrestling / NCL.8 / Tapped! – Riverside Newcastle, 20/01/18

2018 is a few weeks old and NORTH are putting on their first show of the year so without further ado let’s preview NCL.8 / I’m Tapped!

It’s been almost 12 months since Margera was involved in one of the craziest matches in NORTH history when he defeated Damian Dunne at NCL.3 in a hardcore match that involved baking trays, thumb tacks and worst of all… Lego. Since his last trip to the northeast Margera has continued to build his growing reputation by wrestling a string of great matches around the UK as well as travelling to the United States to participate in Combat Zone Wrestling’s Tournament of Death. Margera is one of the best hardcore wrestlers in British Wrestling and he is going to be an exceedingly tough opponents for relative new comer, Gavin Lewis. Although he does not yet have the reputation of Margera, Lewis has been impressed in his NORTH outings and with the Landed Gentry potentially in his corner he could well pick up an upset victory.

Both men will be looking to pick up their first victory in NORTH as Robbie X takes on your naan’s favourite wrestler, Amir Jordan. The difference being this will be only Robbie X’s second match in the promotion after he and HT Drake had the match of the night at NCL.7. In comparison this will be Amir Jordan’s sixth attempt to pick up a win. The Bhangra Badboy has become one of the northeast’s most popular performers and has wrestled for several companies in the area since he made his debut way back at NCL.3. If Jordan wins his match I predict the loudest reaction of the night.

Chief Deputy Dunne is a NORTH Wrestling veteran, having appeared on the promotion’s very first show (in their first match no less), so it is fair to say that he will be most familiar to the NORTH crowd as the other three match participants are all making their debuts. Dunne’s partner Kip Sabian recently stole the show with his match with Liam Slater at a Northumbria Pro Wrestling Society event and I’m looking forward to seeing Superbad return to the area. To my knowledge Team Whitewolf have not performed in the area before which makes them another in a growing list of highly rated wrestlers that NORTH have brought to the northeast. Given the pedigree of the grapplers this match could be brilliant.

Originally scheduled as a triple threat but unfortunately the ‘NORTH curse’ struck again as it turned out Millie McKenzie had double booked herself. Despite the loss on one of the UK’s rising stars the match the remaining competitors will no doubt put on another excellent bout as they did when they last met at NCL.6 where Shax defeated Little Miss Roxxy in her debut. Roxxy will almost certainly be looking to avenge that loss and continue to show she is the queen of the northeast.

HT Drake is the only man to have wrestled on every NORTH show and Screwface is the only person with multiple appearances to have never lost a match. Having defeated Slater, Jordan and Primate/Drake (in a triple threat match) as well as dishing out a vicious beating on Eddie Dennis and Nathan Cruz</” at the end of NCL.5. it’s no exaggeration to say that Screwface has been the most dominant force in NORTH and he will be a tough challenge for HT Drake.

Liam Slater and Primate have crossed paths in different promotions around the northeast and have had fantastic matches at every one of them. The two know each other inside out and are genuinely one of my favourite feuds in all of British wrestling. The fact that Liam Slater has turned his back on his fans and Primate will be going into the bout as the fan favourite throws in a new dynamic to the feud and toss in the no DQ stipulation and this is my tip for match of the night. This match alone could be worth the price of admission .

Nathan Cruz is brilliant. Rampage’s Brown is brilliant. This match could main event any promotion in the UK. If don’t know what more I can say to explain how great this match will be.

VIP customers at the event will also be treated to a quiz hosted by Heart radio’s Tom Campbell. The quiz will include a music round, a blindfold round, a quick-fire round and will see team captains Amir Jordan and Danny O’Doherty attempting to lead their teams (compromised of NORTH fans) to victory in the first ever Quiz of the NORTH.

On top of all that England’s Hardest Men will be there “Shred-abating”, I don’t think I fully understand what that means but if it is anything else like their usual antics it will be loud, fun and definitely HARD.

Tickets cost £15 for VIP (£12 for students) or £10 for standard (£8 for students) and are usually more expensive at the door and may sell out so avoid missing out and save some cash by pre-ordering now here.

The venue usually has special offers on drinks for NORTH shows so if you needed another reason to go there is that!

We hope to see you there

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