NORTH Wrestling / NCL.5 / Head Over Heels – The Riverside, Newcastle – 01/07/17

It’s been a little while since the last NORTH show but the wrestling fans I have spoken to are eagerly anticipating the return of the Northeast’s best adult only promotion.

This Saturday sees NORTH return to the Riverside for their fifth show and once again their will be a mix of fresh talent making their debuts and a return of some of the best wrestling talent around.

Since it’s inception NORTH have always been keen to not only bring established performers to the area but also use the cream of the Northeast wrestling crop and they are continuing this tradition by giving debuts to two of the most promising talent the area has to offer. Despite being only 20 years old Joseph Biggs has performed for most of the local companies and has been made a name for himself as one of the most exciting young wrestlers the area has produced. Slightly less experienced, Lewis Ryan is slightly older at 21 years of age but stole the show at a Northumbria Wrestling Society show in his brutal matchup with ‘The Primate’ Jason Prime and will be looking to make a name for himself in front of a crowd that may not have seen him perform before.

Their opponent haven’t been announced yeti Biggs and Ryan (my guess would be the Sons of Ulaid) but whatever NORTH’s plans for the pair I am excited to see them show what they are capable of.

Originally Little Miss Roxxy was scheduled to face Nina Samuels but due to a broken foot the management at NORTH had to draft in a replacement. Their choice is another young wrestler, Candy Floss. Trained by the reputable PROGRESS Wrestling School (aka The ProJo) Candy Floss will be making her Northeast debut against the region’s most established female performer. Roxxy appears confident that she will be getting the victory as she has been boasting on social media with trash talk such as “glad you like pink as it’ll be the colour of your face when I’m finished with you” and
“hope you got ID not that it matters to me… I’ll happily beat up a kid anyway!”

Screwface is undefeated in NORTH in his two matches so far having seen off Amir Jordan in his debut and then beating both HT Drake and The Primate in a triple threat at NCL. 4 We’re All Going Straight To Hell. ‘The Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis is aware of this and stated in a promo video that he believes he is the man to end this streak. Given the impressive run Dennis has been on so far in 2017 we do not doubt that the 6’6” Welshman has what it takes to defeat the man from Screwface City.

The Cambridge born and privilege bred, expensive taste and silver spoon fed Spite Trivet had some unkind things to say about Newcastle in a recent video (on an unrelated note I need to speak to Trivet to find out where I can get six trebles for £6) and issued an open challenge to anyone from the area. Thankfully Calling Spots Champion HT Drake answered this challenge and intends to shut Trivet’s entitled mouth is this non-title matchup.

Drake has wrestled at every NORTH show and has impressed against Liam Thomson, Nathan Cruz, Jimmy Havoc, Primate and Screwface and will once again be looking to steal the show.

Few people are as popular in the Northeast as Amir Jordan, it was NORTH that first brought him the the region other promotions have quickly followed suit in booking the “Bhangra Badboy”. At the same time there are few people who are as hated as ‘The Boozerweight’ Danny O’Doherty. This match will see O’Doherty team up with his client ‘The Muscle Cat’ Saxon Huxley against Jordan and ‘Hot Blooded’ Dom Black.

Jordan was trained by WWF, WCW and ECW alumni Lance Storm and Huxley has been trained by WWE’s Brian Kendrick so both men are incredibly talented and highly skilled and will be looking to pick up their first win (this will be Jordan’s third match in NORTH).

Although Black was not trained by former WWE Superstars he has proven in his previous matches that he is a more than capable performer. In his last outing at NORTH he and Liam Slater were able to defeat The Sons of Ulaid but after the match Slater turned his back on Black (and the fans) and left him lying in the ring at the end of the show.

Unlike Black, O’Doherty was unable to pick up the victory at the last show as he was beaten (and the embarrassed) by Martina The Session Moth in a cans on a pole match.

The Showstealer versus The Primate. What a clash of styles. Cruz is known for his technical proficiency and Primate is known for beating the shit out of people. Both men have impressive resumes and recently won championships elsewhere, Cruz won the NGW Heavyweight Championship and Primate won the WCPW Hardcore Championship, and this match could be something special to watch.

In my opinion this match will be won by whichever man is able to have it fought at their pace. If it turns into a slow, methodical, technical matchup then few are capable of holding their own with Cruz but if the contest ends up on the outside or becomes an out and out fight then The Primate will have the advantage. I am keen to see how this plays out.

Along with hosting a fantastic night of wrestling The Riverside have also listened to NORTH’s fans and will have several drinks offers on for those in attendance (see below) so if you were in any doubts about where to attend hopefully the offer of cheap(er) drink will make a difference.

Tickets are available online now, £10 (£8 students) for standard entry or £15 (£12 students) for VIP. They will also be available on the door on the night of the event but will cost more.