NORTH Wrestling NCL 4: We’re All Going Straight To Hell

You can find our review of North’s last show (NCL 3) here.

This was perhaps the most star studded event that a fledging independent show in Newcastle has had so early since their foundation. Featuring the likes of:
Jimmy Havoc
The London Riots
Session Moth Martina
Jack Sexsmith.
The show can be found on YouTube here.

We are now less than a week away from NORTH Wrestling NCL’s fourth professional wrestling show. On the 25th of March NORTH will return home to the Riverside. With a stacked roster featuring the likes of Mark Haskins” target=”_blank”>Mark Haskins, Travis Banks, The Primate, HT Drake and Session Moth Martina. This is definitely unmissable. Fresh from the brilliant card NCL 3. NORTH are yet again looking to showcase what our shores have to offer.

With plenty of action yet to be announced, let’s run down the card as it stands today:

Session Moth Martina V Danny O’Doherty in the first ever “Cans on a pole match”

HT Drake V Screwface

Travis Banks V Mark Haskins

Either: Sons of Ulaid vs Dom Black and Liam Slater or Sons of Ulaid vs Dom Black if Dom cannot find Liam in time.

Ruby Summers and Amir Jordan are set to appear although their matches have not yet been announced.

This will be the debut of Ruby Summers and she will surely be looking at picking up some momentum. Amir debuted at the previous NCL show, unluckily for him he fell victim to a Screwdriver from the vicious Screwface.

Unfortunately Alexander Henry will be missing out on NCL.4 due to injury.

Here’s where you can find them:
@NORTH_NCL (Twitter & Instagram)Tickets for this event can be purchased at: or on the door at the Riverside