NORTH WRESTLING NCL / 07 / Fire. Fire. Fire – 04/11/17, Riverside, Newcastle

Since their first show 17 months ago NORTH Wrestling have been bringing the best available talent to the Northeast to put on fantastic matches that are on par with anything available at other promotions. It has been a pleasure to work with the promotion and be lucky enough to attend all of their shows and we are very much looking forward to their upcoming show to watch what we are sure will be another brilliant event.

We spoke to Erin Jacobs after his last outing where he had an impressive outing against HT Drake and he shared with us how much he had enjoyed dishing out the vicious beating to Danny O’Doherty after the bout. Saxon Huxley is a man known for his calm demeanor but given Jacobs’ treatment of Huxley’s manager and close friend O’Doherty I expect us to see a far angrier Muscle Cat than usual. This won’t be pretty.

Amir Jordan may be incredibly popular in the Northeast but he is yet to pick up a victory in NORTH and he will be keen to change that as he faces off against the returning Spike Trivet. One-on-one I would tip Jordan to pick up the victory but last time Trivet stepped foot in the Riverside he was flanked by the Tory Boys (Benji and Zeo Knox), who have since added Gavin Lewis to the fold, and I expect Trivet to stack the deck against the Bhangra Badboy.

Robbie X is a young man (he’s 22yrs old) who made his debut back in 2008 at the age of 13, since then he has wrestled for some of the biggest companies in the UK. To my knowledge this will be his debut in the Northeast and he will be coming up against the Gimmick Killer HT Drake in a baptism of fire. Drake has wrestled on every NORTH show and has stolen the show on multiple occasions, I’m not going to pick a winner but I am going to pick this as match of the night.

Liam Slater aka the self anointed ‘Heart and Soul of British Wrestling’ has had a hell of an attitude change in NORTH of late. The one time fan favourite has turned his back on not just the NORTH fans but also the friends that had his back at previous events, amongst those friends was Dom Black (who is another wrestler who is on a losing streak at the moment). The former tag team partners split unceremoniously after their match with the Sons of Ulaid at NCL.4 and clashed again at the NCL.6 when Slater decided to dish out abuse to Black, who was in the crowd, and it escalated when Slater spat in Black’s face. This left NORTH management with no option but to book these two men against each other in a match that will hopefully help the former comrades end their rivalry and mend what is left of their friendship.

At NCL.6 Sons of Ulaid were scheduled to go up against CCK but due to injuries and other unforeseen circumstances the ‘Best Boys’ were unable to attend the event and Rory Coyle challenged his brother Bas Ban to “play” like they did when they were kids. Despite the beating they inflicted on each other they were able to bury the hockey stick, I mean hatchet and somehow managed to leave as a more cohesive team. Since that match they have won tag team gold at MEW and have continued to show that the are the best tag team in the Northeast.

Given their dominance NORTH management had to look outside of the area for opponents and have matched them with the team of Sweet Jesus (Pastor William Eaver and Chuck Mambo). This is the first time Mambo is competing in the area and I look forward to seeing him live for the first time.

Interestingly this event is being a held almost a year to the day that Eaver and Coyle faced off in a singles bout at NCL.2 where Coyle was victorious and then knocked out a fan.

The match that I expect to be the main event of the night is the debuting Dave Mastiff against the returning Eddie Dennis. Although both men are true heavyweights their styles could not be more opposed, Dennis has been nicknamed the ‘World’s largest luchador’ because of his tendency to fly around (and out of) the ring whereas Mastiff is known for his brawling and powerhouse style. Given the pedigree of both men and the unique mesh of styles I would be surprised if this didn’t tear the house down.

On top of all that NORTH’s HARDEST team England’s Hardest Men (Big Lou Newton & Shreddybrek) are confirmed to be there they continue to try to solve the curious case of what to do with the Tory Boys.

If you are interested in attending the show then tickets are available here.

Tickets cost £15 for VIP (£12 for students) or £10 for standard (£8 for students) and are usually more expensive at the door and may sell out so avoid missing out and save some cash by pre-ordering now.

The venue usually has special offers on drinks for NORTH shows so if you needed another reason to go there is that!

We hope to see you there.