NORTH Wrestling NCL / 06 / XOXOX – 09/09/17, Riverside, Newcastle

Wow. I mean, just wow. I’m not sure what more needs said about this upcoming NORTH show but if you give me a few minutes of your time I will try to justify your decision to read this.

As you will probably already know NORTH Wrestling NCL was set to bring the very best of British wrestling to the Northeast and present it in a different way to other promotions. Since day one their catchphrase has always been “family friendly we ain’t” and their growing crowds suggests that wrestling fans in the area are keen to take in their adult oriented content.

Having worked with NORTH since the buildup to their first show we at Calling Spots are thrilled at the success that NORTH are achieving and have seen firsthand the amount of time and effort that goes into their shows. Not only does their owner, Andrew, go out of his way to bring new talent to the area but he has also helped some of the local Northeast talent produce some of the best promotional videos that I have seen from any independent wrestling company. Screwface and Erin Jacobs are obvious examples of this but no one has benefitted more from the support and freedom that NORTH offer more than The Sons of Ulaid. Although the interesting pair have had some run-ins with NORTH management (most notably their suspension for striking a fan) they have also produced some of the captivating yet unnerving content I have seen anywhere. With all this in mind I was elated when their hardwork was recognised this week by one of the men behind PROGRESS Wrestling, their executive producer Glen Joseph who sent this tweet saying “This is one of the best promos I’ve seen in a while. Delivery, editing, script, all brilliant. Top, top work. I want to watch this match” of the most recent Ulaid video.

Anyway, I think I’ve said enough nice things about NORTH for the time being so let’s take a look at the card that the matches that have so far been announced.

In no particular order…

This will be Amir Jordan’s forth match at NORTH and he will be looking to pick up his first win against his former friend Liam Slater. Slater has had somewhat of an attitude change recently and has seemingly turned his back on his fans. Always a fan favourite it in the northeast Slater cut a scathing promo at NORTH’s last show and his high and mighty attitude did not endear him to the NORTH faithful.

Given the history between the pair and their familiarity with each other’s style, this could be a great match.

From a match with two northeast regulars to a match with a competitor making their debut in the area. No not Little Miss Roxxy you silly goose, Roxxy is the obvious undisputed queen of northeast wrestling! Her opponent, Shax aka ‘The Demon Princess’ was trained by the legendary Knight Family and has recently been making a name for herself for promotions like Bellatrix, ATTACK!, Lucha Forever and Southside Wrestling Entertainment. Given her impressive pedigree I am looking forward in watching Shax join the list of talented performers that NORTH have brought to the area.

Roxxy will be pulling double duty on the night as she will also be accompanying Danny O’Doherty to the ring for his match with HT Drake. Both competitors won their matches at the last show with Drake defeating Spike Trivet and O’Docherty and winning a tag match alongside Saxon Huxley to beat Amir Jordan and Dom Black. In fact the beating that O’Doherty’s team dished out was so bad that after the match Dom Black publically questioned whether or not to continue wrestling.

Despite Roxxy being at ringside to help O’Doherty I am still backing the Calling Spots champion to defeat the gobshite from Bishop Auckland in this none championship match.

El Ligero is returning to NORTH for the first time since taking on Jack Gallagher on their debut show, Brace Yourself (match available here) and Flash Morgan Webster will be making his NORTH debut. Given how immensely talented both men are I believe this could be match of the night on any card for any promotion in the world and I expect this to live long in the memory of those in attendance.

Sons of Ulaid Vs CCK. Arguably the northeast’s best team against one of the best teams in the country. Northeast wrestling against the best talent the rest of the country has to offer. To me this match sums up what NORTH Wrestling is all about and if the match is half as good as the hype around it then we are all in for a treat.

As if those matches were not enough there are other talented performers that are confirmed to be there that are yet to have their matches announced so if you are a fan of Martina The Session Moth, Damian Dunne or The Tory Boys Zeo Knox and Benji (however unlikely that last one may be) then by you should definitely get yourself along to the show and check out a match of incredible wrestling.

Tickets are available here and pre-orders cost £15 for VIP (£12 for students) or £10 for standard (£8 for students). Tickets are usually more expensive at the door and may sell out so avoid missing out and save some cash by pre-ordering now.