MEW – Toon Tussle 2, Innisfree, 14/07/17

Fresh from hosting a sellout show with an incredible 280 fans Main Event Wrestling is returning to the Innisfree Club in Longbenton to put on another fantastic show that will satisfy the whole family. As always here is our preview of the event and the order we think the matches will occur.

The Tyne & Wear Wolves are at the top of the tag team on the Northeast scene and have been on a tear in Main Event Wresting since they announced their return at last year’s Northern Bash. Together the team of Dave Carbon and Alex Kavero are undefeated in their home promotion and with all the former MEW tag champions now dissolved and wrestling as singles performers there were few teams in the division currently deserving of a shot at the MEW tag team championships. Due to this Dan Fitch and the rest of MEW management have looked outside of the company and brought in the debuting team of The Rogues Gallery. Comprised Stan Kellitt and Leon Mercer, The Rogues have been showcasing their talents in the newly reformed 3 Count Wrestling and seemed to throw their name in the hat after they challenged the Wolves via Twitter.

The Rogues Gallery will be looking to establish themselves at MEW and potentially become regulars on the Northeast scene and The Tyne & Wear Wolves will be looking to extend their unbeaten streak and perhaps establish themselves as the most dominant team in MEW’s ten year history. Whoever wins this will definitely see their reputation enhanced.

This will be the third match these two have met in a MEW ring and the second time in a singles bout. So far Gemini is undefeated against the far more experienced Little Miss Roxxy. At the last MEW event, 4WayWar, Roxxy did appear to have the upperhand until Sons of Ulaid’s Bas Ban interfered and helped the young Gemini pick up the victory. It has since come out that Ban has a “obsession” with Roxxy and since both members of Sons of Ulaid will be in attendance (they are in the Toon Tussle match) she will have to watch out uncase the hulking brute decides to interject himself again.

First little bit of history, last September at the Northern Bash Aaron Echo teamed with HT Drake in place of Drake’s usual partner Micky The Dragon as Drake and Dragon were scheduled to defend their tag team championships in a triple threat match against MarvelAss and The New Age Kliq. That night The NAK walked away winners and Drake has since stated “that inept jock cost me my titles” so it is fair to say there is some bad blood between the pair. Throw in the 6’4”, 230lb WWE UK Championship competitor ‘Muscle Cat’ Saxon Huxley and you have a hell of a matchup.

Will HT Drake retain his Calling Spots title or will we have a new champion? I’m excited to find out.

These men had mixed fortunes at 4WayWar, Liam Slater lost the Northeast Championship that he had held for almost eight months after he was beaten by the impressive Mihai and Chris Renfrew became the new MEW Heavyweight Championship by winning the 4WayWar match and defeating Prince Ameen, Assassin & Grado. Despite winning his match Renfrew still felt it necessary to stunner the referee and Grado after the bell and then proceed to lay a vicious beating on the man from the Tap End of Stevenson. Thankfully Slater came to the ring to make the save and ran off Renfrew before too much damage was done. This run-in and Slater’s excellent record in MEW (before his defeat to Mihai he had not lost in well over a year) has been enough to secure The Lazarus Kid a shot at MEW gold and a chance of becoming the face of Main Event Wrestling.

Whoever wins the Heavyweight championship match will surely have their eyes on this match as the winner of this match as the winner of the Toon Tussle gets an automatic title shot at MEW’s anniversary show Northern Bash in September.

The rules of the match are simple. Two men start off the match and another enters at set intervals until all 14 men have made their way to the ring. Participants can be eliminated at any point of the match by pinfall or submission as well as being thrown over the top rope all the way to the outside.

Along with some familiar faces there are two men who will be making their in ring debut for Main Event Wrestling as ‘Your naan’s favourite wrestler’ Amir Jordan and ‘The MVP of the VIP’ Leighton Reece are both stepping inside the MEW ring for their first matches with the promotion. Given Reece’s promo at the last show and Jordan’s popularity in other promotions I would bet money that they will be getting very different reactions.

Last year the inaugural Toon Tussle was won by Rampage Brown but as he is not at this year’s event we are guaranteed to see a different winner with my pick being ‘The Primate’ Jason Prime.

For more information or to order tickets head over to MEW’s Facebook page.

We hope to see you there.