MEW – Four Way War, 19/05/17, Innisfree

On Friday the 19th of May MEW will present a stacked roster for another night of action packed family friendly wrestling.

I’ve been unlucky by the fact that I haven’t been able to attend a Main Event Wrestling show thus far but I have heard spectacular things and I am very much looking forward to getting along to my first this week, and what a card it is that I’ll be attending! MEW seem to be the biggest drawing promotion on the northeast wrestling scene so it will be very interesting to see what it is that keeps people coming back on a regular basis.
As I mentioned previously this card is truly one of the best that I’ve seen in recent months. Let’s break it down:

Little Miss Roxxy vs Gemini
Originally scheduled as LMR vs Ruby Summers, unfortunately Summers had to withdraw due to injury so MEW management had change their plans. They didn’t have to look far as on their last show, Whey Aye Mania, a young women’s wrestler called Gemini made her MEW debut as part of Ameen’s Dream Team against Fitch’s All Stars. Aged only 16 Gemini did enough to impress management so that when they received the call from Summers her’s was the first number they called. Gemini may have been part of a winning team at the last show but she will have her work cut out for her as she takes on one of the most popular wrestlers on the MEW roster, Little Miss Roxxy. Roxxy is the most syccessful women’s wrestler in MEW history having won the majority of her matches since her debut in October 2015 and will undoubtedly be favourite in this match against her far less experienced opponent.

Joe Rage versus Nicky Starr is a battle between two men who have had a rough time of it of late in MEW so both competitors will be looking to get themselves a win to help move them up the card. Starr has come close to winning a few matches in MEW but so far he is yet to pick up his first victory. Things did appear to be looking up dor the young man when he found HT Drake’s disguarded Calling Spots Championship in a bin but unfortunately his bravado got the better of him and he bragged about being champion infront of Drake and ended up getting the snot kicked out of him behind closed doors (footage here). Rage’s struggles have mostly revolved around Alexander Henry. The duo tagged together in a losing effort when they challenged The NAK for the MEW Tag Team Championship and then faced off against each other at the last MEW show in a match where the winner got to choose when they could take on the MEW champion. If not for Henry’s underhanded tactics helping him get the better of Rage (and then again later when he cashed in his shot at the title) then Rage could foreseeably be either the current MEW Champion. With injury now ruling out Henry I’m sure Rage will be hopeful that he can climb the MEW ladder.

If you attend regular independent wrestling shows in the North, chances are that you have heard of these two men. Two of the very best that our area has ever produced are preparing for a match that can only be described as a war. Drake is truly one of the best wrestlers I have ever had the pleasure to watch on a regular basis, the fact that his ring awareness is matched by both his technicality and athleticism make him the complete package, a fact that he proved when he outlasted every other man in the Calling Spots Championship Tournament. The Primate on the other hand is an absolute monster. Jason’s brute strength combined with his speed and agility makes him into one of the toughest athletes ever to step foot in a professional wrestling ring. When this match was originally scheduled we approached MEW management about the possibility of it being for the Calling Spots Championship but as Primate was busy smashing up the lockeroom after being losing his MEW Heavyweight title (he was betrayed by his longtime friend and tag partner Alexander Henry) noone wanted to approach him and ask him to sign the contract. Maybe next time…

Four teams gunning for the vacant MEW tag team championships that were recently forfeited by NAK (New Age Kliq) due to Chris Renfrew entering the chase for the Heavyweight championship. This means that we are guaranteed to see new tag team champions crowned at this event. The unpredictability of this four-way means that every performer will be on his toes throughout the contest to avoid any other team stealing the titles from them. All eight of these men are desperate to bring home gold, this is certainly one of the contests I have anticipated the most since finding out I’ll be in attendance.

Call me biased but Liam Slater is one of the best professional wrestlers in the UK today. Liam has been consistently been having matches of the highest calibre with a vast array of opponents ranging from Zack Sabre JR to Cody Rhodes. That being said, his opponent Mihai is certainly not one to sleep on. This young Romanian has been making a name for himself and event recently appeared on a show back in Romania after testing his trade on the British scene. Expect solid fast paced action as Liam attempts to prove why he is the champion.

Another vacant championship is up for grabs in the main event of Friday’s event. Due to injury Alexander Henry had to vacate his recently won championship in an unfortunate turn of events. The silver lining being that we now get to witness a star studded four way contest with four of the best professional wrestlers on the scene today. International superstar Grado. The North-east veteran Assassin. Former tag team champion Chris Renfrew and the richest man in professional wrestling, Prince Ameen. All four men have a chance to take home what they all believe should be rightly theirs, the MEW heavyweight championship. With so many combustible components this will certainly be a match that will bring even more eyes onto the MEW product (which is always a good thing!) No matter who wins the match-up, there’ll definitely be a new champion crowned! Be there live on the 19th of May.

Written by Lewis Kelly