Main Event Wrestling: Toon Tussle Preview


What a time to be a fan of wrestling based in the Northeast of England. Main Event Wrestling: Toon Tussle will be the fourth show in a busy month of wrestling and off the top of my head I can think of at least five other shows that could also have attended. New promotions seem to be popping up every other week and competition to put fans in seats have never been higher. However, while all the new companies fight to establish a brand and get their name out there another promotion is able brag that it has been established for over ten years and has entertained literally thousands of customers, many of whom may not even have been wrestling fans (remember my friend Kirsty anyone).

Despite its impressive history the people at Main Event Wrestling are definitely not resting on their laurels and continue to put together what look to be fantastic shows with names from the very top of British wrestling. Toon Tussle, which is MEW’s penultimate show of 2016 and is it’s final show in the build up to Northern Bash 2016 (aka MEW’s WrestleMania), is no exception to this and has a card packed with talent and at least two matches that fall into the category of MUST SEE.

The first of these is New Age Kliq member and former ICW Heavyweight Champion Chris Renfrew taking on former MEW Heavyweight British Champion “Screwface” AJ Anderson. For me Anderson is one of the technically sound wrestlers I have seen on the scene in the Northeast and I has put on some fantastic matches, including an absolute classic with Nathan Cruz, at previous MEW events. However despite his obvious talent Anderson and his matches do not always get the crowd reaction that they deserves. Although this has been at least partially rectified by his change from “The Wrestling Guy” to “Screwface” I genuinely believe there is no better opponent plying their trade in the UK for Anderson to be paired against than Chris Renfrew. Over the last few years Renfrew has established himself as one of the best promo men in the UK (if not the world), winning ICW Talker of the Year in 2014 and 2015 as well as cutting THAT promo on Grado in January this year which was one of the best wrestling promos I have ever seen. Along with being a fantastic talker Renfrew has also improved his in ring work to the point that he can no longer be dismissed as “just a brawler” when discussed by wrestling “purists”. With his ability to perform in the ring and his natural charisma I find it unfathomable that Renfrew will not ensure his bout with Anderson will be an absolute classic.

The other match I am genuinely excited for involves another NAK member and is BT Gunn against current MEW Heavyweight British Champion Jason “The Primate” Prime. Although mainly seen in MEW as a Tag Team wrestler there is no denying that Gunn is one of the best in ring performers anywhere in Britain (if you don’t believe me check out fellow Calling Spots writer, Martin Smith’s great piece here). Like his fellow NAK cohort Chris Renfrew, Gunn is a former ICW champion and has also been trusted by many other companies to be their champion and I have not seen Gunn have a bad match despite having been a fan for the last few years. In fact I have been a fan of BT Gunn as a wrestler for longer than Jason Prime has actually been a wrestler! Prime started his wrestling career less than three years ago and his career trajectory has been remarkable and I can think of a few reasons why. First of all the man looks like he could hurt you, although far from the tallest wrestler in MEW he possesses an outlandish physique and must be amongst the strongest grapplers around. Secondly the guy is incredibly hard working, despite looking like he does nothing but go to the gym he has also improved massively as a performer in a short space of time and this has led to him not only having a tryout for the WWE but also being booked by ICW (alongside his New Nation tag team partner Alexander Henry) and What Culture Pro Wrestling among many more. Thirdly, his beard, it’s immense. OK, maybe that isn’t an actual reason but it should be. With the skill and hard hitting style of Gunn going against the animalist power of Prime it should be obvious why this contest is something I am looking forward to. Throw in the fact that this match will be for the MEW title and the fact that that Gunn would be the first non-Northeast born champion and this could be match of the night on any show.

Even though these two matches are potential stand outs of the card it would be unfair to the rest of MEW’s impressive roster to not mention the other talented performers that are scheduled to appear at Toon Tussle. Although not every match has been announced it has been confirmed that “The Class Apart” Alexander Henry will try to defend his North East title for the first time against MEW favourite Assassin and Little Miss Roxxy is putting her MEW undefeated streak up against Leah Owens in what will be one of the toughest matches of her career. Also announced to appear are The Drake & Dragon, Rampage Brown, Nikki Starr, Bollywood Muscle (Prince Ameen and “The Muscle Cat” Saxon Hurley), Liam Lazarus, Iain Robinson, Adam Christ and Aaron Echo.

Will Jason Prime successful defend his MEW Heavyweight British Championship? Will Assassin once again capture MEW gold, this time at the expense of Alexander Henry? Will Adam Christ wrestle in a match longer that 30 seconds so my friend Lewis (Christ’s biggest fan, that’s Adam Christ not Jesus) doesn’t go absolutely ape shit? And will Bollywood Muscle continue to show off their budding friendship and continue being bffs? I’m going go to the spiritual home of Main Event Wrestling, The Innisfree, to find out and I hope you do too.

Neil Rogers