Main Event Wrestling – Planet of the Primate, Innisfree, Longbenton 27/01/17

MEW’s first show of 2017 is many things to many people. For many it will be their first wrestling show of the year, for some it will be the long awaited return of one of the Northeast wrestling scene’s biggest legends, Dave Carbon after more than 18 months in retirement. To Liam Slater it will be his first defense of his Northeast Championship. And for me it will be the end of approximately six months of organisation as the Calling Spots Championship Tournament comes to an end and the first ever Calling Spots champion is crowned. So without further ado here is our preview of the show.


Back in September Liam Slater was able to triumph against the seemingly unstoppable monster that is ‘The Class Apart’ Alexander Henry. In doing so he became only the second person to hold the MEW Northeast Championship.
His reward for upsetting Henry is to have his first championship defence be against five other men. He will be facing ‘The Richest Man in Professional Wrestling’ Prince Ameen, Loco Ryder’s Geordie cousin Robbie Ryder, presumed Miley Cyrus fanatic Nicky Starr, the promising Joseph Biggs, and the dastardly Mihai, all of whom will be keen to win championship gold. Slater will have to keep his wits about him and stay alert or he could end up losing his title without being involved in the pinfall or submission.


Little Miss Roxxy will be facing off against Sammii Jayne for (what I believe is the first time ever). Roxxy has an impressive record in MEW having lost only once since her debut in 2015 but in ‘The Queen of Catch’ she will be facing potentially her toughest opponent to date as Jayne is one of the best female wrestlers around.


As you can see from the bracket below neither man had an easy route to the final with both men taking on two tough opponents across different companies feom around the country. We did speak to Drake recently and he had a message for his opponent. Given he states he has no intention of defending the championship if he wins I for one hope Martin Kirby picks up the victory so the championship can be defended across the length and breadth of the UK as we originally planned. One thing is for certain, given that this match is to be fought under ‘Last Man standing’ rules, this will be one hell of a contest.



When I first attended a MEW show it was at the request of our former editor because a friend of the magazine had asked for us to be there. That friend was Alex Kavero and within minutes of being there I had been introduced to Assassin and Dave Carbon. All three men are incredibly talented and are not nearly as well known as their talent deserves.
Since I was first introduced to Carbon and Kavero they have both been incredibly unlucky with injuries and have both been forced to temporarilly retire. Thankfully they have both got themselve fit (or “fit-ish” if you believe there facebook statuses) and will be making both their return to the ring and their debut as ‘The Tyne Wear Wolves’. The match was originally planned to be against Assassin and his his partner Lucas Marvel but unfortunately injury has ruled out ‘Big Flexy’ so Assassin’s longtime pal Adam Christ has been chosen as Marvel’s replacement. Christ went all of 2016 without a win in MEW so he will be hoping 2017 will mean a change of fortunes.


DespiteBT Gunn and Chris Renfrew having seemingly parted ways in ICW they are still the MEW tag team champions and will be facing the impressive looking team of Joe Rage and Alexander Henry. Having lost his Northeast championship at MEW’s last show Henry will bw looking to bounce back and Rage will be looking to build on his impressive win from the Byker Grove Battleground match from Northern Bash. That match by the way was so unique it defies explanation.


The Primate has been MEW champion for over 12 months and at Northern Bash he was able to overcome Rampage Brown and pick up an impressive victory in what was his toughest test to date. However during that match he seemed to finally rid himself of Mr D and now seems to be his own man (or beast). Keen to try to remain relevent Mr D went out to recruit a new client with the hope that he could find someone to knock Primate off the top of the MEW mountain. Originally he recruited Wolfgang but the ICW champion picked up an injury in his impressive performance at the WWE UK Championship and has had to pull out of the show. One WWE UKCT competitor has been replaced with another as Mr D has managed to sign ‘The Muscle Cat’ Saxon Huxley to go up against the Primate. Standing at an impressive 6’4″ and weighing a chiseled 215lbs (per the WWE website) Huxley may be the man to end the Primate’s impressive championship reign.

Neil Rogers

P.S. Please excuse the awful photoshop on the Northeast Championship and MEW Championships graphics. I amended them after the card was changed due to injury.