Main Event Wrestling, Northern Bash, 30th September 2016

This Friday at 7pm (doors open at 6pm) Northumbria University will be host of the North East’s longest running and most successful promotion, Main Event Wrestling. This will be the second year where MEW are bringing world class wrestling to the makes its return to the spacious room at the Ellison Building at the Uni, slap bang in Newcastle city centre and along with the MEW faithful, I can’t wait, so here is a preview of the shenanigans to come.

It’s a stacked card right the way through, I am going to start, for very obvious reasons with the Kenny Williams vs. Martin Kirby, first round match in the Calling Spots Championship Tournament. You may have seen the belt when we have attended various North East shows and we have seen how wonderful the belt looks on you guys we decided it needed its own official champion. We are thrilled that MEW agreed to host this first round match and what a way to kick it off with Williams vs. Kirby, let’s see who will progress to the next round.

The Calling Spots Championship title in all it's glory

The Calling Spots Championship title in all it’s glory

After the success of Leah Owens at the June event when she beat Little Miss Roxxy for the title, Leah has decreed Roxxy must defeat her equally impressive sister Kasey at Northern Bash to get a rematch looking forward to this faceoff #thisiswrestling.

We will then find out if Iain “Heart-Throb’ Robinson is afraid of the big bad wolf as Wolfgang makes his MEW debut. I have seen these hard workers in remarkable matches in the past, Wolfgang is surprisingly agile for such a big fella and Robinson also makes a huge impact, this has the makings for a very interesting scrap.

We are also going to be treated to Liam Slater vs. Alexander Henry for the MEW North East title. The snarling beast that is our MEW North East champ Henry is putting his title on the line with the hard working, fan favourite Liam Slater. Both of these guys have talent in spades so I am expecting big things from this tussle and it’s too close to call for me as to who will walk out with the strap.

Drake and Dragon are putting their tag belts on the line in a triple threat against the New Age Kliq (Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn) and MarvelAss, honestly I have to say I am for sure NAK4Life, no question having seen them throw down over the years and they never did actually competitively lose the titles, they had to vacate. I am keen to see MarvelAss in the ring in a match for my first time, see how they perform as a duo and you can never ever count out Drake and Dragon and their desire to keep hold of these titles and their prestige.

We will also then have student Jason Prime, current impressive MEW Title holder and straight up force of nature versus his intense formidable Teacher Rampage Brown. Brown won this title shot with a strong showing and a compelling victory at Toon Tussle in June. Will this come down to the spear versus the piledriver??? Will Mr D intervene?? We will soon find out and if I can avoid Jason’s entrance with his mask and all that entails, I will be a happy camper!


To round off this preview, I couldn’t possibly miss out on the uniqueness that is going to be the Byker Grove Battleground, the first of its kind. This is going to be featuring Aaron Echo, MEW stalwart Adam Christ, newcomer Joe Rage, the always entertaining Robbie Ryder, up and comer Mihai and the richest man in professional wrestling Princess, sorry, Prince Ameen. Currently there is not too much info available on the format except that they will be surrounded by objects associated with our North East heritage this so expect there to be pasties and Brown Ale aplenty!

As always after the event, MEW will host a meet and greet to allow the fans pics and autographs to round off the festivities, it’s always a great night, get along and get involved.

Written by Louisa Rogers

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