Issue 23 Pre-order available now!

The first issue of a new era is upon us as this is the first magazine not edited by Calling Spots founder Richard Penaluna.

However in keeping with the values set out by Richard we will be rewarding all of our subscribers and pre-order customers with an exclusive free gift that is related to the content of this issue. Want a little hint at what that could be? Well here is sneak peak at what issue 23 contains…

  • Marty Scurll – New Editor, Darren Wood, sits down with ‘The Villain’ and talks about his journey to the top of the wrestling Mountain.
  • Portrait of Big Damo pt 2 – The second part of James Musselwhite’s interview with the man now known as Killian Dain.
  • The Calling Spots Championship Tournament – Neil Rogers tells the story of how our shiny promotional belt became a legitimate championship that has already been competed for in five different promotions
  • What’s in a name – Tim Ricketts looks into the history of ring names.
  • What Has Happened to Paige – Martin Smith examines what has happened to Paige’s career and discusses what he believes will be next for the ‘anti-diva’.



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