ICW – The Infamous, 17/09/17, The O2 Academy, Newcastle

Newcastle is Insane Championship Wrestling’s home away from home. The city was the first place outside of Scotland to hold an ICW show and since then we have held more events then any other English town/city and this year we were lucky enough to host the company’s annual Square Go event. Wrestling fans in Newcastle always attend ICW shows in their droves and they are near enough to Scotland that a lot of the ICW faithful make the journey south of the border meaning that shows have a unique a blend of fans.

With all this in mind I am looking forward to attending the latest ICW show in Newcastle and when I was asked to preview the event I was more than happy to oblige.

So far the announced matches for evening are (in no particular order):

Both teams will have pleasant memories of ICW’s last trip to Newcastle as it was at Square Go back in February that The Marauders (Mike Bird and Wild Boar) defeated Polo Promotions and won the ICW Tag Team Championships. Seven months later they are still on top of the tag team division and they will be hoping to knock off one of the UK’s most popular tag teams when they take on the team of Trent Seven and Tyler Bate, aka Moustache Mountain.

Similar to The Marauders, last time Trent Seven was in Newcastle with ICW he won the ICW Heavyweight Championship by defeating Wolfgang. Unfortunately for him his reign lasted only a little over two months as he was beaten by Joe Coffey at Barramania.

Will we see a title change or will The Marauders continue their impressive reign? I for one am looking forward to finding out.

The last time I saw Legion was at Fear & Loathing VIII when they took on the New Age Kliq inside a cage. That match was one of the most brutal matches I have ever seen and I wasn’t surprised when it won ICW Match of the Year. Since then the lineup may have changed ( Tommy End has been replaced by Chris Renfrew) but despite this Legion are still one of the most intimidating factions in all of wrestling with their unique brand of psychological warfare giving them an edge against any team they step in the ring with.

With all that being said you’d think my money would be on Legion to easy defeat The Filthy Generation in their debut match as a trio. You’d be wrong though as I have seen The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan) wrestle numerous times for Absolute Wrestling and I

Photo from Aspen Faith’s twitter

have the utmost belief in both men, throw in Stevie Boy who I am also a huge fan of and I am going to be supporting The Filthy Generation. Plus didn’t Aspen look wonderful in our shirt!

Recently we interviewed Kasey and spoke about her upcoming match with Little Miss Roxxy (among other things). It seemed clear to us that despite her mixed record against Roxxy (they have crossed paths in various promotions) she is confident that she will be leaving Newcastle on the 17th with the ICW women’s Championship still in her possession. With Kasey being the bigger, stronger and more experienced of the two but Roxxy is not to be underestimated and with the home crowd behind her she could pick up an upset and get the biggest win of her young career.

Johnny Moss has wrestled at every ICW show in Newcastle and has had brilliant matches against Big Damo, BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew, Wolfgang and Polo Promotions but with him recently announcing his plans to retire this will be his final ICW and potentially the last time fans in Newcastle get to see a true British Wrestling legend perform. His opponent, Lionheart, has become one of the best things in ICW of late and whether it is him taking over their snapchat or him hitting rock bottoms on interviewers everything he does seems to turn to gold.

With Lionheart’s match with Rob Van Dam at Fear and Loathing X coming up he will be looking to continue to build momentum but ‘The Vigilante’ will also be looking to go out with a bang in his ICW hurrah.

Polo Promotions vs Kings of the North is as good a tag team match as any company in the British Isles can promote. For years Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo have ruled over Scottish Wrestling and even without their tag team titles they are undoubtedly stil the most popular team in ICW. Their opponents Bonesaw and Damien Corvin have done the same in Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

This match probably won’t be pretty but it will be fucking brilliant.

In the most recent issue of Calling Spots I wrote about Kid Fite as the most under-rated and under-appreciated man in British Wrestling given that at The Infamous he will be walking in as the underdog this seems all the more fitting. Fite is stepping in the ring with WWE UKCT competitor and former ICW champion Wolfgang in a match between two Scottish Wrestling legends.

For me this match is difficult to pick and I believe it could be either man’s entourage that are the deciding factor. Kid Fite will be accompanied by Krieger and Lou King Sharp (provided Pure Gangsta let him out of their car boot) and Wolfgang will have The Purge (Krobar and Stevie James) watching his back.

That’s right, you read that correctly, Kassius Ohno will be in Newcastle taking on Joe Coffey for his ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Rather than describe this match I will describe how I heard about it. A few days ago I was at NORTH Wrestling and was standing with a bunch of like-minded Wrestling fans during their interval, someone was on their phone, saw the match announcement, put their hand over the mouth in disbelief and turned their screen towards the rest of us who then gasped like excited school children. I’m a 30 year old man. Wrestling shouldn’t make me do that but this match did.

Also announced for the show is The Kinky Party launch party. I don’t know quite what that will entail but I am looking forward to seeing it.

If all of the matches aren’t enough to entice you to buy tickets their are also VIP options which give early access to the venue along with meet and greet opportunities with Trent Seven, Tyler Bate and Lionheart.

Tickets are available here and for more information head over to ICW’s Facebook page.