Calling Spots Championship Tournament Announcement

The Calling Spots Championship title in all it’s glory

As the world’s largest indepently published wrestling magazine we have decided that we would like to give back to the wrestling community put a spotlight on companies up and down the country who produce fantastic shows on a consistent basis.

To do this we have decided that the time is right to announce that we will be running a cross-promotional tournament to announce the first ever winner of the Calling Spots Championship.

Our opening round match-ups are as follows:

Martin Kirby vs Kenny Williams
@ MEW Northern Bash, 30/09/16

Liam Slater vs David Graves
@ Grapple Wrestling, 01/10/16

HT Drake vs Dan James
@ Tidal Championship Wrestling, 02/10/16

Chuck Mambo vs Rocky Future
@ BWE, 13/11/16

We will shortly be uploading previews of each of these shows and will, of course, announce our semi-finals as soon as our first round matches have be fought. We will also be creating profiles on the participants that have not yet graced our profile section.

Our final will be held at Main Event Wrestling’s ‘Planet of the Primate’ show on January 2017 and will be fought under Last Man Standing rules.

Once crowned our champion will then tour the UK wrestling for different promotions and defending our championship against the best, most worthy challengers the country has to offer.

If you are a promoter and are interested in hosting a championship match please feel free to contact Calling Spots directly