BWF – Charity Wrestling, Stobbswood Welfare & Recreation Club, 27/08/17

On the 27th of August 2017, BWF Brand makes its debut in the world of wrestling events.
A star studded lineup featuring the likes of WWE UK Superstar Joseph Conners, The Primate, Gabriel Kidd, Martin Kirby, HT Drake, Lucas Archer and Alex Gracie, all in aid of the amazing cause that is George’s Journey.

Given that we live in the United Kingdom, how often do you get to witness a professional wrestling show outdoors? A brilliant venue in the Stobswood Miners Welfare has provided BWF with an original place to host their contests. The venue has worked hard to guarantee that the day will be as amazing as it possibly can be so expect a full day of entertainment. Not only is there a stacked wrestling card during the day, there are also plenty of bands on after the event to keep you busy!

Speaking of the card, thus far announced:

    Roxxy’s Open challenge.

Little Miss Roxxy has issued an open challenge to any performer that thinks they can defeat her. This means that up until the match itself, Roxxy’s opponent is unknown to the public. We can guarantee that BWF have found the perfect opponent to knock Roxxy down a peg or two! Women’s wrestling is at an all-time high, the chaotic nature of an open challenge ensures that this one will be something to look out for.

    HT Drake’s Calling Spots Championship Defense

HT Drake to defend his championship.
As mentioned earlier, HT Drake will be in action, he will be defending his CS championship. The winner of the Rumble (more on that later) will go on to face Drake later in the night, the experience of HT Drake will be tested as he must prepare game plans for each of the 10 men that he could possibly face. Drake is truly one of the very best performers in the North East and it will be interesting to see how he prepares for his unknown opponent.

    Alex Gracie Vs Lucas Archer

Another marque match-up is the one of former brothers, Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer.

Archer and Gracie were one of the hottest young teams on the British scene before Gracie attempted to put an injured Archer down, originally scheduled to be Prospect VS The Tyne and Wear Wolves, there was no chance that the pair would be able to work together in unity. After the announcement was made, an ominous Tweet from Gracie simply stated: “See you in the ring… Brother.”

Both Archer and Gracie are proven championship material and have held several titles between them spanning multiple promotions, this is certainly a highly anticipated match, one that has even earned the interest of fans abroad!

Will the passion of Archer prevail? Or will the newly found brutality in Gracie nab him the win?

    Martin Kirby VS Gabriel Kidd

Yet another first-time matchup between two of the most technically sound performers in the whole of the UK. These two are guaranteed to put on a masterclass performance that very few professional wrestlers could mirror. Although young in age, Gabriel Kidd is truly one of the most gifted performers on the scene today, he’ll certainly have his hands full with the ever-popular Martin Kirby. Kirby VS Kidd has surprisingly not happened thus far, something that we can’t wait to see rectified.

    WWE Superstar Joseph Conners to face “The Primate” Jason Prime

Current WWE UK competitor Joseph Conners will be in action come August 27th. Not only has his wish for a fight been granted, his opponent is the animalistic Jason Prime. Prime VS Conners for the first time ever. Being live in attendance is the only way to see this dream matchup. This clash will be hard hitting and we are certain that both Primate and Conners will be prepared to turn this match into a fight.

    The Ultimate Rumble

An Ultimate ticket will get you exclusive early entry to see 10 competitors battle it out to face our Calling Spots champion HT Drake! This is the only way to see this star studded 10 man war. This matchup is the perfect mix of experience and up and comers. Within this matchup the combinations of possible opponents are great, Mihai VS Assassin? Nicky Starr VS Joseph Biggs? Zeo Knox VS Firebird? (the ONLY way to watch this matchup is to purchase an ultimate ticket)

Tickets available now with just over two weeks to this amazing event:

Written by Lewis Kelly