Absolute Wrestling – We Are Supreme, 16th April 2017

This Sunday Absolute Wrestling will be making their return to the Linskill Centre in North Shields for another evening of pure, uncompromising (and most importantly) supreme wrestling action. So far there have been five matches announced and we will be previewing each one here.

Since their inception one of the things that make Absolute Wrestling unique is that they constantly bring new talent to the are who have not worked in the area before and this show is no different with a large part of this card consisting of people who have not wrestled in the northeast before and a couple others who perform here infrequently.

The first match of on the card is a great example of this as (unless I am mistaken) ‘Best, Last, Hope’ Danny Darko and FutureShock Adrenaline champion Soner Dursun are making their debuts to the area in a fatal-4-way. Also in and ‘ the match is WWE UKCT star Saxon Huxley and ‘The Superstar’ Ashley Dunn. Dunn has wrestled for Absolute before but this will be his be first match back since his show stealing performance at WCPW Chain Reaction where he and his tag partner Kelly Sixx took Will Ospreay and Scott Wainwright to the limit. I’m a big fan of Dunn and I have never seen a match where he did not do at least one move that I would class as insane so I am very much looking forward to this bout.

Also scheduled for Sunday is a tag match between Two Mates Messing About and the team of Primate and Ruffneck. Usually Primate teams with ‘The Class Apart’ Alexander Henry as The New Nation but due to injury he is unable to perform. In Henry’s absence the Absolute board of directors have brought in veteran heavyweight Ruffneck to team with The Primate against Martin Kirby and Joey Hayes. Kirby and Hayes have tagged for several companies (including Insane Championship Wrestling and Preston City Wrestling) and will no doubt be a big challenge for the makeshift tag team. I am interested in seeing which team is most popular on the night given that Primate is one of the few wrestlers who can challenge Kirby for terms of popularity in the northeast.

Another wrestler making their debut is ‘Queen of Strange Style’ Voodoo Queen Amarah who will be taking on queen of the northeast scene Little Miss Roxxy. I have not seen Amarah wrestle live before but I am looking forward to seeing her take on Roxxy. Roxxy missed Absolute’s last show, Wrestling Isn’t Dead, and will no doubt be looking to bounce back from the defeat she suffered to April Davids at her last show, Pride of the North.

Of all the wrestler’s Absolute have brought to the area there is no doubt about who has been the biggest, nay massive-est (I don’t think that is a real word), success and that is the massive man from Mount Mass, the owner of Big C’s Gym, ‘Chuckie C’ Chuck Cyrus. The trailblazing, creatine taking, Mount Mass climbing, son of a gun made his debut at Absolute Fight Club and has stolen the show at every appearance. Sadly for Cyrus he has found himself in a little bit of a losing streak having been beaten by Rampage Brown in an Absolute Championship Tournament match and was then eliminated from the Chuck Cyrus Invitational Battle Royal by Lou King Sharp (although Chuck did eliminate 10 other performers from the battle royal and also powerbombed two men at the same time). As he tries to get himself back in winning ways, and no doubt put himself in championship contention, he will be facing a man who very much is his antithesis as he is taking on ‘The Gimmick Killer’ HT Drake. Drake is the first ever Calling Spots champion and the reigning Absolute King of the North and is known for his serious persona and I am looking forward to seeing how this match plays out and how much wackiness Cyrus gets away with before Drake shuts him down.

The main event of the show is an Absolute championship match between current champion Bubblegum and the debutting Sam Bailey. Bailey, who was trained by Alex Shane, is an 11 year veteran of the squared circle who has an impressive championship pedigree as the 28 year old is a former New Generation tag team champion, heavyweight champion, FutureShock champion and ATTACK! 24/7 champion. Despite having not wrestled for Absolute before there is little doubt that with a resume like that he does deserve to be in their championship picture.

Tickets for the show are available here,

We hope to see you there.

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