Absolute Wrestling – The Championship Suspects, 19th June 2016


After putting on the great Absolute Fight – Club Tour in April the guys and gals at Absolute Wrestling are back and are looking to build on their earlier shows and continue to establish themselves as one of the best new companies in the country.

Of course being a new company in any business (Absolute Wrestling held their first show in December 2015) means that teething problems can occur and unfortunately wrestling is no different. Despite being a huge fan of Absolute and having attended all of their shows it would be remiss of me not to mention the problems they encountered on their last event, the aforementioned Absolute Fight – Club Tour. The tour was scheduled for three days with each from up and down the British Isles, the distance between their shows meant that few in the crowd were able to attend each show and some of those that did would have been forced to leave before the end of the show. The reason I chose “would” rather than “did” is because the show Absolute had booked on Saturday in Spennymoor had to be cancelled after a their venue let them down on the day of the show. However despite what could have be catastrophic news Absolute management were able to bounce back and put on a fantastic show on Sunday at their show in Walker.

It is a credit to the people behind the scenes at Absolute that not only are they continuing to schedule and promote shows after what could have been death knell for a weaker company but they are again pushing the boat out and booking some of the UK’s most MASSIVE (fans of Chuck Cyrus aka Mr Massive will hopefully appreciate that fantastic pun) names as well as treating fans northeast wrestling fans to talented performers that rarely perform in this part of the country. Perhaps importantly, for the first time Absolute’s short history, they are returning to a venue which has already held one of their shows which will hopefully help them increase their fan base as they establish themselves a “hometurf” of sorts. The venue they are returning to is the tried and tested NE6 Suite in Walker which successfully held their Sunday night show in April.

Given the standard of performers across both shows it is it is difficult to pick out a definite highlight. But Rampage Brown and Wolfgang’s falls count anywhere match on the Friday deserves a mention as does the athleticism and stiff kicks of Chris Ridgeway and the outlandish charisma of Chuck Cyrus who had me crying with laughter when he locked eyes with a female fan in the front row and shouted “you’re enjoying this aren’t you” while randomly doing pushups. I know I’m not doing it justice but I for one found it genuinely hilarious. Bubblegum was another newcomer to the Northeast and he played a the role of cowardly bad guy to perfection while also threatening to beat up several small children in the audience.

If I were forced to pick Match of the weekend I would have to go for the tag team bout between the team of ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster and ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman against Newcastle’s New Nation, Jason Prime and Alexander Henry. To my knowledge neither Webster or Hitchman had performed in the northeast before meaning that it was the first time I got to see either if them in person. Although the two have incredibly different styles they meshed well for much of the match and gave ‘The Primate’ and ‘The Class Apart’ a run for their money as they they battled in the ring, on the floor at ringside and all around the venue. In probably the most memorable moment of the whole weekend Webster dove off a balcony onto the floor (at least 15 feet) onto his tag partner and both his opponents. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough as Henry was able to recover and get a pinfall on Webster soon after. This was the second win of the weekend for New Nation as they were also able to defeat the Coffey Brothers on Friday’s show meaning that in the space of 72hrs they had undoubtedly established themselves at the very top of the fledgling tag team division and they must surely be in mix if and when the company creates a Tag Team Championship.

The final thing that jumps out at me while remembering the weekend was the pre-match dance off before Liam Lazarus and Howard Drake competed to make the next round of the Absolute Championship Tournament. Although I have seen Lazarus dance several times before I had never seen (or thought I’d see) the man who’s motto is “Kill All Gimmicks” cut the proverbial rug while hitting a textbook spinaroonie. Unfortunately for them both they were massively overshadowed by the amazing dancing ref who channelled John Travolta, Kevin Bacon and Channing Tatum to perform the single greatest dance sequence witness in the history of humanity and for those questioning the accuracy of that statement I assure you it is, if anything, an understatement!


I’ve just realised that I may never again be as happy as I was when I saw that referee dancing.


Anyway, so Absolute are returning to The NE6 Suite in Newcastle on Sunday 19th June and so far matches announced for the show are:
Liam Lazarus Vs Dave Mastiff
Chuck Cyrus VS Johnny Moss
Tyler Bate Vs HT Drake
Micky ‘the Dragon’ Vs Martin Kirby
Toni Storm Vs Little Miss Roxxy
The New Nation Vs The British Empire

Tickets are available via http://www.ringsideworld.co.uk/event946_absolute-wrestling-the-championship-suspects.php or via Absolutely’s Facebook page.

Tickets cost
£8 for a child (Under 14)
£10 Standard
£15 VIP (Ringside seat and backstage pass)
£28 Family (4 persons up to two adults)

I’m sure those in attendance will once again leave happy and with a feeling that the cost of their ticket was money well spent. So why not come along and enjoy a great family friendly show?

Neil Rogers

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