Absolute Wrestling: Pride of the North – Northumbria University, 11/12/16

On the 22nd October Absolute Wrestling put on Absolution which may be best show I have ever attended live. It had:
Martin Kirby vs. Bubblegum
HT Drake vs. Rampage Brown
Wolfgang vs. Joey Hayes.

Chuck Cyrus and the Mr Massive Challenge
New Nation vs. Matt Myers/Liam Slater
April Davids vs. Little Miss Roxxy
Bubblegum vs. Rampage Brown

As you can see from top to bottom the card was stacked (as Mr Massive would say) but not only that the night was the culmination of several shows worth of build as Bubblegum walked away as the first ever Absolute Wrestling Champions after winning a tournament that started back in April. I have written time and time again that for me wrestling is better when there is a reason for the wrestlers to be competing and given the limited time indy promotions have their audience’s attention making a match for a championship or including it as part of a tournament is often the easiest way to do this. For this reason I have always been a fan of tournaments and challenges and this is what made Absolution one of the best shows I have attended as it included three tournament matchups (two semi-finals and the final) along with Chuck Cyrus’s battle royal. Of course the fact the battle royal included two of Britain’s most charismatic wrestlers ‘Mr Massive’ and Lou King Sharp, both of whom will be at Absolute’s upcoming show on Sunday 11th December.

For the first time in Absolute Wrestling history we have a pre show event in the venue at Stage 2 Northumbria University from 4-5pm being hosted by Northumbria Student Wrestling Society. With Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus being on the pre show against rookie Rage Madden I suggest you get there early as Chuck is not one to be missed.

We then move onto the King of the North semi final Zack Gibson vs. Liam Slater, having seen Zack employ every dirty trick in the book before and seen Liam overcome a vicious assault in this tournament last year all bets are off for this match but its sure to be hotly contested from the bell.

In semi final two we have arguably two of the hardest workers on the uk scene today, HT Drake vs. Martin Kirby. If you haven’t seen these men in a ring before which rock are you hiding under? If you have seen them you know this is going to be a phenomenal match and highly entertaining.

In attendance and competing you will also have the pleasure of seeing ‘your mother’s favourite wrestler’,the incomparable Lou King Sharp and Partner vs. the Kings of Catch. Sharp won me over with his gutsy performance at a previous Absolute show when he overcame the odds against Mount Massive himself Chuck Cyrus and i have been highly impressed with the matches i have seen from one half of Kings of Catch,Lewis Girvan so I can’t wait to see how this match plays out.

The will then be a huge addition to this card, a Queen of the North Match pitting Little Miss Roxxy vs April Davids vs Kat Von Kaige vs Alexis Rose. It’s a fantastic addition to the promotion to take this step and what a match filed with serious contender’s this is, we are already familiar with the heart and the toughness of Little Miss Roxxy, April Davids brings a unique style of wrestling to this event and is not one to me messed with, Kat Von Kaige and Alexis Rose are not just there to make up the numbers, this is not some fluffy cuddly time filler, this is for pride and the title of Queen these ladies will stop at nothing.

Then there is the match i can write the least about because we don’t know who will be in it yet but we will have the Final of the King of the North. Last year Liam Lazarus genuinely surprised me with his toughness and determination, this year who knows, the only thing i do know is it will be well worth a watch.