Absolute Wrestling – Fight Forever, The NE6 Suite, 17/06/17

First off I have to congratulate Absolute Wrestling and their creative team for one again smashing it out of the park. The posters and artwork for Absolute are always incredible but they have trult surpassed themselves this time. If you haven’t seen them I urge you to check them out here.

Secondly, the people that put the matches together at Absolute also deserve a pat on the back as there are a few corkers lined up!

Little Miss Roxxy vs Bete Noire

Little Miss Roxxy has been at Absolute Wrestling almost since the beginning and in her time she has always been willing to face off against some of the biggest and toughest women that British Wrestling has to offer. To the contrary this will only be Bete Noire’s second time inside an Absolute ring after she made her debut against April Davids at Wrestling Isn’t Dead. Although Noire lost to the reigning Queen of the North she did look impressive and she will likely be looking to show the Absolute fans what she can do.

Liam Slater vs Amir Jordan vs Sandy Beach

Liam Slater has long been known as one of the most popular performers to wrestle in the Northeast but after debutting for NORTH and Absolute in recent months that title could soon be moving to Amir Jordan is fast becoming one of the Northeast’s favourite wrestlers. Perhaps this match will serve as an opportunity for Slater to remind the fans in the area why he is held in such high esteem while also letting him continue his friendly rivally with his real life pal Jordan, about whom he recently tweeted “#BecauseYouveLiterallyNickedAllMyMoves”. Throw in the x factor that is Sandy Beach and this will no doubt be a very entertaining bout.

Martin Kirby vs Jason Prime
Anarchy Division Match

These two men faced off in a tag match at the last Absolute Show, We Are Supreme, but the circumstances of this match will be very different. Not only is this match one-on-one but it will be fought under Anarchy rules meaning anything goes. Last time Absolute held an Anarchy division match the ring ended up covered in naan bread and Easter eggs but given Primate’s penchant for brutality I expect there to be more than chocolate and crumbs littered around after this one.

HT Drake vs Mikey Whiplash

The last two times Drake has fought at Absolute he has ended up the victim of a violent beatdown at the hands of a group of masked assailants. As he walks down to the ring to face Whiplash he will no doubt have thoughts of those beatings running through his head, despite that he will have to focus 100% of his attention on his opponent or he will come up short against Whiplash who is one of the most experienced wrestlers around.

Bubblegum vs Nathan Cruz
Supreme Championship Match

This match could main event any card on any show in the country. These two men are amongst the very best around and always put on a fantastic showing (afterall Cruz is nicknamed ‘The Showstealer’). Bubblegum no-showed the last Absolute show as he did not believe that Sam Bailey, the man the Absolute Wrestling board of directors had chosen as his opponent was worthy of a title shot. With this in mind I am sure the faithful Absolute fans will have some not so nice things to say to the Rascal.