Absolute Wrestling – Chop Til You Drop, 5th August 2017, Linskill Centre North Shields

Absolute Wrestling has cemented its reputation for supreme, uncompromising action on the North East wrestling scene. Their upcoming “Chop til you drop” show at the Linskill Centre in North Shields is set to raise their reputation even higher and continue to set the tone for future shows.

Since the card “Wrestling isn’t dead” in February, Absolute shows and their stars have unfortunately been subjected to ring invasions and attacks by a mob of masked assailants that have become known as The Forgotten. Absolute management and members of their roster have taken these actions seriously, issued a challenge to these masked bullies and have decided that attack is the best form of defence so we now have this red hot card of matches to look forward to.

At the last show, as part of the recently introduced Hardcore Anarcy division, there was a planned match between Martin Kirby and The Primate but Primate requested a revenge match with whichever member of The Forgotten draws the short straw. Primate is one of the toughest, roughest competitors out there and will demonstrate to The Forgotten the painful consequences of their actions. The Forgotten are an unknown quantity, the masked mob have shown their strength en masse but how will they operate one on one? We shall see!

Representing a wealth of talent in British women’s wrestling on the night we will have Little Miss Roxxy, throwing down against current Pro Wrestling Eve Champion Sammii Jayne. Roxxy is definitely tiny but mighty and backs down from no one, it remains to be seen how she will fare against Sammii Jayne, who is making her Absolute debut. Sammii Jayne may be new to the Absolute faithful but she has fought up and down the country and will bring all of that experience thundering down on Roxxy.

Also scheduled is a Tornado tag match where the fantastically talented team of Kings of Catch (Lewis Girvan & Aspen Faith) will be defending the honour of Absolute wrestling against members of The Forgotten. Kings of Catch have more than made their mark in previous Absolute shows, defeating all those put in front of them in highly entertaining bouts, and I am sure they will school these hooligans from The Forgotten.

We will also be witness to a main event in the shape of Rampage Brown against Mikey Whiplash. Both of these men are fearsome in-ring competitors with long storied careers who will hold back nothing and will be out to destroy one another.

We will also have a No 1 contenders match for a title shot at the current champion Bubblegum. We will see the return of Mr Massive himself, The Big C, Chuck Cyrus who has been a miss these last few months whilst he was rehabbing an injury, made worse by an attack from The Forgotten. Chuck is looking for retribution and to also reassert his self-proclaimed authority over the roster against HT Drake in this match. Drake is a tough opponent in normal circumstances but give him a ladder and an opportunity to take revenge on the third competitor, the leader of The Forgotten and you have all of the combustible elements required for fireworks. This will be a must see match.

Lastly I wanted to cover a very interesting decision by the Absolute management team to invest in their future roster and development of British wrestling in holding what they are calling “Future Supreme” matches. Over the coming months these matches are going to be a showcase opportunity with current roster members nominating new talent that they feel are the future of British wrestling. This is a very exciting and interesting development chance that I am sure those involved will grab with both hands.

In this show we are going to be treated to Grant McIvor versus Gavin Lewis. Grant has been nominated by King of Catch’s Lewis Girvan and will be mentored by him so he comes highly recommended. Gavin Lewis has been scouted by Absolute management themselves and we will be learning plenty about what these guys are capable of in the squared circle. I expect big things.

Hope to see you all there on the night, please come over and say hi.

Written by Louisa Rogers

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