Absolute Wrestling: Absolution – Saturday 22nd October, Linskill Centre, North Shields.

Since they burst onto the UK wrestling scene Absolute wrestling have delivered on their promise of providing pure, uncompromising, supreme wrestling and I hope you will be joining us in the lively crowd this weekend.

Absolution is scheduled to be the crown jewel of the Absolute shows this year, this impressive promotion are looking to crown their first ever champion at this show, being there at the start of a championship is something for the record books.

We have had an ongoing championship tournament which is ramping up to its conclusion with the combatants Martin Kirby, Bubblegum, HT Drake and Rampage Brown. These terrifically talented, hardworking competitors are going to leave it all out there in the ring in their matches for the faithful crowd and I for one can’t wait to see how this will play out over the semi-finals and the final, who will be crowned champ?

Another hard hitting match is going to be between Zack Gibson and Wolfgang. On one side you have Gibson who offends most people outside of his beloved Liverpool everywhere he goes even though he is immensely accomplished and you have Wolfgang who moves with the speed of a man half his size so let’s see who is left standing at the end of this clash.

We then are going to be treated to the return to the North East of the charismatic Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus, Biiiiiiig Chuckie C, Mount Massive, I could go on …..returns to take part in a suitably massive over the top rope Battle Royal, we don’t know exactly who his handpicked opponents are going to be but I for one cannot wait for this one, it will no doubt be a very entertaining spectacle all round.

Now please, forget the women’s wrestling chant, WE HAVE WRESTLING, we have Little Miss Roxxy v April Davids. Roxxy is our home grown star that we have seen grow in confidence and gain invaluable experience, she is going against April Davids who I have not yet seen myself but comes highly recommended with skills and experience in spades.

Absolute 2

Don’t pause for breath yet, don’t miss a thing, we also have also have the match of The Primate Jason Prime and Alexander Henry, also known as The New Nation facing off against Liam Lazarus and Matt Myers. Now love him or hate him when Alexander Henry takes the microphone in the ring you have to listen to him and as said in that other wrestling promotion “its not showing off it you can back it up” and Henry backs it up and with the partnership of ‘the primate’ Jason Prime they make a formidable tag team who has wreaked havoc up and down the land. Saying all this about The New Nation, they make me fear for the health of Liam Lazarus and Matt Myers, Myers who is another debutant with a great pedigree who is tagging with fan favourite, dynamite star Lazarus, I would like Lazarus and Myers to get put Prime and Henry in their place but you never really know until the 1-2-3 count!