We’re relieved to finally be able to confirm some progress on the shipping of May’s Crates.

After being told by Customs on May 17th that they may have lost an (expensive) item we were importing, we’ve today had confirmation that they’ve located it and are in the process of getting this to our local depot then out to us. We’ve stressed (repeatedly) the importance that this happens asap.


As promised, we’ve got our team in place to work around the clock as soon as the item arrives to turn the Crates around and back out asap. We have estimated this will take us around 48 hours from when the item arrives to us, as every Crate is now packed and labelled, ready for the final item.

We’ve also worked closely with Royal Mail to ensure that they’re on-call to collect every Crate as soon as we give them the green light.

We’re conscious of the impending bank holiday weekend so here are the two possible scenarios:

If our parcel reaches us tomorrow, all Crates should be dispatched on Saturday.

If our parcel reaches us on Friday or Saturday, all Crates will be dispatched on Tuesday.

This is all of the information that we have at this time. Once the delivery arrives with us, we will update you via our Twitter and Facebook feeds. Please check our social network feeds before asking us “has it arrived”. If it has, we will be too busy packing to answer and don’t want to seem rude when we don’t reply. If we have received the delivery, you’ll be able to see it on social media. If you can’t see it, we haven’t received it. You will be sent an email to confirm your Crate’s dispatch once this happens.

Thank you for your patience and we cannot wait to send you May’s Crate,

Richard Penaluna – Wrestle Crate UK founder
and the Wrestle Crate UK team