Soccer & Spandex

The Late Great Kris Travis a Legend, a Icon, a Superstar these are just a few adjectives for a legacy that can’t ever be matched. In 2019 his memory lives on thanks to Dean Mitchell we have the fourth annual Soccor & Spandex Football event ailing from Hillsborough Arena in Sheffield. But what makes this event so special? To start the teams will contain stars from wrestling including those from NXTUK and WOS. If that weren’t enough the remaining players will be filled by those who they entertain 52 weeks of the year, The Graps Fans. The annual event is organised and ran to raise vital funds for two important charities. First, St Luke’s Hospice, a charity for the area of Sheffield which provides specialist palative care for patients who have progressive illnesses where there are no cures. Second, a charity that Trav was a patron and fundraiser for and who were there for Kris when he was in need, that being Cavendish Cancer care. Cavendish are a charity who are dedicated to improving the lives of those living with Cancer.

Entry to the event is free. For more information please check out Soccer and Spandex’s social media pages